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Mr Popular

Isabella McCarty, had a one night stand with her older brothers best friend. 2 months later she finds herself pregnant..with twins. how will this go? will she be a single mother or not?


5. Chapter 5

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Mr. Popular 4

Chapter 4

Emmett’s POV

After I left bella and alice I called eddie and told him to be here in 10 pronto! 5 minutes later the door bell rang and of course it was eddie and I let him in.

“sisters are annoying” I said

He was about to say something when I heard it.

“Emmett!” Alice screamed sounding alert

I ran up the stairs and went in bella’s room. What I saw was my little sister on the ground passed out.

“alice what did you do?” I asked mad

“I didn’t do anything! We were talking when she said her head hurt and next thing I know she was passed out” she said

Shes my little sister and I don’t think she would play me but I had to ask.

“are you playing me?” I asked

“why would we do that? We’re goodies, goodies remember?” she said (AN- their not playing him, she really did pass out)

I checked her pulse to see it was low and picked her up gently.

“Emmett be careful okay?” she said

“alice shes my sister im going to be careful” I growled

I raced down the stairs and he looked to me.

“what?” he asked

“she’s passed out im taking her to the hospital” I said

“people pass out all the time Emmett” he said

“her pulse is low!” I said mad

I went out to her Ferrari and put her in the back getting in the drivers seat rushing off. When I got to the ER I rushed in.

“Help! My sister’s pulse is low” I yelled

Many nurses rushed over to help me, but I knew Edwards father the most.

“Dr. Mason, please help my sister” I said

“Emmett…what happened to bella?” he asked

“she passed out and her pulse is really low” I said

How did he know her name? He’s a doctor for pregnant people! Is she really pregnant?

“come on follow me” he said

I followed him making sure she was safe. He came to a room and asked me to step out but I refused.

“Emmett…do you know your sisters condition?” he asked

“no what is it?” I asked

“bella is pregnant with twins” he said


Bella’s POV

The beeping sound woke me up from the blackness.

“bella?” I heard someone said

I recognized the voice as emmett’s.

“bella you’re okay, you hit your head pretty hard but other than that your fine” he said

I groaned my head hurts like hell.

“bella how could you not tell me the truth? How do you plan on raising twins alone?” he asked

“im planning on telling the twins father” I mumbled

“who is it bella?” he asked

“I cant tell you” I said

“bella! You’ve been out 3 days…I was here the whole time I only left to eat and change clothes” he said

I couldn’t tell him, he’ll kill his best friend.

“Emmett I cant tell you…” I said

He would instantly kill me.

“please bella I want to kill the motherfucker who knocked up my baby sister” he said

“you wouldn’t kill him…” I said

He would laugh in my face doubting it.

“sure I would! I don’t care if its one of my friends I will kill him” he said

“Emmett…” I said

He looked shocked.

“is it jasper? No it cant be, its Edward isn’t it? I will kill that fucker” he said

“No! don’t kill him” I pleaded

“does he know? ‘Cause if he does and he rejected you, I will kill him” he said

“no he doesn’t know Emmett and I don’t know how to tell him” I said

“you got me now baby sis, he’ll know pretty fast” he said

A few weeks later I still hadn’t told him but with having twins I started to show a little.

“baby sis! It’s the day” Emmett said

I walked down stairs and saw him grinning.

“Its finally the day to tell him! Are you ready?” he asked

I shook my head and he sighed.

“you know I always thought of Edward as a prude and he wouldn’t have kids until he was in his 40s but god hes about to have twins in 4 months” he said

“It matters, the doctors say twins usually come early” I said

“ya so? You never know baby sis, I didn’t even know twins runned in his family I mean he’s not a twin…” he said

The day was currently June 2nd and I had an appointment in 16 days.

“Um Emmett?” I asked

“Huh?” he asked turning to me

He said he would be here anytime. I felt the nudge again again on my stomach.

“what is it baby sis? The twins being crazy?” he asked laughing