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Hot Harleys and Cool Vampires

After Edward leaves Bella is sent to live with her Mom. Phil signed on to another baseball team and they end up in Charming, Ca. Bella learns that it's not only vampires that are danegerious when she meets Jackson Teller, Sons of Anarchy, SAMCRO. Jaxs teaches her a lot about real life. The Cullens want back in her life, but Jaxs is a part of that now and things get complicated. They will be in their true forms of bikers and vampires.

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3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


Jaxs broke the silences "So how do you know Bella's mom?" Clay took a long drag off of his cigar "We use to date, that about sums it up. It's getting late and I'm tired. We'll talk in the day light, I'm gonna go home."

Jaxs took Abel from Gemma "Why haven't I ever heard about Renee before?"

She smiled "Because there really isn't anything to tell, I guess. How is your mom anyways?" I told her about Phil getting signed and them moving close to Charming. She changed the subject "Make a list of everything you need at the house or for Abel and come by tomorrow Bella. I will give you some money and you can go get it, okay?"

We took Able home and put him to bed. Jaxs came in the living room "I haven't got another bed yet, so I'll take the couch." I felt bad for taking his bed again "No, you sleep on your own bed, I'll take the couch."

Jaxs smirked "You know most women would jump at the chance to be in my bed." I smirked back "I'm not most women." He smiled "No, you're not."

We ended up both being on the bed still dressed, but not touching each other. I heard Abel crying and went to check on him. He was wet, hungry and I would say just pissed off. I changed his diaper. I sat down in the rocking chair and was feeding him a bottle. Jaxs was just standing in the doorway not saying anything. When Abel was asleep he took him from me and laid him down in his crib.

Jaxs took my hand "Come on, let's go back to bed." He lay down and pulled me down next to him "I promised I'd behave and I will. I thought you could come over to my side, it warmer over here."

The next morning it was the same thing, we had over slept. Only Jaxs went ahead and left. I thought about how much more I had slept since coming here. Maybe this change has been good for me. Not so many nightmares that I could remember anyways.
I took my time getting around. I took a shower and gave Abel a bath. I made a list of food and other things that Jaxs wanted. I just needed to get the basics baby stuff for Abel.

I went to the garage to get the money from Gemma. Jaxs came out to the car and got Abel out of the car seat. He took him in the garage to show him off.

I stopped at the office door, Gemma was yelling at Clay "Do you think she is just pussy to him? I know my Jaxs and he is restless. You need to nail him down Clay and bring him close. Or I'm telling you we'll lose him"

Clay yelled back at her "I will not let any pussy turn him away from this club. Don't tell me what to do; no one will know anything as long as you keep your fucken mouth shut."

I turned to walk away when I ran into Cherry "Can I talk to you for a minute Bella?" I shook my head "Yeah, sure."

As she walked back with me to the garage "I'm sorry about yesterday; I thought you were trying to move in on Half Sac. I am sure that you can understand right? I mean it would be no different if someone was trying to move in on Jaxs."

What is she thinking "Look, Jaxs and I are not a couple. I am just his Nanny." She smiled "Well, that's not the impression I get from him. But I was wondering if you would mind if I tagged along with you to the store?" I sighed "Sure why not."

Gemma came out of the office and gave me a list of things she wanted too along with a wad of cash. I went and found Jaxs. He walked us the car and looked surprised to see Cherry standing there by the car "What the fuck Cherry?"

Cherry put her arm around my shoulder "Were cool, we are going to do some bonding while were gone." Not looking forwards to that.

I went to the grocery store while Cherry went somewhere else. Abel had slept since we left; taking care of him was so easy. I didn't know this store and it was taking me forever to find everything. A lady with dark hair came up to me "So, you must be the new Charming whore?" I kind of blew it off "I am sorry you must have me confused with someone else."

I went to push my cart away "Your Jackson Tellers, old lady right?" I sighed "No, I am not, I am just the fucking Nanny."

After spending the afternoon with Cherry, I was glad that I did. She went back to the house with me and helped me put everything away. She also explained some things that I was wondering about. Like what the hell is an old lady? After telling her what happened at the store she made me feel better. Apparently Jaxs is a huge catch for Charming and a lot of women would do anything to get him. I understood that too, I had already gone through the same thing with Edward.

Cherry was making small talk in the car "You know Bella; you have a tight little body, and should work it to your advantage." I really wasn't comfortable flaunting myself around. She convinced me that feeling good about you can make all the difference in the world. I haven't felt good for such a long time.

We stopped at Cherry's house. She gave me a pair of black shorts and a black halter top with gold swirls running through it. After putting long loose curls in my hair, she put makeup on me. I picked out some large gold hoop earrings. This was kind of fun, nothing like with Alice, because she always told me what I wanted. Cherry always asked, is this okay or is this too much. "We just need to find you some shoes." I picked out her black boots. She said that those were on loan only, she wanted them back.

Half Sac helped carry in the things that we bought for the bar. He looked me up and down "Well, hello Bella." Cherry smacked him "I saw that." Then she winked at me. She and I are cool now.


Clay was sitting at the bar "Koz, come over here." Koz went over and sat down "I need you to do me favor, but it needs to be kept just between us." Koz took a sip of his beer "Sure Clay what do you need." Clay handed him a cigar "I need you to push up on Bella and I mean push up hard." Koz put his beer down "I'm not sure about that man; Jaxs will freak the fuck out and definitely get pissed. Why would you want me to do that?"

Clay put his arm around him "It obviously that you have a little chubby for her. When she was behind the bar bent over, I thought you were going to cum on yourself. Not to mention that every time she is around you always make a point to go over and talk to her. I have a personal interest in this and I have my reasons. Don't worry, I'll handle the little Prince. I think it's time that Jaxs learned his dick is not as big as he thought it was."

Koz admitted that he did have a thing for Bella. But he wasn't excited about the idea of pissing Jaxs off. But, Clay had spoken and he knew what he had to do.

Bella and Cherry were shooting pool when Jaxs came in. He did a double take of her. It wasn't his emotions that were getting to him now. It was purely all her.

Jaxs sat down at the end of the bar and just watched while he drank his beer. Koz went over to the pool table "Ladies, I wanted to tell you how hot you look tonight." Then he ran his hand up and down Bella's arm "Especially you Bella." She blushed and told him thanks. Then she walked around to the other side of the pool table where Cherry was.

It was Bella's turn to shot when she bent over the table. Koz bent over the top of her pushing her down against the table "Here Bella, let me help you. I'll show you how to hold and use a stick the right way. I bet there are a lot of things that I could show you." She was trying to push him off of her.

Jaxs couldn't take it anymore he pulled Koz off of her "What the fuck are you doing? Get away from her." Koz straightened out his cut "I didn't realize that she belonged to you brother, she isn't your old lady right?" Jaxs looked at Bella and then back to Koz "It doesn't matter leave her alone." Koz went up to Jaxs face "How do ya know she didn't like it?"

Jaxs punched him and then they were rolling around on the floor. Clay yelled "Op, Tig break that shit up." They tore them apart. Opie took Jaxs off to talk to him.

Clay told Prospect to get some ice for Koz. When Koz sat down by Clay "You did good, but I want you to do it again. They don't belong together."

Jaxs came back in after a while with Opie. The girls were setting at the table having a drink, even Bella. He asked Gemma if she would watch Abel for a couple of hours. He grabbed Bella and they left.


Jaxs was driving the car and hadn't said a word since we left. I was trying to make small talk with him "Where are we going?" He reached over for my hand "Some where I can think. I need to get my head clear."

We went to the same place he took me yesterday. As we walked down the dock "I am having trouble Bella. It's like you're in my head and I don't like it. I've never let no body go there before." We sat down and I wasn't sure exactly what he was talking about. We just sat there and watched the water.

Jaxs looked over at me and smiled "Koz was right, you do look hot." I could feel the heat coming from my face; I was called hot twice in the same night.

It was just as quiet on the ride back as it was on the way there. When we got back to the clubhouse Jaxs went inside to get Abel. He strapped him in and got back behind the wheel. "Jaxs are you going to leave your bike here?"

He looked at me with a look that I had'nt seen before "Yeah, I don't feel like it tonight."

I was so sleepy that I dozed off on the couch. But when I woke up I was on the bed and Jaxs wasn't there. I got up and walked past Abel's room. He was in there just staring off into space "Your right I do hide the truth. I justify outlaw ways of what I do by one more lie. Like my dads words; the lies become the truth after telling it so much, that even you're not sure anymore. I am a bad person Bella. I've killed people, a lot of people and never looked back."

He got out of the rocking chair. Standing over Abel's crib with so much love mixed with pain in his eyes "I have been sitting here watching him sleep most of the night wondering what kind of life he is going to grow up to have. Wondering what kind of life I would of had if my dad hadn't died. Would I be on the same path to hell?"

Jaxs turned to me "I'm scared that if you stay you'll learn and know all my truths. More frightened you'll go, because I'll go back to feeling nothing inside again. I'm a different person when I'm with you, someone I never knew existed. I couldn't let SOA ever know about that Jaxs."

We went to bed and I was laying with my head on his chest. He reached for me and kissed me. It was a long and full of heated passion kiss. One like I have never had before. It left me wanting more. "I just need to catch my breath Bella and figure some shit out." I laid awake for long time thinking about what he said. I had truths that I could never let him know about too.

The rest of week was calm and without emotions. He never brought up anything that we talked about. Jaxs went back to being Jackson Teller, VP of SAMCRO just like he was when I met him.

I was getting closer to some of the women here. Cherry would come by or call me every day. Lila was taking turns with me watching all the kids so that we got at least a few hours once in while alone. The kids were great and I was getting close to them too. When Abel would take his naps I would play games with them or we would pick movies to watch.

When I had time alone I would read or just think about life. John Thomas Teller had moved me so much that I decided to write about my truths. I did it in away so that if someone saw it, they would never know about vampires or werewolves. It was like a form of therapy, releasing me a little at a time. Maybe that's what John needed too, was to be released.

I missed my moms call. She left me a message that she would be leaving in a few days and would be here. She didn't obviously know what had happened with Mary yet.

Gemma came by to get Abel; I was going with Jaxs on his run. I really wasn't looking forward to the long bike ride but, I was looking forward to spending time with just him. I packed lite, just a change of clothes, his dad's manuscript, and some toiletries.
Cherry made sure she packed what she called essentials for me: make up, curling iron, hairspray and hair ties for the ride. I was starting to do girly things that I hadn't done before. She even loaned me an outfit to wear. She told me that I would be representing SAMCRO by riding with Jaxs and looking the part was important.

The ride was so long and I lost the feeling in my butt miles ago. When we got to the Tribes clubhouse Jaxs wanted to take a walk before going in "Bella before we go in; you may see something's that you don't want to see. Don't ask any questions and stay close by me. If anybody asks you're my old lady that way nobody will mess with you. No matter what I say or do, you need to go along with it. You're gonna see the person that everyone else knows."

When we walked back Bobby was sitting on his bike "What the hell are you doing here?" He took off his helmet "Clay sent me, a change in plans. We are gonna make the Tribe patch over or else Clay says that they will stop existing."

Jaxs was pissed "This is bullshit, this was never part of the deal. This doesn't feel right to me Bobby, they're not strong enough to be SOA and you know it."

Bobby got off his bike "You know we don't make those decisions, Clay does. You've been butting heads with him ever since your boy was born. You've been through a lot of shit and I get it. But, everyone is starting to take notice of the change. If you don't handle it, Clay will, his way. So I guess you need to decide."

Jaxs let out a long sigh "Fine let's get this shit over with." He put his arm around me and whispered in my ear "Remember what I told you."
He was right, inside I saw things that I didn't want to see. There were people shooting up and a girl in the corner going down on a guy like it was normal to so open about it.

Jaxs introduced me around. As we went to set down with one of them at a table he pulled me down on his lap. When their discussion started to get heated Jaxs sent me away from the table "Baby, why don't you go get us some beers." He gave me a long loving kiss and smacked my butt as I went to walk off. I was finding that kind of hot.

I sat the beers down in front of them and he grabbed my hand "Wait for me at the bar, I'm almost done." I watched him be that bad boy outlaw that he was taking about. Nothing like the person I knew. I could understand why women would be fascinated with him and the image, because he appears unobtainable and unstoppable. But images can be deceiving, a deception that I learned about from being with Edward Cullen.

Jaxs was walking over to the bar when a girl dressed in hardly anything, stopped him. She put her arms around his neck "Is there anything that I can do for you baby?" He smiled and was taking her arms down from his neck "Naw, my old lady is over at the bar, thanks anyways."
He walked over and put his arms around me "Let's get out of here; there is something that I want to show you."

He took me to an old bridge that had walls of stone underneath and opened his dad's manuscript. "This is where it all began for him, read this."

First time I read Emma Goldman wasn't

in a book. I was sixteen, hiking near the

Nevada border. The quote was painted

on a wall in red. When I saw those words

it was like someone ripped them from

inside my head.


Stands for liberation of the human mind

from the dominion of religion; the

the liberation of the human body from

the dominion of property; liberation from

shackles and restraint of government.

It stands for social order based on the

free grouping of individuals.

Jaxs went over and wiped off the stone wall. It was still here today, painted in red. We sat under the bridge reading some more of his dad's words and burning a couple of smokes.

When we were walking back to the bike, Jaxs put his arm around me "You did good today Bella, real good. Most women wouldn't handle that as well."

We were finally on our way back home when we passed a group of motorcycles. Jaxs yelled "Shit." I looked back to see the motorcycles turning around. Jaxs took out a cell phone that I had never seen before "I've a tail, were down by the bridge. Hurry the fuck up."

He got off the highway and pulled his motorcycle behind a bunch of huge rocks. He tried to hand me a gun but I didn't take it. He pressed it into my hand "Take the safety off and squeeze the trigger. If anybody comes near you, shoot to kill. Keep your head down." He sat me behind him up against one of the boulders.

I was trying to figure out where the safety was and how to get it off. I held the gun away from me because I was afraid that I would end up shooting myself. Then I accidently pulled the trigger. The bullet ricocheted against the boulder in front of me where Jaxs was.
He turned around and looked at me with a blank stare "Do you think you could fucken try not to shoot me?"

My breathing was irregular and my heart was beating so fast it was hard to speak "Okay, I'll work on that but I was trying not to shot myself." He took the gun away from me.

Bullets were flying everywhere around us. I cover my ears and kept my head down. Then it was silent. I looked up to see Jaxs standing in front of me "Come on Bella, it's over." I got up and he held me in his arms.

A group of men with different SOA patches that I hadn't seen before was there. They were asking Jaxs about the men that chased us down "I don't know who they were; I didn't recognize their patch from what I saw."

They all seemed amazed that I was not a basket case from what just happened. I was scared but, I had been through worse. If they only knew what I could endure when I had to, hanging out with the supernatural will do that to you.

Jaxs was telling them how I almost shot him, of course they all found that funny. At least he could laugh about it now because he wasn't laughing before.

The one named Happy came over to me "Your good for him, you're gonna make a great old lady." I stood there not sure what I was supposed to say. Was I still pretending to be that or did I need to tell him the truth.

We rode back with Bobby and Happy. Jaxs called Gemma when we got back to town. She told him Abel was asleep and not to worry about picking him up until in the morning.

I took a hot shower and was watching TV when Jaxs came in from showering. He was still wrapped in his towel. He walked over to my side of the bed and sat down "Come here Bella." He was taking his T-shirt off me when I stopped him "Jaxs, I have never had sex before."

He kissed me "I kinda thought that. I can't make you promises of us for tomorrow, because I don't have a sense of direction for myself right now. But I can promise that I will always be there for you if you need me."

Jaxs was so slow and loving with every movement he made. Taking his time to kiss and touch me, pleasing me in ways that I never thought were possible. When his cock broke through my barrier I wanted to scream, it hurt so bad.

He stopped moving inside and touched my face "I think I am falling in love with you but, I need time Bella. I need to know this is real." He went for a long time before he came. He rolled me on to his chest and held me the rest of the night.

It was a rainy day today, but in my world it was sunny. I went to the garage to get Abel from Gemma. When I walked in Jaxs came over and kissed me so hard and long. Everybody stopped and watched us "I'll see ya tonight."

Abel had a checkup scheduled for today. When I got off of the hospital elevator I was looking directly into their golden eyes.

I hope you enjoyed reading me.