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Mr Popular

Isabella McCarty, had a one night stand with her older brothers best friend. 2 months later she finds herself pregnant..with twins. how will this go? will she be a single mother or not?


6. Chapter 6

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Mr Popular 5
Chapter 5
Bella's POV
Emmett looked at the door being impatient as ever. When he knocked emmett ran to the door opening it smiling.
"hey Edward" he said
"why am I here?" he said
"because this is important lets sit" he said
He led him over and I switched the TV off like I had just seen them. Emmett had sat next to me and he sat on the extra chair.
"so?" he asked
Emmett sighed before another knock interrupted him and ingot up to answer it.
"Isabella McCarty?" they asked
"yes?" I asked
He handed me a package and I signed for it to see it was from Alice, it must be the outfits. I set it down and went back over to the couch.
"who was it from sis?" Em asked
"Alice" I said
He nodded at looked back to his best friend.
"have you noticed anything different? Or wondered why wedged here?" he asked
"no Emmett why am I here?" he asked
Emmett looked to me.
"my sister here is pregnant with twins" he said
"what does that matter to me?" he asked
The pain in my stomach made me groan, also making Emmett look to me.
"Bella? You okay?" he asked
"fine" I said
The pain soon went away and I sighed glad it did.
"so Edward how ya been?" emmett asked
"get to the point emmett!" I snapped
I was not in the mood for him to take time.
"ok, ok. So Edward how would you like to be a father in 5 months?" he asked
He looked at emmett like he was crazy.
"I'm so sorry dude but I believe my sister tells the truth, she could have the twins take a DNA test if you want when their born" Em said
I rolled my eyes but the pain came back, and it was only 15 minutes later!
"it was a one night thing at Emmett's last party, I fled to find Alice after I woke up and dressed" I said
"4 months ago?" he asked
"about that yes" I said
It was quiet.
"I could have the twins take a DNA test when their born if you don't believe me..." I said
"let him think Bella...he doesn't respond to things right away like me" Em said
"sorry" I said
After about 10 more minutes of silence my pain came back.
"ok Bella you're not okay!" Em said
"I'm fine" I said
"no you're not" He said
"how would you know?" I snapped
"I know these things" he said
"than what's wrong with her?" Em asked
"she's going into premature labor you need to get her to the hospital so they can stop it!" he said
Emmett rushed out the door to get his jeep.
"I'm so sorry Bella" he said
"it's nothing...every child needs a life" I said
"it's not nothing...I got you pregnant. You could of been a single mother at 17" he said
"what does that mean? We're teenagers we can't take care of twins" I said
"we're going to have to try then bella, I don't think you want to give up your flesh and blood" he said
He sat down next to me on the couch and I smiled.
"are you playing me? Because I'm not playing you..." I said
"I'm not playing you" he said
Emmett came back but broke the door.
"oops" he said
He picked me up and I put my head on his shoulder trying to ease the pain.
"you coming Ed?" he asked already out the door
He set me in the back of his jeep and got in the drivers seat, and he got in the back. Emmett sped really fast to the hospital and quickly got me in the hospital.
"ah Ms. McCarty how can I help you today?" a nurse asked
"she's gone into premature labor! Call her doctor" Emmett said
I was quickly brought to a room.
"so Edward you gonna help my baby sis with these twins or did her? You better not dis her because I will kill you" he said
I squeezed Emmett's hand hard when the pain returned.
"ow! God Bella" he said
"you don't know what Ow is Emmett" I said
"don't fight with her Emmett shes in a serious amount of pain" Edward said
"see? He knows what he's taking about" I said
"his dads a doctor! It isn't fair" Em said
I rolled my eyes again when a strange lady came in.
"hello Bella I'm Doctor Whitlock, your doctor is out today do I will be filling in for him" she said
I nodded, I didn't care who my doctor was I just want the pain to stop.
"ok Bella I see your only 4 1/2 months right?" she asked
I nodded.
"ok boys may you step out please?" she asked
Emmett walked out but I grabbed his arm not letting him leave.
"don't leave me" I said
"dr masons son right?" she asked
"that's right" he said
"and can you explain why you're here?" she asked
"he's the father Im not letting him leave" I said
She nodded writing it down. After she did something to stop my labor I was glad the pain went away.
"so Bella it seems you will have to be put on bed rest" she said
I frowned, great. When she eventually left I looked to him.
"5 months" I said
"155 days" he said
I sighed, this is just great.
"I'm still sorry I put you in this situation Bella" he said
"really I'm fine, I can get used to this" I said
I closed my eyes Falling into a deep sleep.
"mommy!" a little voice yelled
I picked the little Boy up smiling at him.
"what is it Adam?" I asked
"Nessie stole my toy!" he said
I put the little Boy to his feet and took his hand leading him to a room.
"Vanessa Mason did you steal your brothers toy?" I asked
"no mommy it was other nessie" Adam said
I led him to another room where two 6 year olds played.
"Renesmee Mason did you take your brothers toy?" I asked
"I just wanted to play mommy" she said
I looked over at the other 6 year old girl.
"did you help steal your brothers toy Emile?" I asked
"no mommy it was all Renesmee" she said
I picked up te car and have it to adam and he smiled.
"thank you mommy" he said leaving
I heard a door open.
"daddy!" Emile yelled running past me
I went after her looking at the man who hugged our daughter tight.
"hey baby girl" he said
He looked to me and smiled, for once in my life I felt whole.
I awoke to see it was dark outside and in the room but he was still beside me. I rubbed my stomach knowing in 5 months we would have wonderful twin girls.
"bella...." he whispered
"what?" I asked
"you're crying what's wrong?" he asked
"nothing...I'm just happy" I said
"good now why don't you sleep? Its been a long day" he said
I nodded closing my eyes once again falling into a deep sleep.
I'm in a room with twin 2 year olds chanting mama.
"hey baby" he said
"hey" I said kissing him
He easily deepened our kiss.
"Edward our children are here" I giggled
They sat in the play pen playing with their toys.
"I love you Bella." he said
"I love you to Edward" I said