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Little Red Riding Hood and One Bad Wolf

After the wolves kill Laurent to save Bella they start to encounter more vampires that are coming to Forks for her. There is not enough of the pack to fight them all. Bella goes on the lam with the last wolf that she would ever expect to protect her. On the run together they find a world of adventure, danger and love.

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2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


I was searching ever where to find my cell phone. I thought I had left it on my bed. I had to get ahold of Jacob to let him know that Paul is trying to kidnap me.

Maybe it slid off the bed. I got down on the floor and was looking under the bed. But there was two feet standing at the doorway. Paul came back for me.

When I stood up he had my cell phone in his hand “Looking for this?” I shook my head no and he crushed it in his hand.

“Bella your five minutes are up. So walk out the door with me or I will make you go.” This guy is crazier than I thought and I have to get away from him somehow.

“I left a letter for Jacob. I told him where I was going to be. So Paul if you take me he will come for me. You know how protective Jacob is of me.” It was all I could come up with. I did leave a letter but I didn’t tell him where I was going.

Paul took my letter out of his back pocket “Are you referring to this letter. Jacob will never know that you planned to runway on your own. I took it after you left. With your truck being parked in the driveway they will be looking for you here not where we are going. I also took the letter that you left on the table for Charlie too.”

“Bella I know that Jacobs cell is on his night stand at home and he is still out on patrol. I just left a message for him that I smelled vampires and followed them here to you. I had to phase back from a wolf to walk around town. So when he comes here he will smell me but he will think that I was here to save you. We will just disappear into the night. No one will come looking for you.” He has put so much thought into his little plan.

I was being taken from my house kicking and screaming by Paul. He had his hand over my mouth and I clamped down as hard as I could with my teeth.

He dropped me to the floor “You bit me you bitch.” I started screaming for help.

He was man handling me and tried to put me in the car. I put my feet against the car frame and was holding on to the car door. He was prying my hands lose “You are so pissing me the fuck off. Get in the fucken car before I hurt you.” I was no match for his strength.

He threw at me my purse and change of clothes that he picked out for me when he got in the car. “I suggest that you sit over there and just be quiet.” He was hot and sweaty at least I made him work at taking me.

We had been driving for I don’t know how long and he never took his eyes off the road. “Can you tell me where we are going?” I thought it was the least he could do.

Paul hesitated “Okay I will tell you who we are going to see but not the location. We are going to my grandma’s house.”

“Wouldn’t your grandma live on the reservation too?” I was sure that Jacob told me that almost all living tribe members live on the reservation.

He rolled his eyes “Not all of my family lives on the reservation. My mother was half Indian and she passed away a long time ago. We are going to see her mother. Do you understand or do you need me to explain it slower to you?”

I was trying to have a civilized conversation with him and decided it wasn’t worth my time. I don’t know why he has to be such an ass.

It finally came to me how to put a stop to this kidnapping from hell. I am going to annoy him until I piss him off enough to phase. Dangerous yes but so is staying with him.

He was singing the same song over and over, Promised Land. “I left my home in Norfolk Virginia. Carolina on my mind. I straddled and rode the Greyhound into Raleigh and on across to Carolina. They won’t let the poor boy down.”

Great he thinks that he is Elvis fucking Presley. I pushed eject on the CD player and started playing with the radio. He looked at me and pushed the CD back in and started playing it again.

We did this a few times until the last time I did it he slapped my hand “Don’t touch my radio.”

I laughed at that because he didn’t say not to touch the CD player. I reached over and popped out the CD “You didn’t say that I couldn’t push the eject button now did you?”

He snapped at me “Are you always this fucken annoying?”

I snapped back at him “Are you?” This went back and forth for a while too.

He was starting to get pissed and that was my goal “Bella why do you always answer a question with a question?”

I smiled “I don’t know. Why do you?”

After an hour of my trying really hard to get on his nerves it worked. Paul was starting to shake and pulled the car over “Bella I swear that if you say one more word I will tie you up and gag you.”

I got out of the car and was ready to watch him phase. I was pouring it on thick “What kind of man are you Paul taking a little girl against her will? I bet that makes you feel like a big man does it? But then again you are not that much of wolf either are you? Jacob is twice the man and pack member that you are. He has always said that you are the weakest of the pack.”

He still hadn’t phased. What the fuck do I have to do to him to get him to do it? I walked closer to him “You wouldn’t dare tie me up you pansy pussy ass wolf.”

He did; I was in the back seat of the car tied up and gagged with his sock. I think it was a dirty sock too. “Ah do you hear that Bella, silence. Why yes I would love to sing to you. Thank you I think that I have a lovely voice too.” He went back to singing that same fucking song twenty more times just for me. Singing it louder than he had sung it before. I so hate him.

We check into some sleazy hotel for the night. Paul wanted to shower, eat and sleep. I guess that I am lucky to get that much from him. But I am grateful that I am not tied up anymore and to get the taste of sock out of my mouth.

When we went into the room it only had one bed “Paul couldn’t you have at least got a room with two beds?” That was really making me nervous.

“Well your royal hineass I would have if they had one. You don’t have worry I would never touch you. You’re not my type and besides I like my women to have curves. You’re as flat as a board.” I can add insulting to the list of things that he is.

I went in to take a shower first. It had a small window and I thought about trying to crawl out of it. I turned on the water in the shower and climbed up on the toilet. It was going to be a tight squeeze even for me but I have nothing to lose.

I got my head, arm and one of my shoulders out. I must have caught my clothes or something because I was stuck in the window with my feet dangling in the air.

I heard Paul laughing “Bella I see that you’re showing your ass again.” Maybe I should have saved this escape route for when there was a bigger window.

“Are you going to help me down?” I was hoping that he could be nice to me just this one time.

He was laughing harder “No.” He went in and turned the TV on. That asshole is going to leave me here.

My legs had already gone to sleep. I decided that it was time to be nice. You can catch more flies with honey is what my grandma use to say to me “Paul can you please come in here and help me get down?”

He was being his usual self “I will help you down if you tell me that I am the biggest, badest and the hottest wolf of the pack. I am not a pansy pussy ass wolf.”

He was paying me back for what I had called him earlier “Paul I think that you are the big bad hot wolf.”

He is going to make this difficult for me “Bella that was a real good start but I want you to say it like you mean it now.”

I knew when I had been beat. “Paul you are so hot that you make my panties feel like they are in a tizzy. You are so much bigger than any of the other wolves in every meaning of the word. You are one bad wolf.”

With one yank he had me out of the window. He was setting me down on the floor and was whispering in my ear “I loved it when you called me a bad wolf. When I’m bad is when I’m so good.”

I took a shower this time and didn’t even think about trying to escape. Paul was nice enough to give me one of his t-shirts to sleep in since I only have one change of clothes.

He grabbed his bag before going in to take a shower and took out a pair of hand cuff. “What in the fuck are you planning to do with those? Paul please don’t I promise that I will be good.”

All my pleading didn’t convince him not to hand cuff me to the bed post. He said it was only until he showered and went to get us some food. He told me that maybe the next time I had time alone that I would not try to escape from him. As he was cuffing my wrist he rubbed his hand over the bruises on my wrist and arm that he had given me.

After he showered he asked me what I wanted to eat. I wasn’t that hungry but he told me it could be a while before we eat again so I told him to get me a burger and fries.

When he was putting his shoes on “I am sorry that I bruised your arms when I put you in the car but you shouldn’t have fought me.” Then he left. That is the nicest thing he has ever said to me. But what did he expect me to do; thank him for kidnapping me.

Paul brought us food and uncuffed me like he promised so that I could eat. We watched TV and I promised him that I would not try to escape in the middle of the night but he didn’t believe me.

I am laying wide awake hand cuffed to the bed post listening to Paul snore louder than he sang to me. I thought about covering his face with a pillow but I was afraid of what he would do to me when he woke up.

Paul woke me up “Fuck, Bella get up we have to get out of here. They tracked us here.” He pulled my hand cuffs a part. The one cuff was still on my wrist.

He picked me up and kicked the wall of the bathroom down. He took off running as fast as he could with me in his arms. I was holding on to him still not know knowing who had tracked us.

It seemed like we had been running for hours when Paul stopped “I think we lost them.”

I still didn’t know what is going on “Who did we lose? When can we go back?”

He sat down on the ground “Vampires were near. I had to get out of there so I didn’t phase and so that they didn’t get to you. We can’t go back there. Your scent is everywhere including in my car. I figure that one of them will wait there for us to come back. It’s a chance that I can’t take.”

I started to cry; Paul got up and put his hand on my shoulder “Bella it will be okay I will figure out something.”

“All I have on is your t-shit and you only have on a pair of boxers. We don’t even have a pair of shoes. We have no money at all and no car. You really want me to believe that it is going to be alright? Do you even know where we are?” He has to be the worse kidnapper that I have ever seen.

He broke the cuff that was still on my wrist and started walking away from me “Your problem is that you are spoiled Bella. This is how I live. No money to speak of and clothing is optional at any given time. I run or walk to almost everywhere I go. So if you want to live start walking with me and I will figure out something.”

I followed behind him and my feet were aching from stepping on all kinds of shit. Paul stopped when we came to a field. It was a farm house that had clothes hanging out on the line.

Paul went up and starting taking clothes off the line. He was stealing their clothes “What are you doing? We can’t just take their clothes.”

He smirked at me “I am only just borrowing them. If it makes you feel better we can leave them a note and tell them thanks.”

The shorts he grabbed for me must have been a little kid’s pair because they were so tight that I could barely breathe. I tied up his t-shirt in a knot in the front so if anymore passed us on the road it wouldn’t look like I didn’t have anything on underneath it.

Paul was hilarious looking. The guy’s jeans that he stole were too short for him. He looked like Stephan Urkel. The flannel shirt he didn’t even bother trying to button up because it was too small for him.

A brand new car was passing us on the dirt road that we were on and stopped. The guy was dressed in a suit and didn’t look like he belonged here. He was looking me up and down and it was giving me chills “Are you folks broke down. I could give you a lift to town if you need it.”

Paul walked up to the car window “Yes my wife and I broke down about two miles down the road; if you could give us a lift to town that would be great.”

Before I knew it Paul had the guy out of the car on the ground and had punched him out “Bella get in the car we have to get out of here.”

Holy shit now we are about committing grand theft auto “No I am not going to jail for stealing a car. There is no way in hell that I am getting in it.”

Paul threw his arms up in the air “For once can’t you just make something easy on me. We don’t have time to have for this argument right now. I am not stealing the fucken car; I am just borrowing it so we can get the fuck out of here before the fucken vampires track us down again. For the love of god get in the fucken car on your own or I will throw your mouthy skinny ass in the trunk.”

We were still driving around on the back country road with no idea where we were at. The car started shaking. Paul let out a long sigh “Shit we have a flat tire. I have to piss. Look in the trunk to see if there is a spare in there.”

He got out of the car and didn’t walk to far from it when he started doing his business. He could have at least made an effort to go a little farther off of the road. But what else do you expect from such a class act.

I popped the trunk “Holy shit. Paul I think you need to come see this.”

He was grumbling “I can’t even take a piss in peace when you’re near me. What the fuck is so important that it can’t wait?”

I yelled “Fine asshole, I will wait until you are done to tell you that there is a dead body in the trunk of the car that you just borrowed.”


I hope that you enjoyed reading me. They are on their way to………grandma’s house.