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Mr Popular

Isabella McCarty, had a one night stand with her older brothers best friend. 2 months later she finds herself pregnant..with twins. how will this go? will she be a single mother or not?


7. Chapter 7

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Mr Popular 6
Chapter 6
Bella's POV
The dreams were different but I liked them and knew that I wouldn't be alone in the twins life. I don't know about the first year of their life but I do know I will be happy with my twin girls. I know my mothers name is Emilie but why do I name my daughter Emile? My mom wanted me to get an abortion the minute she found out!
The sight of the auburn hair in my dreams made me hopeful. There was no doubt about it that those twins will be his.
"I ain’t paying no bills for something she doesn't even know how to take care of" my mother said
"well Mrs. McCarty it seems that your daughter Bella does not live with you anymore" the doctor said
"she's 17! She doesn't even know who the father is!" she said
The doctor sighed.
"Mrs. McCarty the father of the twins came in with your daughter last night" she said
I looked around to see I was alone, hopefully he wasn't a dream.
"well I don't see him here!" she said
"he said he needed to go get something and he would eventually be back" doctor said
"ya right! I don't believe that" she said
I could hear faint footsteps and sighed closing my eyes again. The door opened and they walked in.
"how ya doing bells?" Em asked
"fine" I said not opening my eyes
"where's Ed?" he asked
I opened my eyes now.
"I don't know, moms out there yelling at the doctor about bills and my twins" I said
"yes she loves to yell at people doesn't she? So how you really doing?" he asked
"I'm okay, this place is boring" I said
"they said you can go home in a week, but you still have to be in bed rest" he said
"I should of been more careful" I said
"no Bella don't blame yourself. The doctor said this usually happens to young mothers carrying twins" he said
"they'll be fine" I said
"I hope so, I don't want your baby's to be in bad shape born early or not" he said
"I hope their fine to, I can wait for the pain but I want to hold my baby's soon" I said
"ya I bet, do you think Ed will man up?" he asked
"he will, eventually" I said
"I hope so. What do you think you'll have?" he asked
"twin girls" i said
"do you think that or know?" he asked
"I know" I said
He smiled.
"I'm sorry for being so mean Bella" he said
"it's okay" I said
He again smiled.
"I love you baby sis" he said
"me to Em" I said
Edwards POV
I caused this. My parents told me I would make a big mistake sometime in my life with the girls I sleep with. I wen home for something and looked at my parents.
"hello Edward" my mother said
"hello" I said reaching the stairs
"Edward where were you all night?" she asked
"out" I said
I went in my room and closed the door before befor grabbing my phone and calling Tanya.
"hey baby!" she said
"Tanya can you come over we need to talk" I said
"of course!" she said handing up
I sat on the bed sighing, what did I do? I got some girl pregnant and I'm still "dating" Tanya. My life is messed up!
"Eddie!" Tanya said from the other side of the door
I opened the door and let the bitch in.
"so Eddie why am I here?" she asked
"Tanya we need to break up" I said
Break up from what? I have nothing with this girl.
"but...but...." she whined
"this isn't working out" I said
"but Eddie..."she whined
"my name is Edward" I snapped
She ran out of the room and I sighed, well finally that's over! I changed my clothes and went back downstairs grabbing my keys.
"where are you going now?" she asked
"out" I said leaving
Emmett was in the room when I returned.
"hey dude I got a question for ya" he said
"what?" I asked
"I need to know if your going to man up and help my baby sister because if you don't you die!" he said
I heard yelling before I could speak and Emmett sighed.
"I'm sorry for pressuring you dude. My moms been on our case all day arguing and its getting to me" he said
"I get it Emmett" I said
"Bella can leave in a week but has to stay on bed rest all summer long" he said rolling his eyes
"how does she feel about it?" I asked
"she's afraid, just like any other mother to be! She believes every thing will be fine but I don't know right now...what if something goes wrong? What If she dies?" Emmett said
I sighed sitting down, what would happen in these next 5 months? Could I become a father to these twins? I just have no fucking clue.