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The Famous Siblings

Isabella, Emmett, and Jasper always seemed different to the student body of Forks High. They have a secret only their parents know, not even their other family. Their secret? Their a famous band, and they know how to hide it. Very adictive so please check it out!


4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4-

Bella’s POV

I honestly really am not thrilled for the signing I’m just happy to finally get out of that school! My morning was very good and I need my afternoon to be better.

At music store

People were screaming some were fainting and some just stood by their friend’s waiting impatiently to leave. I laughed this is so cool and way better than school. My favorite thing (notice sarcasm) is paparazzi and them buzzing to get pictures of us.

“Looks like our singers are here!” George said

Girls squealed and guys sighed watching me with love in their eyes. I rolled my eyes my back story was that I’m getting married (which I’m not). I’m only 18 I can’t get married and people don’t know that! I actually kind of wish some of them did because I’m tired of being single and it won’t probably change thanks to my fame and life, and even who I am.

“Why don’t you sing for us guys?” George asked

“Oh George! No!” I said

“Please!” people yelled

“sorry guys I’m wore out from the concert last night” I said

That night at home

I plopped down on my bed my hand hurting like crazy ready for sleep.

“Don’t forget your homework!” mom yelled

I groaned hiding my face in my pillow ready for sleep but that wasn’t happening any time soon. I had an essay to do and its due tomorrow! Who couldn’t he give us some actual time to do the damn thing? Ok we’ve had a week but lady antebellum has so much going on I don’t have time for school work! You try to be a famous band and have to go to school every day it’s not easy!

Next Morning…

I woke to a loud beeping noise and I covered my face with my pillow wanting the sound to go away.

“Bellsy! It’s time to get up!” Em said

“No!” I said covering my face

He grumbled something and my blanket was off of my cold body in seconds and I screeched, and I noticed my throat hurt. That can’t be good.

“Em?!” I chocked out

“Whoa! You okay?” he asked

I shook my head and I felt dizzy, I can’t be sick not this week not this month. This month has just gotten started and we have like a billion concerts around the world. He put his hand on my forehead and ran to the bathroom, what was wrong with my head? He came out with a thermometer, and I gulped.

“Open” he said

I opened my mouth and he put it under my tongue. 3 minutes later I opened my mouth for him to pull it out, he gasped when he saw it.

“Lay down and go back to sleep Bella” he said

“what?!” I chocked out

“your temp is 104, no school for you and rest your voice we need it next week” he said winking before leaving

No school? Means no having to turn in my paper, so good and bad with being sick. I picked up my blanket and put my head on my pillow before falling into a deep sleep.


Seeing my sister sick is probably one of the worst things in the world and she defiantly couldn’t come to school with a 104 temperature. She’s rarely sick so when she is we don’t let her go anywhere because she can be really contagious. When she’s sick you get away and she knows that’s the reason why people stay away from her when she even has a small cough. I mean I love my sister but not when she’s sick. Also when Bella is sick she is cranky and I mean really cranky so I try not to get on her nerves.

At School

Jasper pulled up to the school in the truck and I sighed.

“It’s different without Bella ain’t it?” jasper asked

“Ya it is” I said

He laughed

“At least I’m not the only one that noticed” he said smiling

I smiled to and got out of the truck sighing. I didn’t want to be here because im really tired from last night and I’m worried about Bella. Whenever she is sick its usually not 104 its barely over 100.

“wheres your sister nerds?” Jessica sneered

I ignored the bitch walking to the entrance.

“Hey! I’m talking to you” Jessica said stopping me

I ground my teeth together trying to control my anger.

“Jessica leave them alone” Alice Cullen said

“Sticking up for the nerds Alice?” Jessica asked

“Actually yes now leave!” Alice growled

She scurried off from us and Alice. She turned to us and smiled.

“So where is Bella guys?” she asked

“Sick” I said

“Oo! I hate being sick” Alice said

“why are you talking to us?” jasper blurted out

I elbowed him in the side for asking, if she wanted to talk so what.

“Its ok, I guess I was the first to grow up and stop harassing people” Alice said

Her grow up? She’s only 4’11 I guess she could grow a little.

“Oh and not my height I meant my age I’m acting 18 not 6” Alice said