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A Prism in the Darkness

A vampire has awoke from an immortals sleep with unprecedented abilities, a forgotten past, a confusing present, and an unsteady future. She awoke with only a single purpose, to find the vampire who’s happily ever after didn’t last forever. But with that purpose she must find her place among a family who nurse broken hearts, suspicious minds, and battered souls.


1. Awakening

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This is the beginning of a story, I know its short, but I promise further chapters will be longer. If you like it, rate it, so I know its worth while to keep writing it!!

There was nothing but darkness in my life, my existence, for so long that I had forgotten everything but the blackness. It wasn’t an involuntary seclusion, but it wasn’t a voluntary one either, it was the mere necessity of darkness that had consumed my entire life. It had started, I think, as necessity but now it was all that I knew.

I stayed in this prison of black, so dark that even my eyesight couldn’t pierce through it. I couldn’t remember a time where the burning in my body wasn’t as all encompassing as the blackness. It had gotten so overbearing that my usually wakeful body had fallen into a sort of slumber that allowed my mind to wander through the minds and consciousnesses of hundreds, then thousands, then millions of short, brief sparks of life.

Occasionally I would feel my mind land on emotions and thoughts so intense that it would bring light into my confinement. It would wake me out of the slumber like stupor and I would rise only to feed on the rats that had taken residence in my hidden dwelling. I would sit in the blackness and allow the feeling to wash over me, but I could never bring myself to exit the darkness to seek it out, and would then batter myself for my cowardice.

The emotion or thoughts would fade, no longer affecting me and I would sit for a length of time that I did not know. I would sit and allow the craving to turn into a burning in my throat, then mark time only by the feeling of the burning creep into my chest, then outwards to my limbs, and finally settling into my head, driving me to a sort of madness that would allow me to once again to fall into the stupor that I likened to slumber.

My mind would dart around through different minds, an omnipresence in the world that would caress and take residence in a mind to live along side the person and would leave as their fire faded from existence. My mind would soon forget the symbiotic life I had led before so that I could slip seamlessly into another consciousness or dart around the consciousnesses watching and forgetting as soon as my attention was diverted.

Occasionally my explorations would cause me to land on a consciousness that was less like a spark and more like a crystal, bright, hard, and longer lasting than the sparks. These I would watch with interest until the cold emotions of the beings would begin to bore me and I would move on.

It was in following a trio of curious crystals that I had first experienced what I could only describe as an explosion of light and color, as if someone had cut through the darkness, not with light, but with an intense smattering of rainbows. The emotions that emanated from the crystal like rainbow was overwhelmingly intense, I drowned in the crystals torment.

I continued to stay close the crystal as the torment turned to joy of the purest form. I had never felt such an intense shift, and I was staggered by the feeling. I awoke as I always did at such intense emotion and feasted on vermin and bathed myself in both the misery and joy from this particularly brilliant crystal.

This crystal’s intensity never ceased as I felt it turn from joy to an intense love and fear, then again an intense love and lust which made me shift with a feeling I could never associate with. The lust turned to horror and again torment, I continued to feed on the supply of vermin that came willing to my feet at a slight mental nudge as I continued on the roller coaster this consciousness took me on. Horror turned to another pure shot of joy and love and an insatiable lust, only to turn to fear, and once again a contented joy.

After a length of time, I was unable to fully absorb the contented joy any longer and I soon became numb to it and as I had done before I began to let the burning start it’s course through me again. As I was started to fall into the madness the brilliant crystal exploded through me with a pain so intense that the burning and madness in my body were forgotten.

I waited hoping the pain would recede, but it didn’t, it continued to stab at me and it’s thoughts of ending it’s own pain were so clear I almost forgot that it wasn’t my own thought. The crystal, so overwhelmed, moved around a lot always seeking an end but something would hold it back from its purpose.

I continued to watch this battle until I realized, with a shocking revelation that shook me to the very core of my being, that the reason the crystal could not find it’s end was that I wasn’t allowing it to, I would put something in its path to block it from it’s intended end. I was doing it so subtly and unconsciously that even I hadn’t realized it was being done until the despairing thought, shouted to the divine power the crystal believed in about why it was holding him in such torment, had fully woken me.

I stood shakily and feasted upon every rat that was in my sanctuary until my strength returned, and then fearful of more things than I could describe I pushed on the ancient slab that was the guardian of my way of existing and for the first time, in a span of time I could not and did not measure, I breathed in the sweet fresh air as I continued to push past my guard.

When the slab was fully removed I stepped out into a lighter blackness that allowed my nocturnal eyes to see every jagged edge of the rock cave I surfaced into. I walked silently through the cave and emerged onto a beach that I had never known existed and stared up into the starry sky.

These stars were like the sparks I spoke of, bright, beautiful, and small. The crystals I had watched were even like these stars to me, specks in a brilliant spanning dark sky. No, the crystal I was after was brilliant, as bright as the sun, as colorful as a rainbow, and overwhelming. No, I wasn’t going to chase a crystal, I was chasing a prism, a prism who had awoken me when no other entity ever had.

This prism needed me and would not let me go, nor would I let it go. No, I felt the overwhelming need to find my prism but as I surfaced the consciousnesses of millions slammed into me and I screamed an agonizing, painful, soul shattering scream that went on for a sunrise and sunset. I struggled through the ripping, tearing battle between the billions of consciousnesses that assaulted me, and my own poor mind. It took thirty sunrises and sunsets before I could even begin to think, and another thirty before I could start shuffling between all of them to find my brilliant prism.

I sat at the mouth of my cave, on my tiny speck of dust for over one hundred sunsets before I was positive I could leave it and submerge myself among the specs and crystals. I drank the blood of the vermin that filled the jungle behind me, and with renewed energy I sank into the ocean and began to swim towards the torment, towards my prism, towards a vampire named Edward.