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Hot Harleys and Cool Vampires

After Edward leaves Bella is sent to live with her Mom. Phil signed on to another baseball team and they end up in Charming, Ca. Bella learns that it's not only vampires that are danegerious when she meets Jackson Teller, Sons of Anarchy, SAMCRO. Jaxs teaches her a lot about real life. The Cullens want back in her life, but Jaxs is a part of that now and things get complicated. They will be in their true forms of bikers and vampires.

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2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

When I woke up I could smell bacon cooking. I showered and got dressed. Mary had made breakfast. Food usually had no appeal to me but it smelled so good. She told me to set down and thanked me for what I had done around the house.

I told her what had happened with her truck and she had a horrified look on her face "Bella, you need to be careful about being around Jaxs or any of them for that matter. If you knew all the things that they have done to my son and my family you would think twice." She cleared the table and I was trying to talk to her about what she had told me about Jaxs. But she kept changing the subject. So I figured that it was best left alone.

Mary went to run some errands before going to work and I was sitting on the back deck reading enjoying the sun. Forks wasn't exactly the place to have a lot of hot sunny days.

My cell rang and it was Jaxs telling me the truck was done. He was sending someone to come and get me. A tow truck pulled up to the curb in front of the house. A young guy came to the door "Are you Bella? I'm Half Sac and Jaxs sent me. I need to take you to the garage for a pickup." He was really nice and kind of funny. I felt comfortable around him. An emotion that I haven't had in so long, maybe coming here was a good thing.

Half Sac was always referring to himself as their grunt boy, whatever that means. He said if didn't take his lunch break before going back to the garage that he wouldn't get to eat. He asked me if I wanted to go with him. We sat and talked for a long time. I couldn't believe someone who had majored in Philosophy would end up being a mechanic. But he insisted that he loved this life and wouldn't change a thing.

His girlfriend that he called his old lady, Cherry, was going to be out of town for the next couple of days. "Since you don't know anybody Bella we could just hang out as friends if you want to? There is a movie that I have been wanting to see but Cherry told me it was dumb and she wasn't going, so if you want we can go see it tonight?"

He was being so kind to me "Thank you, I would love to go."

When we walked into the garage, Mary was there on the other side of it yelling at Jaxs "I don't want anything from you people. I will pay for it. Leave me the hell alone and stay away from Bella too. I would hate to think what would happen to her if one of you sick bastards got your claws in her. She would be on the same path as her mother."

Jaxs was trying to defend his actions "I was just trying to help. You don't have to be pissy about it. Fine if you want to pay, go see Gemma. I really don't give a fuck. But, I wasn't just going to leave her there with no way to get home." Then he walked off.

Half Sac started laughing "You've only been here a day and already causing trouble. You'll fit in just fine. Come on I'll take you on a tour."

He took me inside the clubhouse. There were a lot of guys that were staring at me and making comments. Half Sac grabbed my hand "I'll protect you, they are pretty much harmless."

I looked at him "Pretty much?"

At the bar Jaxs was talking to an old guy that was smoking a cigar. When he saw us he walked over "Hey, grunt get back to work."

Half Sac let go of my hand "I'll see you tonight Bella; I will pick you up after work."

Jaxs told him as he walked away "I don't see how your gonna do that when you have to work late tonight."

Half Sac turned around "Why would I have to work late, there isn't anything for me to do?"

Jaxs lit a smoke "Because, I said."

A lady came in and walked up to Jaxs "What the hell did you do to Mary? She bitched for the last twenty minutes."

He shrugged "I didn't do anything, I was just trying to be nice and she went off."

She looked over at me "Who's she?" Jaxs introduced us. Gemma, Jaxs mom, asked what I was going to do while I was here. Since I don't really know, I figured I would get a part time job to help fill in my time of doing nothing. She asked me if I would be interested in babysitting for her grandson during the day for her. I hadn't babysat since I was thirteen, but it sounded good until I could get something else. She said to meet her tomorrow and I could start by doing some house cleaning.

The house was disgusting; Gemma told me she would pay me well for doing it. She was having new carpet and painting done before they brought the baby into it.

Time must have gotten away from me, I looked at my cell phone and it was almost midnight. I was getting ready to go when I heard the front door open "Bella, are you still here?" Jaxs walked around the corner.

"I was getting ready to leave." He walked through the house "Wow this place is clean. Cleaning was never one of my ex-wife's strong points; if it didn't involve doing drugs or partying she wasn't into it." So this was his house.

He left behind me and locked the door "Don't you live here?"

He seemed distant "I use to, but after I split with my old lady, Wendy, she stayed here. She is living in a sober safe living facility the last I knew."

He got on his bike "Able was born premature with other problems; he had to stay in the hospital for almost three months. I have only been here once since then. My mom has been taking care of him for the last week. It time for me to come home; be a man and take care of my son."

"Have you ate?" I shook my head no. He smiled "Why don't you follow me, I know a place that is open all night." I followed him back to the Club House. It was quiet with no one around.

Jaxs got in the frig "So what do you feel like, a sandwich, pizza or looks like there is left over chicken?" I really wasn't that hungry "I don't care what ever is fine with me."

There was so many questions that I wanted to ask but didn't want him to think that I was being nosey "What are the matching leathers that everybody wears?"

He told me about SAMCRO and how his father was the one that had founded it, but he died when he was young. His step father has been the President of the club ever since.

I wanted to know what Mary meant about my mom taking a path. But when I asked; he said he had never heard about her before I came here and had no idea. We talked for hours about his life, his son and my life too. It felt like we are both carrying around a lot of sorrow and burdens.

It was around five in the morning and my eyes were getting heavy. "Come on Bella you can sleep in my room and I'll take the couch." He said he had not been sleeping a lot either lately and having company through the night was great.

Going down the hallway we passed a motorcycle that was under a light. It was a turquoise and cream colored Harley. Jaxs touched it "This was my dads." He seemed so emotional right now as he stood there looking at it.

There were doors on every side of the hall, he went to the last one "You can sleep in here." Jaxs went in and moved the stuff that was on the bed. Opening the dresser drawer, he took out a black SAMCRO t-shirt and handed it to me "Jaxs, why are you being so nice to me?"

He smiled "I was gonna ask you the same thing."

It had a small bathroom too, I went in and changed. When I came out, Jaxs was sitting on the bed "I have a run next weekend it's just gonna be me, if you don't have anything going on, maybe you could go?" He must have seen the look on my face "It's okay, you probably have some one that would be upset if you did."

I sat down beside him "No, I don't have anyone but, would it be on your motorcycle?"

He laughed "That's how I roll Bella. You could ride with me here until you get use to it." I wouldn't get use to it if I saw Edwards face every time I was on it.

I woke up to yelling. When I walked in the bar Mary was furious "I can't believe the first night here and you already nailed it Jaxs. I told you to stay the hell away from her. She is only eighteen you know."

Jaxs was shaking his head "I didn't do anything with her, it was late and she slept in my room."

They looked over at me and Mary smirked "Right you didn't do anything; she is standing there in your shirt. You know what; I am still trying to put all that Donna shit behind me. Bella, I want you out of my house, I don't want anything to do with anyone that is around them. I can't take any more of this shit." She walked out the door.

I went back to the room to get dressed; I was going to have to leave. Jaxs knocked "Can I come in?"

I opened the door "Sure, it's your room."

I was getting my shoes on when he took my hand and led me to the bed "You don't have to leave, you can stay here. I'm sorry that I caused problems. You're gonna be watching my son; I have a spare room at the house you can use it as long as you want." I felt the tears coming why does life have to be so much all the time.

He held me while I cried. I cried because I was confused about life, for still loving Edward and for the pain I felt when Jaxs talked to me last night. His pain and mine seemed so similar.

Gemma came in "Everything alright kids? Don't let Mary upset you, she hates us all. That same hate has turned her bitter. We'll get shit straight; you can stay with us for a while."

In the hall I could hear Gemma talking to Jaxs "Jackson what are you doing?"

He huffed "I'm not doing anything with her. I haven't fucked her how many more times do I have to say that. Besides it's none of your business if I did."

She got a little louder "That's what worries me, you haven't fucked her, and so what's the hookup with you two?"

I could tell Jax was getting irratated "I don't have time for this shit. I'm gonna go to work." I waited until I made sure that they were gone before I came out.

They gave me a car to drive. Gemma wanted me to go to the storage unit and get anything that would be useful for Abel. She told me to take anything that I wanted for myself because some day she was just going to throw it all away.

I found tons of stuff for Abel and came across a box marked JT Teller. There were pictures and documents inside. I also found a manuscript by John Thomas Teller, The Life and Death of SAMCRO. I grabbed it; Gemma said I could have anything that I wanted. Maybe if I read it I would understand where Jaxs was coming from better.

I went by Mary's to get my things; she wouldn't even talk to me. I tried to call Renee to let her know but, she didn't answer so I left her message to call me.

Jaxs called and said he would meet me at the house to unload the stuff I picked up. I went in and sat down on the couch. I started reading the manuscript. The first page didn't make any sense to me.

The more I read, the more I didn't want to put it down. I hadn't even noticed that Jaxs had come in; I was so moved by his Dads words. Jaxs looked curious "What's that?"

I looked up at him "Your Dad was such a methodical and poetic man."

He looked confused "What are you talking about?"

I handed it to him "Where did you get this?"

He acts like he had never seen it before "I found it in storage when I was getting things for Able. Your Mom told me I could have whatever I wanted from there."

He started flipping through it "Does Gemma know you have it?" I shook my head no. He sat down beside me "Don't tell her you found this."

We spent the rest of the night into the early morning reading, passing the pages back and forth between us. He never knew this side of his dad or about most of the things that were inside this. We talked about how he thought he could make changes and make SAMCRO better and stronger. But at certain times he was guarded, I could tell that he was as use to having a mask to hide the truth as I was.

Some questions I would ask, he would ignore or say that only gets discussed at church. Listening to them talk; it's like they have a language of their own that outsiders aren't supposed to know about. I knew this to well too from being around the Cullens.

Jaxs got up from the couch and stretched "I'm exhausted; do you want to sleep here tonight?"

I guess it really didn't matter "Sure why not."

He took my hand and led me to his bedroom "Don't worry I'll behave. I just thought we could catch a few hours before going to the garage." When we laid down together, he stayed on his side of the bed. He took my hand in his "Thank you Bella, it means so much to me reading that and having a true friend that I can talk to."

When we woke up Jaxs was still holding my hand but it was 10:00 am. Jaxs jumped out bed "Shit, we gotta go. How fast can you shower?" We were out the door in twenty minutes. He gave me his helmet and I knew that meant getting back on his bike.

This ride wasn't as bad as the first time. But I thought about Edward again. When is he ever going to get out of my head? When am I ever going to be free from him?

We walked into the garage and everyone was making comments and hollering "Go boy." Tig came up to me and Jaxs "So how was the Nanny fantasy Brother?" Jaxs asked if I would get him a cup of coffee.

When I came back out Jaxs had Tig by the throat up against the wall "If you go near her, you'll deal with me. She is not like that." Jaxs let go of him "If anybody comes near her, they will deal with me." He grabbed his cup of coffee and went into the clubhouse.

I was playing with Abel under the tree that was at the side of the clubhouse. Gemma came out to see how things were going "I see you're a natural with babies. But, I want you to start watching him at the house, okay? Jaxs needs to take you to the car so we can strap the car seat in it that I bought for him. I'll watch him until you get back."

Half Sac was arguing with a girl when I walked in the garage "It's not like that Cherry, I was just having lunch with her."

She looked over at me "Is that her, because I will cut you Bitch?" I went to take a step back when I stepped on someone and almost fell.

Jaxs caught me and had his arms wrapped around me "Prospect, you need to check your old lady. Come on Bella, let's go get the car."

Another damn bike ride, only we were going in a direction that I didn't know. I was trying to yell over the engine so Jaxs could hear me "Where are we going?"

He laughed "I can hear you without yelling at me. We are going to where I like to go when I need to think. Besides I wasn't in mood to work today."

I didn't want to make Gemma any madder; I started off the morning by being late "Won't your mom be mad if we are gone for a long time?"

He laughed "Yeah, but she'll get over it."

This ride was slower down the country roads. It was relaxing having the wind blow through your hair and to feel the sun on your skin. I never noticed all the sights and smells that you miss when you're driving a car. I could smell fresh cut grass and the different kinds of flowers.

We came to a long dirt road, there was a huge pond at the end, Charlie would love this. Jaxs got off the bike "This is where I use to fish when I was a kid. When I need to be alone, I come here. Nobody comes here anymore."

I was confused "But you're not alone, I'm with you."

He took his dads manuscript out of his saddle bag "So I guess it's our spot when we need to think, or escape from everyone else."

We walked down the dock and went to the shaded part. He took out a joint and lit it up "Do you toke? It's very relaxing. Sometimes it the only thing that keeps me calm." I never had before, but what the hell. We read some more and I think I was stoned. He was right; I was relaxed for the first time in I don't know how long. His cell kept going off "Its Gemma, we should get back."

The bike ride back was great. He kept telling me to hold on. When we pulled into the driveway I realized that I made it through one ride without thinking about Edward. Maybe it was because all the weed, but I didn't care. It was still progress.

Jaxs was holding on to me "Bella you're not exactly walking in a straight line, I think I'll drive."

Gemma was waiting for us in the clubhouse "Where in the hell have you two been?" For some reason I was finding this funny and started giggling and couldn't quit.

Jaxs started laughing too "No where special really. I just told her a funny joke, that's all." I regained my composer.

When the old guy walked in that smoked cigars he came to Gemma and kissed her on the cheek "Hey Baby. Well is anyone gonna to introduce me?"

Jaxs introduced us, he was Clay, my Moms old boyfriend "I think you know my mother."

Clay shook his head "Naw, I don't think so."

As he was walking away "I saw pictures of you with her at Mary's house."

He turned around slowly and stared at me "Your Renee Swight's Daughter. How old are you?"

I thought that was a strange question "I'm almost nineteen." He stood there exchanging a long glance with Gemma.

I hope you enjoyed reading me. This story will contain my favorite hot boys.

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