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Hot Harleys and Cool Vampires

After Edward leaves Bella is sent to live with her Mom. Phil signed on to another baseball team and they end up in Charming, Ca. Bella learns that it's not only vampires that are danegerious when she meets Jackson Teller, Sons of Anarchy, SAMCRO. Jaxs teaches her a lot about real life. The Cullens want back in her life, but Jaxs is a part of that now and things get complicated. They will be in their true forms of bikers and vampires.

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4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4


I was standing there in shock staring into Alice and Jaspers faces. I felt like I couldn't breathe and that I was reliving the last year all over again. Alice came over to me "Bella is that really you? You look different and so grown up." I stood there holding on to Abel's carrier with a death grip. She looked down to him "Is that your baby?" She looked over to Jasper but he never said a word and stood back looking like he was as uncomfortable as I felt. I could tell they were doing a private conversation between each other, just like all the Cullens always use to do when I was around.

I started walking away "I'm sorry I have to go, I am going to be late for his doctor's appointment."

She was following me and was still trying to talk to me "We are going to be in town for a few more days, maybe we could meet for lunch or something to catch up. But, due to the weather, there would only be certain times that I could do that. I have missed you so much Bella."

I turned around and sat the carrier on the floor "Really you have missed me. I don't see how or why you would even say that. You all left me without as much as a good bye, because I meant nothing to you or your family. Not really giving a shit what happened to me or what you left me to face alone. If it wasn't for Jacob, I would have already been finished off because of your kind. I can't thank you enough for just running away and leaving me with a death sentence on my head. I probably do look different, because this is just window dressing that I use to cover up the hell that I went through because of your family. I have survived the last year without you and I don't need you now. So, no I don't want to go to lunch with you and we have nothing to catch up on. I want you and your family to stay the fuck away from me." I picked up Abel and was walking away.

Alice wanted to follow me again but Jasper put his hand on her arm "Alice maybe its best left alone, now is not the time."

When we were sitting there waiting for our turn to see the doctor. I thought about so many things that I had a headache and couldn't think any more. If they were here, Edward probably was too or not far behind.

Jaxs called to see how Abel's checkup went. He kept asking me if something was wrong and if I was okay. I was trying to convince him that everything was great, but he knew different.

When we walked outside the hospital, the rain had stopped. Jaxs was parked by the front entrance, sitting on his bike smoking. He threw his cigarette down "Hey, there are my two favorite people in the world." He kissed me and carried Abel to the car "I thought we could get some lunch together." I really wasn't hungry but I went anyways.

Jaxs kepy looking over at me "Bella, the only way this is gonna work is total disclosure. You're in my head and I need to be able to get in yours. We will work shit out together. So when you're ready to talk about what's going on, come to me. It doesn't matter what it is I will try to help." We pulled up to the restaurant and there was Alice, Jasper and Emmett standing around his Jeep. I guess that she didn't take the huge hint that I gave her that I didn't want to talk to them.

Emmett came up to me and Jaxs "Hey Bella, Jasper and Alice said they saw you and I wanted to see you before we left town." Jaxs seemed a little tense and wrapped his arm around my waist while holding Abel in his other one. Emmett looked Jaxs up and down, and then focused on Abel "Bella, Is the baby yours?"

Before I could answer Jaxs did "Yeah, he is as much hers as he is mine." I looked at him and he had a huge proud smile on his face, which made me feel good that he felt that way about me.

Emmett looked back at Alice and Jasper, another private damn conversation I would assume "We'll I guess we better go, I just wanted to say hi. Maybe I will see you around before we leave."

I needed to put the Cullens behind me. I was going to start now by acting like an adult and not running away like they did. I took a deep breath, I can do this "It was good seeing you again Emmett." He smiled and told me good bye. Then he went back to his Jeep.

We sat down to eat and Jaxs asked about them. I told him the parts of the story that I could. Trying to leaving out the skeletons, that will not be able to come out of my closet, at least for now. He was being so attentive and understanding. He told me that we would work on whatever we needed to together. That I didn't have to see anybody that I didn't want to, he would make sure of it. Even though I know there is nothing he could do to stop a vampire; it was still a sweet gesture.

But when Jaxs asked me if I was still in love with Edward, I couldn't answer the question. A few weeks ago I wouldn't have to think about it, because I would have said yes immediately.

After coming here and being with Jaxs that was slowly changing. I know he was trying to make me feel better, but he was doing more for me than he knew. I can never give him total disclosure on some things but, I will give him as much as I could.

On the way back to the hospital to get his bike, Juice called him. Clay wanted everyone there for church now, no exceptions. I was going to drop Jaxs off at the garage and come back to get him at quitting time. He kissed me good bye "I'll see ya tonight. I…... I gotta go."


Jaxs was the last one to walk in "What's going on?"

Clay took out his cigar "We have a problem with the Tribe. A lot of them went missing in action after your visit. That tag on you and Bella wasn't random. Apparently they were forming a new patch in the quiet before that and no one knew. The new patch is considering the Sons an enemy and wants a piece of our territory."

Jaxs looked at Bobby "I thought that this shit was gonna go bad. I didn't agree with your decision. I went against my gut Clay and followed your lead on it."

Clay was pissed "Followed my lead, you didn't follow me or we won't have this huge problem right now. Because I wouldn't have left them with any options and there wouldn't have been room for the errors. There is a hit out on you and your pretend old lady's head. We still don't know who leaked information. Their trying to make a name right now and taking down JT's Son plus the one he loves is a good fucken way to do that. I never told you to take her down there flaunt her around and play house. Why the fuck would you be introducing her as your old lady on a run anyways? You know the danger that carries."

Jaxs was taken back a little "How do you know there is a hit out on us?"

Clay looked right at Jaxs "Your dads old army buddy Jury, Tribe founder, called and told me. He also talked highly about your old lady and the respect he could see that she shows for ya, the way she handled the tag. But I guess I missed it when Bella actually became yours as I told him. Call him if ya don't believe me."

Happy was addressing business "Okay, who do we need to kill?"

Clay shrugged "I have no fucken idea until we find the leak. We are gonna have to try to flush them out somehow. Plus find the new patch and send them a message or we could have a territory war. This club can't stand anymore hits right now."

They were all tossing around ideas except Jaxs. He was thinking about Bella, he brought her into his fucked up world without meaning to. Now where were things going to go with them? He would have to worry about her and Abel all the time. They were the two things that he couldn't lose.

Jaxs wanted to tell Bella that he loved her when she was getting ready to leave. He was trying to say the words, but he couldn't. He knew more and more that he was falling for her, hard. She had already been in his head and last night he let her in his heart. He wasn't sure if the Cullen boy still had a place in hers.

They discussed sending Jaxs and Bella away or maybe just Bella. But any solution they came up with always led back to the same thing, Jaxs and Bella. When the idea was thrown out of using them as bait to flush out the leak, Jaxs lost it. "You can't be fucken serious. There is no way in hell that I am gonna let her get used and maybe killed. There has to be a better way because this shit isn't gonna happen."

Clay put his cigar down "You need to take your piece of the responsibity for what you played in this. We won't leave her unprotected; the quicker we find the leak the quicker this shit is over. You will do whatever majority rules, is that clear. Don't forget that I'm still the King." After the vote Clay banged the gavel, his words became their justice.

Everybody was going into the bar; Jaxs got up and shut the door "Clay, if you've got something to say, then fucken say it. You've been really strange since Bella brought up her mom."

Clay got up to walk out "Nah, I aint got nothing to say."

Jaxs went and sat back down and lit to toke, trying to calm down. How was he going to tell Bella about everything? He couldn't even make things right in his own head.

Gemma opened the door and stuck her head in "You okay, Bella and Abel are here. Why don't I keep him tonight so that you two can talk?" Jaxs told her thanks and went to face Bella.


Gemma took Abel from me and said he was spending the night at her house. When Jaxs came walking out of their meeting room, he had his head down "Do you want to go for a ride with me? We have some shit we need to work out."

We went to our thinking spot as he calls it. He was distant and hadn't said a word since we left. The silent treatment was killing me "Jaxs why are we here?"

He stood with his back to me on the dock "Bella, I fucked up big time. When I took you on the run and introduced you as my old lady everyone took note of it. When those guys were gunning for us, it was a purposed hit. They want to kill us both to prove their patch. They want to take the Sons down and take over our territory. I should have never taken you there, it's my fault, I should have known better." His words were ringing in my head, running almost parallel to what Edward had told me that night at the baseball field when James had found us.

He turned around to face me "The club wants to use you. They want you to pretend to be my old lady to find the snitch. You're not safe here anymore with me. You don't belong in my world. I am gonna get you killed. I'll get you out here tonight. I'll tell them that you were gone when I woke up."

I felt dizzy and nauseated; I don't belong in his world, he is going to get me killed and he wants me to run away. How is it possible that vampires and bikers could be the living the same goddam life? But I decided today when I saw the Cullens that I was not running away anymore; I didn't want to be like them. I will take life on and deal with shit. That's exactly what I am going to do.

I looked Jaxs in the eyes "I am not leaving; I am not going to live my life on the run anymore. What would I have to do?"

He grabbed both of my arms "You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. Being an old lady is more than just looking the part.. Especially being my old lady. You would have to be able to walk it and convince the world it was true. You don't want to get involved with the SOA, especially not what Clay has turned it into. I'm not sure that I want to be a part of it anymore." He let go of me and took a step back, I think he realized what he had just said. He doesn't want to do it anymore, at least not Clay's way. His dads words have changed him too.

I put my hands on his chest "Then make changes, make it a better and a stronger club. You're Jackson Teller, the son of JT, the only one that can do it. Abel's future depends on it." Tears were coming to his eyes and we stood there holding on to each other.

Lying in bed we talked about all the thing that I was going to have to learn and do. Jaxs and I would be inseparable, everyone need to know that we were together. I was cuddled up on him, rubbing his chest and he was stroking my hair "Bella are you sure that your strong enough to walk by my side, once you start this you can't stop?" If I was strong enough to try to face James the vampire alone, get bit and survive. Strong enough to punch a werewolf in the face, I had to be strong enough to walk by his side.

I looked up at "I think I am."

Jaxs kissed me "It would make things easier and more believable if you actually had feelings for me." I wasn't sure if that was a question or a statement so I didn't say anything. But I do have feeling for him. I was starting to fall in love.

I was getting my first shooting lesson today. I rode with Happy to their shooting range. Half Sac and Cherry came too, he was going to teach me. After an hour of me not really getting any more comfortable with the gun or not hitting anything Happy took over.

He shoved Half Sac "For fuck sakes get the hell out of the way." He took the gun out of my hand "This is not Jaxs dick, you don't jerk it, you squeeze the trigger. Stop being fucken scared of it, the end that you hold can't hurt you. The day might come when you actually want to shoot Jaxs. He's a quick little fucker, don't you want to be able to hit him." He had us all laughing the whole afternoon. But with his help I was actually starting to hit the target.

I finally heard from Renee, she had stopped to visit my Grandma in Kansas. She wanted to spend some time with her mom and wanted to know if I would be upset. Hell I encouraged a long visit. Her flightiness was working to my advantage for once.

Lila and Cherry wanted to change my look but, I didn't. We shopped until we dropped. I got buffed, polished and tweezed. But my hair was what amazed me. I got it cut to flow around my face but, kept my length. I got blond highlights throughout it. They used what they called shine spray to give my hair luster. When I looked in mirror, even I couldn't believe it was me. It changed everything about the way I looked.
I went home cleaned house, had Abel ready for bed and was grilling steaks when Jaxs got there. I met him at the door with a beer. He just looked at me but didn't say anything.

I went into the kitchen to finish dinner. I felt him from behind; he pulled me hard into him "Do you think I can get some love from my old lady tonight?"

I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck "I can make that happen."

I was clearing off the table while Jaxs put Abel to bed. He came into the kitchen "That can wait until tomorrow. Let's go take a shower together."

He pulled my body close to his while we stood under the hot water. Having the water running down our bodies, while I could feel him grow hard against me was making me want him so bad. Pushing my back against the shower wall he started fingering my pussy and kissing me. I was running my hands over his back and down to his ass.

I was moaning I could feel how close to cumming I was. But then he stopped. He held my face in his hands "I want you cum on me. Turn around." I faced the wall.

He had my hips in his hands, what started out being at a slow pace became fast and hard. He was pumping into me while I was cumming and he never stopped. I started screaming his name, I think I was experiencing my first orgasm; it was more intense than when I just came. "That's it Bella tell how me much you like it."

I felt his hand smacking my ass over and over until it started to sting. He was starting to moan and then he pushed me up hard against the wall. He was so far up inside me that I could feel every inch of his cock throbbing as he came. We finished taking our shower and I couldn't wait for the next one that we would take together.

Jaxs and I have started being together all the time. We make appearances everywhere. The only time that I wasn't by his side was at work. Then I would hang out watching and trying to learn their ways. I was trying to use their lingo; I walked around trying to talk shit all the time.

I watched Gemma; she has that way about her of being so confident. She has a don't fuck with me attitude and makes you believe that she means what she says so don't even try her. I am going to have to work really hard on that one.

The more time I spent with Tig the more that I decided Jaxs was right, he was mentally retarded. I did enjoy hanging out with Happy, Juice and Opie we have become close.

The club was going to be giving a party this weekend and had invited two other charters. They called it a trial run for me. They said if I could convince some of their own then I could probably pull it off. I was really nervous but, I had Lila and Cherry, they are both some bad bitches.
Jaxs left early, they were holding church before the other charters got here. He came in, kissed me and told me that I would do great.

My girls Lila and Cherry showed up. We were token and trying to get ready. I put on a very short black silk tank dress with a zipper that went all the way down the front. I kept zipping it all the way up and Lila would unzip it down again to the bottom of my black bra "Bella, you have boobs, show them."

Lila's shoes were really cute, black stilettos that had a zipper that went down the back of them. They looked great with the dress but, I wasn't sure about walking in them. Cherry gave me a little bit of poof to my straight cut hair do and a lot more makeup than I was used to. Although I loved the smoky eyes she gave me, they looked sexy. When I stood before the mirror "Do you guys think that I look like a whore?"

Lila laughed "No Bella, you're just looking hot." We got ready to leave it was time for the show.


The party was going well. Bella was doing a good job of doing what she set out to do until she was challenged.

A sweat butt that was brought here by another charter took a liking to Jaxs. She had decided that no matter what she was going to do the VP. Jaxs kept shoving her away and telling to get the fuck away from him.

Lila told Bella "Your Jackson Tellers old lady and you don't take shit from anybody. You need to go handle your business."

Gemma gave her advice to "You have to educate; to them he is just a free swing dick that comes with a label. When you put her in her place, the others will follow."

Bella went over the bar where the girl stood and told her who she was. The girl looked her up and down, and then rolled her eyes "Yeah, whatever." Then the girl went back to talking to the girl beside her. Bella turned to walk away when she saw Jaxs sitting at the table. He was looking into Bella's eyes. She knew it was time to show him that she was strong enough to walk by his side.

Bella grabbed the girl by her hair and smashed her face twice into the bar as hard as she could. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch. She pulled the girls head back by her hair "Bitch, if you touch my old man again that face of yours will become unrecognizable." Then she let go of the girl.

The girl grabbed a napkin for the blood that was coming from her nose "I'm sorry I didn't know and it won't happen again." Then she went out the door.

All eyes were on Bella. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and did a slow saunter over to Jaxs. She stood behind him where he was sitting then draped her arm around him and was rubbing his chest. Cherry and Lila took their position on each side of Bella. They were standing strong with her, because she had earned their respect as well.

Jaxs put his hand over Bella's on his chest. He knew that he found his Queen that could stand by him in the SOA when he became the King.

Clay on the other hand wasn't pleased with what just happened. He couldn't believe that Bella had agreed to doing any of this. He thought she would pack her bags and leave town just like her mother had so many years ago.

When Clay looked up, Jaxs was staring him down and smiling. Clay knew it was only a matter of time before Jaxs would challenge him for his position at head of the table, especially with Bella by his side.


I was so glad to get home and away from everyone. I was still shaking a little from what I did to that girl. Jaxs was holding me and telling me that he couldn't have handled it better himself.

He wanted to have a couple of days with just me and Abel. We were going to take a break for a few days, after church tomorrow we would leave.

He rolled me on to my back was hovering above me "I love you Bella and what we've got is real, I don't want you to pretend to be my old lady anymore. I want you to be."

He kissed me "Make love to me."

I was up early doing laundry and packing. Jaxs had already left for church. But I heard motorcycles, he must have forgotten something. But when I went to the door it was the same men that tried to gun us down.

I ran for my cell phone and called Jaxs. He told me to lock the door and get the gun he was coming. As I was going down the hallway to Abel's room to get him, three of them burst through the door. One of them grabbed me and threw me to the floor. He lifted my shirt "She doesn't have any ink, are sure that this is her."

The other one came over "That's her; she was the one that was with him on the run." He was at the Tribes Clubhouse the same time we were, I saw him there.

"Look at what we have here." I looked up and the third one had Abel. I went to get up from the floor to get to him when he kicked me hard in my stomach.

After that everything happened so fast that I wasn't sure. There were gun shots and screaming. The gun shots stopped.

A cold hand was on my arm helping me up. I looked up and it was Emmett. His shirt was covered in blood. Abel was being held by him and was unharmed. He gently handed Abel to me "I made sure your baby was safe." He really thinks that Abel is my baby.

Emmett cocked his head "Bella you need to listen to me. Jaxs is almost here and I don't have much time. You can't tell anybody that I was the one that did this." He put the gun in my hand and softly touched my cheek "I used your gun to cover up what I did to them. I will be seeing you again." Then he was gone.

This was going to be one more lie that I was going to have to tell to cover up my truths.


I hope you enjoyed reading me.