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Mr Popular

Isabella McCarty, had a one night stand with her older brothers best friend. 2 months later she finds herself pregnant..with twins. how will this go? will she be a single mother or not?


1. Chapter 1

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Mr. Popular Characters


Isabella Jamie McCarty (Bella)

Age- 17

Birthday- September 13th

Family- Emmett McCarty, Emilie McCarty, Isaiah McCarty

Friends- Angela Webber and Alice Cullen

Emmett John McCarty

Age- 18

Birthday- January 6th

Family- Emilie McCarty, Isaiah McCarty, Isabella McCarty

Friends- Edward Mason and Jasper Whitlock

Emilie Lee McCarty

Age- 40

Birthday- September 10th

Family- Isaiah McCarty, Isabella McCarty, Emmett McCarty

Isaiah Mark McCarty

Age- 41

Birthday- June 1st

Family- Isabella McCarty, Emmett McCarty, Emilie McCarty


Mary Alice Cullen (alice)

Age- 17

Birthday- October 10th

Family- Esme Cullen, Carlisle Cullen

Friends- Isabella McCarty and Angela Webber

Esme Anne Platt Cullen

Age- 40

Birthday- December 11th (AN- My birthday)

Family- alice Cullen, Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle Mark Cullen

Age- 40

Birthday- June 8th

Family- Esme Cullen, Alice Cullen


Edward Anthony Mason Jr.

Age- 18

Birthday- June 20th

Family- Dr. Mason, Elizabeth Mason

Friends- Emmett McCarty and Jasper Whitlock

Elizabeth Michelle Mason

Age- 42

Birthday- November 10th

Family- Dr. Mason, Edward Mason

Dr. Edward sr. Mason

Age- 41

Birthday- June 15th

Family- Elizabeth Mason, Edward Mason Jr.


Jasper Jason Whitlock

Age- 18

Birthday- February 2nd

Family- Jennifer Whitlock, Jason Whitlock

Friends- Emmett McCarty, Edward Mason

Jennifer Emily Whitlock

Age- 40

Birthday- March 3rd

Family- Jason Whitlock, Jasper Whitlock

Jason Jeff Whitlock

Age- 42

Birthday- May 2nd

Family- Jennifer Whitlock, Jasper Whitlock