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When Edward and Bella get back from Italy things have changed. Edward is restricting more and more of what she can do. Bella loses herself. She becomes rebellious Bella. Partying with the wolves, having wild nights out and going to jail. With Peter Whitlock she begins to find herself again. Join them on their journey.

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4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4


We ran into the house and there laid Bella with her arms and legs sprawled out and her head shoved in the base cabinet wall of the island/bar in the kitchen. Jasper knelt on one knee and felt her wrist. "She is still alive, she has a pulse and heart beat." He carefully lifted her head and was examining it. "She has a bump on her head but, I think that she will be fine."

I ran my hands down the sides of my face. Thank god she will be alright. I can't believe that I hurt her. I love Bella. She is my baby sister, end of story. To be honest I like Bella more than Edward. But then again who doesn't.

I feel like such an ass right now. But then it came to me. "Hey Jasper is it possible that Bella had that bump on her head before she knocked the hole in the bar?"

He slow stood up with his mouth open. "Geeze Emmett what do you think? Oh never mind. What happened?"

I sat down on the bar stool. "When we heard screaming and yelling, I thought that Peter was hurting Bella. I was trying to get to her and save her. I thought she needed my help so when I came running in, I ran straight into her on accident. She fell and slide about twenty feet across the floor into the kitchen and hit the bar with her head. You know I would never hurt her on purpose." I turned to Peter "So if you weren't hurting her, what happened?" He told me the story of Bella chasing him around the living room with hairspray and lighter trying to burn his balls. That is a high five for my home girl.

Jasper picked Bella up and laid her down easy on the couch. He was trying very hard not to add any more injuries to the list. Peter sat down on the love seat. I was trying not to lose it thinking about Bella chasing Peter. But that does not mean that I'm not going to razz him a little. "Hey Peter, you might not want to sit that close to Bella. She can probably still kick your ass even though she asleep."

He gave me the finger and was trying to wrestle me to the ground. Peter is an awesome and deadly fighter. But I'm bigger and stronger. I finally got him in a head lock and was chanting "Peter the pussy, Peter the pussy."

Jasper said "Enough, Bella is coming to." I rushed over to her side and took her hand in mine as I sat down on the couch beside her. She opened those big brown eyes and sat up quickly.

She was rambling as she hugged me for dear life. "Oh Emmett, there was a vampire, I thought you were dead, Jasper too, he was going to eat me, are you ok?"

As she was examining me to make sure, I took her face in my hands. "Breath Belly, your fine, I'm fine, Jaspers is fine and everything is fine." She took some slow calming deep breaths and then it happened. She spotted Peter and started screaming all over again.


I was trying to send Bella waves of calm and security, but shit, she was hysterical. So I took a more aggressive approach. "Bella, listen to me!" She finally started to relax the death hold she had on my arm. "This is my brother, Peter Whitlock and he means you no harm. I promise that I would never let anyone hurt you."

She was staring at my face trying to let everything process that I just told her. Her face turned as red as a tomato. The embarrassment was rolling off of her. She slowly rose from the couch and started walking towards Peter. His body was tense and ridged. For every step Bella took towards him, he took two backwards until his back hit the wall. "I am so sorry. I saw your red eyes and assumed that you were a nomad. I am really sorry. Normally I don't behave like that."

Peter held up his hands as sign of please do not come any closer to me. "It's fine." Then he headed towards the door. "I need a smoke." There was something definitely off about Peter. But with everything being total chaos since he got here I really hadn't had enough time to pay that much attention. I was going to have to ask him later when we are alone what had been going on.

Bella started up the stairs "I just have to grab a couple of things, and then we can go. I also need some aspirin. I have a splitting head ache."

Emmett piped up "That's because Peter scared you and you fell down."

She shrugged her shoulders "That's funny, I don't remember that. But I do fall down a lot."

I asked Emmett "Why would you tell her that?"

He laughed "Technically Peter did scare her and technically she did fall down. I covered all my bases."
I rolled my eyes. "Technically you are an idiot." This is going to be a long night.

Emmett and I went outside to the porch to wait for Bella. Peter was smoking a cigarette and watching a large rat run around the yard. Emmett jumped off the porch "Dude, you grab it and I'll get a shovel and we'll hit it over the head." Peter scooped up the rat and cradled it into his arms. Wow, I really need to have a long talk with him if is now taking in stray rats. Maybe he is not mentally stable, that makes a lot of sense with what happened in the whole Bella incident.

Pointing back and forth between Emmett and I "If you try to bring harm to him in any way, I will fucken kill you. He is also not on your snack list. Got it." Then he pointed to Emmett "If you come near him with a shovel, I will stick it up your ass. He is my pet."

Emmett looked confused "Dude, you have a pet rat?" Peter sighed "He is not a rat, he is a dog and his name is Chichi."

Bella walked out onto the porch. "Is everyone ready to go? Oh, wait." She pulled out a gold heart shaped locket on a gold chain from her pocket. It looked like an antique and very fragile. "I almost forgot about my secret weapon. But you guys have to promise not to tell anyone."

I was intrigued by this "Tell what Bella?"

She held the clasp open and then clasped it around her neck. "Perhaps, I should give you a demonstration." She started tapping her foot and then held up four fingers. Then three. Then two. Then one. Then she pointed to me and my cell phone started ringing. What the hell?

I checked the caller id, it was Alice. I answered it "Hello Darlin."

She was frantic "Jasper, oh thank god you are okay. Everyone's future just disappeared. But I didn't think that you were with the wolves yet. Are you with the wolves?"

I replied unsure of why Alice would stop seeing the future. "No we have not left yet." She paused "Then why did everyone just disappear like that?"

I looked over at smirking Bella "I don't know why, but we are all fine. Does Edward know about what's going on here?"

She giggled "No I'm hunting with Rosalie right now. But hey, let me talk to Peter."

I handed him my phone "Hello". We all heard it but Bella; Alice and Rosalie were taunting him. "Peter the pussy. Peter the pussy." He very calmly and slowly shut my phone then tossed it on the ground. He walked over to his truck, started it up and drove right the fuck over my phone.

Peter shut the engine off and got out "Would anyone else like to comment?" Emmett and I shook our heads no and Bella stood there without a clue to what was going on.


Emmett grabbed the humans hand "Let's get this show on the road." She was very pretty for a human girl. She had on a pair of tight ass jeans that would have been any cowboys' wet dream. But I'm spoiled meat, ruined wine. Basically I'm no good for anyone, including myself. When you're broken you become your own worst enemy.

Jasper rode with me and the human with Emmett. I pulled my smokes out and offered Jasper one. He took it and lit it up. He only smokes when he is around me because the Cullens frown upon it. Oh hell, let's face it they frown on everything. Jasper had been quiet up until now "So, when are you going to tell me what has been going on with you?"

I knew that this would come sooner or later, but I prefer the later. "Look Jasper, tomorrow, I will answer any questions and tell you what you want to know. But, tonight I want to get drunk and just enjoy the company."

Jasper nodded his head "Fair enough brother, looks like we're here. Hey, don't forget to put in your contacts." I grabbed a pair out of my console and popped them in.

They were waiting for us by the front door. When the door opened I was assaulted by the worst smell ever. I do not even know what to compare it to, a dead skunks ass maybe. But that would be putting the skunk down.

Jasper must have seen the look on my face. "Sorry, if I forgot to mention who we are meeting here. They are the shape shifters/werewolves that you have heard us speak about. Our treaty is with them. Actually one them is Bellas best friend. A couple of the others are related to, well soon will be related to Bella." So she fights vampires by day and runs with the wolves at night. She defiantly is crazier than bat shit just like I thought she was.

There was pack of Indian boys all gathered around the human, what's her name, Bella. They all seemed pretty friendly with her and were taking turns giving her hugs except for one. He was sitting at the table with an Indian girl. He had her protectively wrapped in his arms. She was obviously his mate and he was threatened by our presences.

I found our waitress and pulled $500.00 out of my pocket. She gave me a sexy smile. "What can I do for you honey?"

I pointed to the table and what I will refer to as the boys for now. "I want you to never let their glasses get empty. Everything comes out of this $500.00 first until it is gone. Then come see me and I will give you more money. They are not to pay for food or drink."
She was being cocky "Is there anything else that I can do for you sugar?"

I replied "Yes, bring me five Jack Daniels and five of your best Scotch." She was writing it down "Do you want shots or over ice?" I smirked, "Bottles."

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