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Mr Popular

Isabella McCarty, had a one night stand with her older brothers best friend. 2 months later she finds herself pregnant..with twins. how will this go? will she be a single mother or not?


4. Chapter 4

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Mr. Popular 3

Chapter 3

Bella’s POV

Next day

I awoke to a feeling in my stomach to get sick so I dashed to the bathroom getting sick.

“Bella?” Emmett asked

“Im fine” I said going to brush my teeth

He barged in anyway looking to me. It was Saturday and around 10 o’clock, I wasn’t sleeping anymore today.

“you okay?” he asked

“fine now go!” I said

When he left I went to my room and grabbed some clothes I could run in and went to take a shower. Whe I took my shower and put on my shorts and shirt I went down and put on my shoes and grabbed my charged ipod but Emmett had to stop me once again.

“damn bella running again? Don’t you think you’ve ran enough?” he asked

“Emmett I have to meet alice in 10 minutes let me go” I said

“fine but we need to talk when you get back” he said

I nodded and dashed out the door putting my headphones in my ears. When I arrived at alice’s house she instantly came out all ready with headphones and all.

“you ready?” she asked

“yup” I said

We ran for what seemed like hours but was only reall 2 hours when I returned home only to see THAT car again. I walked in wiping away the sweat on my forehead to see emmett standing on the stairs.

“I said we need to talk when you got back” he said

“let me shower! I stink” I said

“fine shower and get something on that’s presentable, you have 10 minutes” he said letting me through

I took the quickest shower known in man and got on some flip flops and a tank top and some shorts, it was a hot day today and dashed downstairs.

“okay emmett im here now what?” I asked

He looked to me mad.

“how could you not tell me?” he asked

“what?” I asked

“you know what!” he said

“no emmett I don’t know what you’re talking about” I said

Never trust doctors.

“Isabella I will tell mom and dad” he said

“tell them what?” I asked

“about you…” he said

“what emmett?” I asked

“You’re pregnant! We’re 17 bella! Do you know what a condom is? Or even for girls birth control? When did you even have sex?” he said

“emmett what made you think I was pregnant?” I asked

“Your mood swings oh and never ever trust the Mason’s” he said

“I don’t know what you mean” I said

He sighed.

“god bella stop denying it, I know you’re pregnant and the only reason you haven’t told me is because of my status in school” he sad

“im not pregnant Emmett” I said going upstairs

I went to my room and slammed the door locking it. I also instantly pulled out my phone and called alice.

“hey bella!” she said

“alice…” I said

“im on my way, see you in 5” she said hanging up

A few seconds later someone knocked on my door.

“bella? Im sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you” emmett said

I opened my door and looked up at my brother.

“what Emmett?” I asked

“bella please don’t deny me again, are you pregnant or not? Your my sister why would I tell the school something like that?” he said

“Emmett…get the hell out of my way” alice growled

“you called alice?” he asked

“I always call alice, now get out of her way Emmett” I said

He shook his head.

“no alice go home” he said

“never gonna happen! Im bella’s best friend I can be here all I want” she said

He sighed and got out of the way looking to me.

“you owe me an explanitation baby sis” he said leaving

Alice now looked to me.

“does he know?” she asked

“kind of…I’m denying it” I said

She now locked the door and pushed some things against it.

“bella…why don’t we just leave? You could be a single mother and I could help out and I promise I wouldn’t leave” she said

“no alice, I cant be a single mother to twins when their father is my brothers best friend!” I said

“bella maybe leaving is the right thing…” she said

“No, No, No! every child needs a father look at Jessica Stanely. She has no father and look how she turned out” I said

“ya I guess…but it could be different” she said

I laughed, she really wants me to go with this.

“no alice, I will never ever be a single mom never” I said

“ok whatever you say” she said

Great, this is just great.