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When Edward and Bella get back from Italy things have changed. Edward is restricting more and more of what she can do. Bella loses herself. She becomes rebellious Bella. Partying with the wolves, having wild nights out and going to jail. With Peter Whitlock she begins to find herself again. Join them on their journey.

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3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


I have been driving for about two days to get to a hole in the wall called Forks. I have been fighting my "I JUST KNOW" gift to go to my brother. I didn't want to have to explain my failures to him or what had been going on with me lately. I had been ignoring his calls for over six months. But, after a week of being on the edge of insanity I decided to stop fighting it and just do it. I still don't know why I am supposed to go there or what will happen when I get there, but here we go.

The only thing I have left is Jasper and my travel companion, Chichi. He is a little Chihuahua that I found almost dead in an alley. Someone had beaten him nearly to death and obviously had been starving him for a long time. They put him in a Wal-Mart bag and threw him in the dumpster. What I would like to do to that human. Show them what is like to be the weaker prey. They say we are cruel as vampires but humans can be crueler. We do what we do to survive and they do it because they want to.

I have been nursing him along for about ten months now. He truly is amazing, not a bit scared of me. Most animals know to fear us and stay as far away as possible. I tried to set him free after he was healthy enough to have a chance at survival. He just sat down on my foot and whimpered. So needless to say we have been traveling around this country with no place to go.

I looked down and next to me asleep was Chichi, my best friend. He was curled up against my leg as I drove. I stroked his head gently "Don't worry little buddy, I won't let them eat you." I thought about how different Jasper and I ended up. I feast on humans and Jasper eats bunnies. I laughed to myself. I bet that's a sight watching a bad ass vampire chasing bunnies and chipmunks around the yard. I came to the end of the drive and took a long deep and unneeded breath. "Well there's no turning back now little buddy." He wagged his tail.

I pulled my black Harley Davidson truck, chromed out of course, in front of the house. I picked up Chichi and put him on the passenger side. "You wait here; I want to make sure that they are not hungry. But I'll come back for you." He just set there with those big puppy eyes and whimpered. "How Adorable."

I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. Jasper opened the door with a look of disbelief. "Peter, it has been so long, why haven't you answered my calls?"

He gave me a man hug and asked me to come in. "It's been to long brother, too long. I have been …." As I walked through the door I froze. The smell was pure heaven. I took in a deep inhale. "Since when do you keep humans?"

Jasper laughed "That's Bella, Edwards's fiancée."

I stood there probably looking like a he told me something so unbelievable. "Wait… What?.. I thought that he was gay."

Emmett walked up and laughed "We all did until Bella came along." He shook my hand and then suddenly clamped down on my shoulders roughly. "Peter if you even think about hurting Bella, I will fucking kill you." He was serious right now and all vampire. Then it was like flipping the light switch he released my shoulders and went back to being fun loving Emmett. "So bro, how the hell have you been?"

I stood there in awe. What would make him protect this human? "Um…fine."

We looked up at the ceiling. It must have been the human pacing and screaming at someone. "You can't tell me what to do Edward. I will go to bed whenever I want to. UH….You. are. such. an. ass. Stop telling me not to use bad words. You know Edward if you do not like what I just said then you are definitely not going to like this. FUCK YOU!" slam went the phone. "I am so going to kick his ass when he gets home. No, I will have Emmett kick his ass for me. Yes that's it, that's what I am going to do."

Then it sounded like skipping across the floor. We all had a laugh at that. I look at Jasper "Well, she seems pleasant."

Jasper explained that they were getting ready to go out and I could come if I wanted. But there would be other humans around. I had already fed far away from Forks so I would be fine. They frown upon feeding anywhere near their little town and they always freak out when I come to visit. The act as though I would be capable of slaughtering the whole town or something.

They told me to make myself comfortable while they cleaned out the jeep so we could take it tonight. I plopped down on the couch and let my mind wander to Charlotte. Damn that woman. She has me all twisted up inside. I try not to think about her. But that's easier said than done. She is honestly the only women I ever loved. I really can't remember if there was anyone when I was human or not. I gave her my everything and she threw it away like the trash. Now, I sit here a pathetic shell of a man. Coming here to do something, but I have no fucken clue what.

I could hear the human coming down the stairs and her scent was more intoxicating the closer she got. I got up to introduce myself. She saw me and her eyes were huge. She took off running back up the stairs. Well, I know I'm not the best looking guy but that was just fucking rude. I shook my head; there is nothing like getting kicked in the dick by a human, no less.

I went to go back to the couch to sit down when she came charging down the stairs yelling at me. "Where are my brothers? What have you done to them? I'll burn your balls off!" I was concentrating on what she had in her hand. OH SHIT!, hairspray and a lighter. This crazy bitch was chasing me around the living room trying to burn my balls. I did what any dignified vampire would do, I ran like hell out the door to get away from her.

I was running like the wind to get away from her when I almost collided with Emmett and Jasper. Emmett kept running but Jasper stopped. "Peter, what happened? Please tell me that you did not hurt Bella."

I threw my hands up in the air. I was totally insulted that he thought I would hurt their human. "I never touched her, that crazy bitch tried to burn my balls off with a hairspray torch."

He grabbed his gut and doubled over laughing his ass off. "You mean to tell me that you were running away from the little human, Bella. We are talking about the same person, right? I can see how the big bad vampire would be scared of a human that weights, oh around a hundred pounds and… is a girl."

I gave him the finger and sternly told him "I could have taken her you know."

He cocked his head "Are you sure?" Then he started laughing even harder. Why don't I just lay down and let them take turns playing kick Peter in the pecker.

Emmett was by our side and looked shaken. "Jasper you need to hurry. I think I killed Bella."

Jasper grew serious quickly "What the hell did you do?"


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