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Mr Popular

Isabella McCarty, had a one night stand with her older brothers best friend. 2 months later she finds herself pregnant..with twins. how will this go? will she be a single mother or not?


3. Chapter 3

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Mr Popular 2

Chapter 2

Bella’s POV

When we finally returned home Emmett stayed as far away from me as possible but I sat on the couch and he had no escape.

“im not going to snap at you Emmett” I said

“I don’t believe you!” he said

“Emmett…I won’t I promise” I said

He sighed not leaning so far away.

“well in like 10 minutes Edward’s coming over so I want you like out of here” he said

10 minutes?!

“Emmett I live here” I said

“so? Its still daylight, go out with angela or alice maybe, just go” he said

Angela and alice are my only real friends. We’re all “geeks” since we all get good grades and stuff.

“bella?” he asked waving his hand in my face

“what?” I said

“You were out for like 5 minutes, that means you have 5 minutes to make arrangments with your friends and leave!” he said

“can’t I stay here for one night?” I asked

“No! I mean not when my buddies are here, he said this was important and no one could hear him say it so I need you out” he said

I sighed and pulled out my phone and called alice.

“hey bella!” she said

“hey ali, want to go the mall?” I asked

“Yes! Meet me at my house in 15 minutes” she said

“bye alice” I said

“bye bella” she said hanging up

Well I could tell alice tonight, hopefully.

“thanks bella, I owe you one” he said

“oh ya you owe me more than one” I said grabbing my keys

I went out to my Ferrari just as he pulled up and I left without seeing him or looking at him. When I got to alice’s house she jumped in the passenger seat looking ready as hell. When I drove off she spoke.

“ok why do you suddenly want to shop?” she asked

“Emmett kicked me out” I said

“again? God bella you have to learn how to argue” she said

“I know alice” I said

It stayed silent while I drove pretty fast.

“alice...if I told you something really big would you keep it a secret for me? Not even my mom or brother know yet” I said

“of course!” she said

I stayed silent.

“bella? Are you dying or something? Please don’t tell me your dying!” she said

“im not dying alice…this is more bad” I said

“bad? Oh god bella just tell me” she cried

“im pregnant alice” I said

“WHAT?” she yelled

I didn’t even say anything when she asked the question I’ve been dreading.

“whose the daddy?” she asked

“alice it was a one night thing, I don’t plan on telling him” I said

“who was it? I promise I wont tell a soul! Not even my mom and I tell her everything” alice asked

“doesn’t matter lets go shopping” I said as I pulled in the parking lot

We got in the mall and she started asking questions.

“how far along are you?” she asked first

“12 weeks” I said

“baby or babies?” she asked

“babies” I said

“twins? Triplets?” she asked

“twins” I said

“are you ready to be a mother?” she asked

“no” I said

She sighed dragging me into a store I didn’t see the name of. When I saw what kind f store we were in I looked to alice.

“alice, im only 12 weeks…” I said

“it doesn’t hurt to look” she said shrugging

She looked at chlothes and showed them to me and I told her yes, or no.

“did you find everything okay today?” the lady asked alice

“yes thank you” she said handing her the credit card

I never argued with alice when she wanted to buy me things with her credit card anymore because I know I will never win.

“have a nice day” she said when we left

She put the bag in her huge purse so no one would see it.

“where to now?” she asked

After a few hours at the mall I figured I had given the guys enough time so we ventured back to forks. When I arrived to alice’s house she looked to me.

“I’ll keep this and you can get next time you come over when your family possibly knows” she said gesturing towards her bag

“thanks alice” I said

“anytime bella, now go home I believe the guys are gone” she said

I smiled when she got out and waved towards me as I pulled out of her driveway. When I arrived home I still saw his stupid car but grabbed by un child bags and went inside to see them playing some game.

“hey bella I thought you were going out with alice?” Emmett asked not moving his head from the screen.

“I did, I was gone 3 hours” I said

“whoa really? Damn time goes by fast” he said

I nodded and went up to my room without saying another word to either of the guys. This day couldn’t get any worse.