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New Town, New love

Edward Masen has lived in Arizona his whole life with his family. His father's law office set ups a new buliding in Forks, Washinton. He and his family are sent there to run it and do the trials down there. It's there in the tiny town he meets the Cullen's and the Hales. He may even just.... fall in love.


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( Edward's POV)

I've lived in Pheonix, Arizona my whole life. I was born and raised here. I took my first steps and said my first words here. I had my first kiss and first girlfriend here. I even cashed in my V-card here. My father, Edward Masen Sr. Is a lawyer here and my mom stays at home with me. I'm an only child. My parents had me and found out they could't have anymore children. I have bronze hair and green emerald eyes like my mother, Elizabeth Masen.

Yesterday, dad announced we would be moving. I was moving to a small town in the pacific north west known as Forks, Washington. It rained there constantly. I was trading the sun I loved for the rain I hated. On top of that I would have to go to the public school since there was no private school there. We would be leaving in a week. I had a week to say goodbye to my friends and pack up my old life. I started school the day after I arrived in that omen town.


So, I just arrived in Forks. We have a huge house and the neighbors have awesome cars. Well there's only three but still. There was a mercedes S55 AMG, A ferrari F430 and a ducati 848. I saw a girl walk out of the house and grab the ducati's helmet. She roared it to life and took off speeding down the street, it was very sexy.

We went into the house and got unpacking. My window was facing the neighbor's house and there was a window directly across from mine. I put all my music on the wall by my bed and my computer was next to the window. I heard the motorcycle pull up into the next driveway.

I heard a little girl squeel a front door open.

Around six there was a knock on the door.

" Edward please answer that.", my mom called. I got up and walked to the door. When I opened it five people stood there. The first was obviously the father, he had blond hair and blue eyes and looked like a male model. The next was a woman, obviously the mother who had carmel hair with natural brown highlights and chocolate brown eyes. There was a little girl who had spiky black hair and blue eyes. The next was a boy he had light brown hair that was curly and he looked like a body builder. Lastly there was motorcycle girl. She had brown hair with natural red highlights and chocolate brown eyes that had endless depths.

" Hello, we're your neighbors. I'm Carlisle Cullen, this is my wife Esme. Our youngest daughter Alice our son Emmett and our eldest daughter Isabella.", He introduced.

" Please, come in. I'll tell my parents we have guests. I'll be right back.", I went to get my mother and we went back to the living room I sat back down in front of the Tv.

" Bella, cell phone. Now.", Esme said strictly. Isabella had here face buried in her phone.

" Mom, it's a friday night! I was supposed to go to the party tonight!", She whined.

" Bella, last time you went to a party you came home drunk and high. I will not put up with that behavior again. What if your siblings would have saw that? Emmett's only twelve and Alice is only five. You're eighteen you should be setting an example.", Her mother sighed sadly.

" Mom, I won't drink or smoke or snort anything! I swear. I'll be home by midnight.", she begged.

" No, that's final. Now why don't you try to be social?", she suggested.

" Can I at least go to La push to see Jake?", she asked.

" I'm not stupid Isabella. You will get Jake to take you to the party, so no. You will stay home tonight.", Esme said with finality.

" Is there anything fun to do in this boring town?", I asked.

" Ya, but I'm not aloud to do any of it.", Bella growled.

" Drinking and doing drugs is not fun Isabella, no stop.", Carlisle said.

" I was talking about cliff diving.", Bella said.

" Last time you did that you broke your arm. So no, your not aloud to do that. ", Carlisle chuckled.

" Sorry for showing so much drama on your first day. Isabella's just been complicated lately. Ever since we came back from our vacation in Pheonix, Arizona. Actually.", Esme told us. Our parents said how they understood cause they did. I cashed in my v-card at a party and I don't even know to who. I ran before she woke up.