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When Edward and Bella get back from Italy things have changed. Edward is restricting more and more of what she can do. Bella loses herself. She becomes rebellious Bella. Partying with the wolves, having wild nights out and going to jail. With Peter Whitlock she begins to find herself again. Join them on their journey.

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2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


I stood in the hot water of the shower to let it wash away my fears of executing my plan until I was like a prune. I got out and blew my hair dry and plugged in my curling iron. I even put a light coat of makeup on and for doing it myself, it wasn't bad.

I was thinking of a way to get away from Jasper and Emmett tonight. I know they would not approve any more than Edward would of my being around Jacob.

Someone was knocking on the bedroom door. I opened the door still in my towel and there stood confused looking Jasper with a big white box. "Is that my dinner?" I asked jokingly.

Jasper kept looking down at the floor "No but Alice called and said to give this to you because it was time. Do you know what that she is talking about Bella?"

I shrugged my shoulders "I have no idea but thank you for giving it to me." He smiled and walked away down the hallway. I put the box on the bed and took the lid off. Inside was a note from Alice.


When someone loves you, they love all of you. That means that they know everything bad that there is to know about you but love you anyway.

Go out tonight. Jasper and Emmett will keep you safe. But remember that some lines cannot be uncrossed.

Enjoy the things in the box. YES! You have to wear them. No matter what happens you will always be my sister.



What the hell does that mean? I cannot believe that she would think I would cross a line with Jacob. She is as bad as Edward. Doesn't anyone understand that I love Jake, but not like that? He warms my heart like the sun and has always been there for me. This is more than I can say for myself. I am a crappy friend to him. I have ignored all his calls for over a month now. Maybe, he won't want to see me tonight.

But wait this also means that she knew about my plan to sneak away tonight. It was a plan that was not supposed to include bringing two vampires with me. I would never bet against Alice, she must have seen that everything would be okay. Especially, since she didn't tell Edward about the plan. How can I bring all these guys together without killing one another? How am I going to convince Jacob to spend an evening with what he hates the most?

I pulled my cell phone out of the pocket of my robe and slowly dialed Jacob. He answered excited "Loca, where have you been? Wait your calling me does that mean you finally came to your senses and dumped the dead ass leech?"

I sighed, "Please Jake don't call him that. Tonight I just need to be Bella. If you cannot understand my choices then we need to end this conversation now." That, this is exactly how I need to be talking to Edward. Maybe this is why mine and Jake's relationship works so well.

We are able to be so honest with one another. "Look Jake, I want a night out that is carefree and I can be fun loving Bella. What do you think?"

He laughed "Well you're in luck we are going off the Rez for Emily's birthday tonight. We are going to a bar that her friend owns, that's how were getting in. Except for Brady, Collin, Paul and Leah, they have patrol. Do you want to come along?"

The wheels were turning in my head of how to ask Jake, hey do you care if I bring vampires with me. "How would you feel about my bringing some friend with me tonight?"

Jacob was chipper "Sure the more the merrier. Who are they?"

I gulped "Well its Jasper and Emmett, you know Edward's brothers." Dead Silence! "Jake did I lose you?... Hello…."

My Jacob being the best guy friend that girl could have "Fine if it means that I get to spend some time with you then I will tolerate the leec, them. But don't ask me to be all warm and cozy with them. Besides it is a public place and neutral territory, I can't stop them from being there." He gave me the address and we said our good byes.

I turned back to the box to see what torture Alice had in store for me. There was a pair of expensive black lace panties and matching bra. I felt the cup of the bra and it felt squishy. What the hell is in there? It feels like jelly. I know I don't have a lot of boob but come on.

There was also a cream colored pair of cowboy boots and a matching cowboy hat to the vest that I had already picked out. That little pixie, bless her.


I was standing in front of the window trying to understand all the emotions Bella has had in the past hour. Pondering what was really taking place tonight. All Alice would tell me was let Bella make her own decisions and do not interfere. Keep her safe for me. This has to happen.

But no explanation of why or what the outcome might be. I know it has something to do with Edward but who knows. Well, except for my pixie wife.

Emmett came in and said in funny voice "What's wrong bro? You look like you lost your best friend and well obviously not because here I am." Then he gave me a huge goofy grin.

I asked him because he is closer to Bella than I am "Have you noticed anything different about Bella?"

He scratched his head "Well she has not hurt herself like normal today. I frowned at him. I am trying to have a serious conversation with him. He continued "No, seriously I think she is unhappy with Edward. He just keeps up with more restrictions to what she can and can't do. He treats her like she is a baby. He acts like she is not smart enough to come in out the rain by herself and he has to tell her everything to do. He is just pushing her farther away and I don't think he even realizes it. Maybe we can try to talk to him when he gets home? You know I over herd him and Carlisle arguing about his going with them this weekend. He told Carlisle that you and I were not safe to leave Bella with because you would eat her and because I'm an idiot. Can you believe that he called me an idiot? Anyways, Carlisle told him that was nonsense and Bella enjoyed our company. Basically Carlisle made him go." I cannot believe that everyone thinks of Emmett as a big oaf that does not pay attention. Maybe he is not an idiot after all.

Rubbing my chin and thinking about what Emmett had just said. "Maybe we should try talking to him? Relationships are new to Edward. Perhaps he doesn't realize what he is doing. If he is pushing her away, it will only get worse."

Then Emmett then started pacing the floor like a caged mountain lion. "What's wrong?"

He shook his head "I promised Bella that I would not tell anybody but I think it's important so I'm going to tell you. Bella has not seen Charlie in over a month. Edward will not allow it."

I was confused "You have to be mistaken Emmett. Bella goes home all the time. So how can she not see Charlie?"

He crossed his heart and held up his thumb "Scouts honor. Since Charlie got engaged to Sue, he stays on the reservation with her. Since Bella can't go there, she can't see Charlie. She cries sometime because she misses him so much. The only person she gets to be around other than Edward is our family. But Bella has not stood up to Edward about it."

Bouncing down the stairs in her robe was Bella. Thank god it was a frumpy fuzzy robe, so much better than just her towel. She waved at us and she was very nervous right now "Hey guys, would you guys like to go a party tonight?"

Emmett laughed "Party is my middle name."

She was stammering "Um... well ok… but the thing is… it is with the wolves."

Emmett went to say something but I stopped him. "We would love to be your escorts for the evening Ms. Bella. Where is this wolf party taking place, you know we are not allowed to go on to the reservation?"

She laughed, "I know, it is at a bar that Emily's friend owns that's how we are going to get in. It's on neutral territory and Jacob said he did not mind if I brought you guys."

I had to ask the obvious question "You know if Alice knows that it is only a matter of time until Edward finds out right?"

She laughed devilishly as she went back up the stairs "They will never see a thing and besides I want to be the one who tells Edward that we went out with the wolves."


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