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Accepting Love

Bella McCarty is going to college. She shares a house with her brother, sister and friends, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper. Bella is the youngest of he group so it's her freshman year in college. Her friends and siblings didn't come home for their first year so they don't know about her boyfriend Edward Cullen. That is until her birthday.


4. 3

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( Edward's POV) March 8th 6 months after proposal. WEDDING DAY!!!

Emmett and Alice came around to the idea of Bella and I a month after the proposal. Bella was a much happier person. She had moved in with me about a month ago. We spent almost all our time together. So here we are. Today is the big day. The day Bella becomes mine and I become Bella's. Excited couldn't even cover what I was feeling. I litterally wanted to squeel like a girl.

" If you hurt my sister, I'll cut your balls off with a spoon and feed them to a gorilla.", Em said seriously. We were standing on the alter. He was my best man, along with Jasper and my dad being groomsmen. Alice was Bella's maid of honor along with her mom and rose being bridesmaids.

The ceremony was kept short, along with the reception. Before I knew it Bella and I were on a plane to Isle Esme. It was a private vacationing spot for my family and I wanted to bring Bella there. We did what most newly weds did on their honeymoon. Stuff our parents and siblings didn't want to believe we were doing but knew we were. I was the happiest man on the planet.

( Emmett's POV) FIVE YEARS LATER....

" I'm bored! Rosie is with Alice for their annual girls night. Edward won't leave his house to go out with us and nothing is on TV.", I complained to Jasper. He sighed and nodded in understandment.

" Let's just go over to Eddie and Bella's house.", Jasper suggested. I thought about it and agreed. He was going to be pissed, it was midnight.

We banged on the door and waited. Edward and Bella bought a house about three years ago. They wanted space for guests. Now one of the rooms was being turned into a nursery. Yep, my sister was preggers. Six months preggers with baby Cullen on the way, which is why she wasn't with Ali and Rose on girl's night. The door opened to reveal a very pissed off Edward wearing only his plaid boxers.

" What the hell are you doing here?", He growled.

" We're bored Eddie boy! Can we hang around here with you?", I asked but pushed my way inside and headed to the fridge.

" Fine, but don't wake Bella up. She needs her rest.", he grabbed a bottle of water and sat on the recliner.

An hour or so later I let out a very loud laugh cause Jasper mentioned how it took Eddie and Bella five years to have a baby but it only took me and rose nine months after their proposal.

" What the hell are you guys doing here? It's one in the morning?", a very grumpy bella asked. She was only wearing boyshort underwear and a pajama tank top from Victoria Secret. Her baby bump was very visable.

" Hey Bella! How are you this fiiineee mornin?", I asked.

" Tired seeing as it's only one in the god damn morning!", she looked very angry.

" Ok guys. Time for you to leave. See ya in the later morning.", Edward sent us on our way.


" Hurry up! We're gonna be late for you dadcholer party!", I yelled up to Ed and Bellsy's bedroom.

" What the hell is a dadcholer party?", Bella laughed.

" A party to get all the partying out of his system before the baby comes. Trust me, there is no partying.", I sighed sadly.

" Remeber to make sure Edward's phone is on the loudest it can go and it is on vibrate! I'm six days overdue Emmett. The baby could come at anytime.", she said seriously. Edward came downstairs kissed bella and her stomach... ew.... and we headed out. We went to a club and I took Edward's phone and shut it off. We all shut our phones off..

Six hours later My mother and Edward's mom walk into the bar with pissed off looks. Did I mention I didn't tell Edward I turned his phone off? He wouldn't even drink a beer! He dran coke and water! I mean c'mon.

" Edward, you do realize you turned your phone off when your very pregnant wife was at home right?", Esme was a pissed off mamma bear.

" What are you talking about? I didn't turn my phone o- Emmett, did you shut my phone off?", if looks could kill I'd be dead right now."

" Bella is about two hours away from giving birth. Her water broke three hours ago. She tried calling you twenty times and we tried calling. She's at the hospital right now.", That had edward running out the door.


Edward walked into the waiting room with the biggest grin on his face.

" It's a boy!", he yelled. Our parents hugged him tightly. I had a nephew, oh ya they didn't find out the sex of the baby before he was botn.

" What's his name?", Esme was bouncing up and down.

" Liam Masen Cullen.", Edward replied.

He had Edward's hair and eyes but Bella's nose and lips. He was a whopping nine punds seven ounces and twenty three inches long. Alice and Jasper were his godparents and I was uncle Emmie.

10 YEARS LATER.......

( Bella's POV)

Our family had grown over time. Edward and I had four kids, Liam, Renesmee, Carlie, and Anthony. Emmett and Rose had Samantha. Alice and Jasper had, Rebecca, Harvey, JJ, Toby and Micah. We were all a big family. We lived in the same neighborhood, our kids had the same friends, and worked in the same general area. Of couse like every family we had our fights but we also had our joys. We had birthdays, reunions, and trips to the zoo not to mention the vacation. Our whole lives, were now based on accepting love. And it all started with Our family and friends accepting Edward and I's love......