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Accepting Love

Bella McCarty is going to college. She shares a house with her brother, sister and friends, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper. Bella is the youngest of he group so it's her freshman year in college. Her friends and siblings didn't come home for their first year so they don't know about her boyfriend Edward Cullen. That is until her birthday.


3. 2

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( Emmett's POV)

Tomorrow is Bella's birthday! We're having dinner at some fancy place. My parents are being wierd. It's like they know something we don't. Edward is wierd too. He's always gone, he's never in his apartment. So, now it's ten pm, and Jazz and I are gonna go visit him.

" Oh my god, listen through the door em!", Jasper whisper yelled. You could hear..... sounds, through Eddie's door. Well, we know he cashed his V-card at least.

" We should interupt and find out who he's bangin.", I chuckled. Jasper banged on the door and we erupted with laughter.

" Eddie Boy! What are you doin, or should I say who?", I yelled. He opened the door, his hair messier than it usually was.

" Guys, please go home. I have company over.", He was avoiding eyecontact.

" Come on! Who is it?", Jazz questioned.

" Just leave alright! Tomorrow is Bella's birthday, I wanna be well rested for it. So, if your done, please leave.", Edward all but growled.

" Fine, jeez. You were more fun in highschool. College is going to turn you into a boring schoolboy.", I whispered. Edward slammed the door in our faces.

We got home around midnight and fell right asleep. Next thing we know, we're waking up to our front door being closed. Bella walks in and completely ignores us.

" Hey Bells! Happy birthday!", I gave her a bear hug.

" Thanks Em.", she shrugged my arms off.

It was now 6:30, we're at a resturaunt for Bellsy's birthday. Everyone but Bella and Edward are here. My dad looks sorta wierd, and mom looks all happy and shit. She was supposed to be pissed cause we left Eddie and Bells behind to go on a vacation.

" Emmett, listen to me. It's Bella's bithday, do not embarass her or yourself.", my father said. I nodded. Edward and Bella arrive together and sit next to eachother.

The table was cleared and dessert was about to come when Edward stood up and cleared his throat. He looked really nervous, he was sweating and looked like he was about to throw up.

" Well, first I wanna say happy birthday Bella. I know you hate your birthday so I'm hoping this will make it the best birthday ever.", He took a deep breath and helped her stand up. He got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. Everyone but my parents gasped. They looked.... proud.

" Isabella Marie McCarty, I've asked for your father's blessing. He gave it to me. I know we've only been together a year, and we're young. But I can't imaging my life without you. You're my best friend, and I couldn't love you any more for that. I want to spend the rest of my life being yours and you being mine. I love the way you bite your lip when you get nervous or are thinking too hard. I love the way you yell at me over the apartment being messy. I love you for just being you. So with that, Bella, will you marry me?", he gazed into her eyes but all I could think about was wanting to kill him. He was supposed to be my friend and he went behind my back and was with my sister.

Bella was crying and smilingg, I heard her say 'yes' and Edward put the ring on her finger before pulling her into a tight hug. Our parents joined them and hugged them both. Bella and Edward looked at the rest of us, waiting for judjement.

" You were supposed to be one of my best friends. You started dating my sister behind my back. How could you do that?", Was all I said.

" I can't believe you! A few ignored calls and texts and you don't tell me about having a relationship with Edward and now you're engaged?", Alice yelled. Everyone in the restiraunt was looking at us.

" I tried telling you, but you never wanted to hear it. All you guys would talk about was partying and more partying. You never asked about me and what was going on in my life. Everytime I tried you guys cut me off! You didn't even come to my graduation! Or come home for the summer. Did you know that I was valedictorian? No, you didn't because you only cared about yourselves. Did you know I got accepted to Harvard, Yale and princeton but I came here? No you didn't. So don't blame Edward and I for not telling you because we tried. God dammit, even now you can only think about youselves!", Bella had never blown up like that before. She was always a quiet type of girl. Our parents looked dissapointed in Alice and I.

" Edawrd, you were like a brother to me. I can't think of you like that anymore.", I stated.

" You see! you were talking about yourself right there! I'm happy Emmett! Edward is happy, you guys are the ones who aren't!", Bella argued. I shook my head got up and left.