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When Edward and Bella get back from Italy things have changed. Edward is restricting more and more of what she can do. Bella loses herself. She becomes rebellious Bella. Partying with the wolves, having wild nights out and going to jail. With Peter Whitlock she begins to find herself again. Join them on their journey.

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5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


I am so glad that I decided to go out tonight. So far they haven't tried to kill each other. They seem to be getting along for the most part but, there is a definite invisible line drawn between the supernatural that neither side was willing to cross. Except for Emmett and Seth. They were getting along as though they were old friends. They have been all over this bar. They were playing video games, pool and irritating everyone with Seth's camcorder.

When I look at Seth, all I see is a young warm gentle soul. I cannot picture Seth ever being able to hurt someone. He is officially going to be my brother in about two months. Charlie and Sue are getting married. That brought a smile to my face.

Charlie after all these years is finally moving on. He was still in love with my mother, why I do not know. He carries his old wedding ring in his wallet and still keeps all the wedding pictures of him and my mom on displayed. When I asked him about his ring he said he never got around to throwing the damn thing away. But I knew better. But, maybe now that will change since he has Sue.

Sue is so wonderful to him. If anybody deserves to loved it is Charlie. He also deserves a supportive and caring daughter too. Which, I have not been to him lately. I am a shitty friend to Jake, horrible daughter to Charlie and a selfish fiancée to Edward. I only thought about what I wanted tonight and did not stop to consider Edwards feelings. I closed my eyes, tomorrow is going to be a bad day when Edward gets home.

Jacob nudged me "What are you drinking?" I gave him a funny look, all I have had is coke. Unlike the pack and vampires, most of them are already loaded. Jaspers brother made some major brownie points with them by paying for all the food they could eat and the booze they could drink. The last I total I heard was $1300.00.

I looked down and there was a pretty colored drink being sat in front of me. The waitress went to walk away. "Excuse me, I didn't order this."

She gestured towards Jaspers brother. "He ordered it for you, it's a Screaming Orgasm." I can't believe after how I treated him, he is being so nice to me. I looked over to him and really noticed him for the first time tonight. All vampires are beautiful but, he is a handsome beautiful in a manly way. His skin was also not as pale as the others. He has the prettiest blond highlights in his dirty blond hair that comes down to the back of his neck. He also has facial hair which is unusual.

When he looked over at me, I smiled and told him "Thank you." With a smirky grin he said "Jasper said you had never had one before. I want to be the first to give you one." I turned and looked away. Great he was not being nice at all. He just wanted to make fun of me. The pack started with their wolf whistles and their signature whoops.

Emmett of course was not going to let it go. "So Bella was it good for you?"

Quill chimed in "Yeah Bella, I had you pictured as a screamer."

Jake could not resist getting in a dig "We all know that's more than Gayward could do."

Emmett stood up and walked over to Jake. "What did you say about my brother?"

Jake stood up and was almost nose to nose with Emmett. The pack was all up on their feet. Jasper and his brother had Emmett's back. Jasper pushed my chair to the other side of the table by Emily. They were all ready to throw down. Jake repeated himself "I said we all know that's more than Gayward could do."

Emmett let out a huge loud laugh. "That's fucking hilarious, Gayward. Got anymore?"

After two or seven of those little drinks I was feeling tingly all over. I went to stand up and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Jacob grabbed a hold of me. "Whoa wobbles, are you okay?"

I shook my head yes. "I think I need some air." Jacob helped me outside and went to help me sit on the ground; I think he was trying to keepme from hurting myself. I wanted to start righting my wrongs. I decided tonight that I have some making up to do with Jacob, Charlie and Edward. "Hey Jake?"

As he sat down beside me. "Yeah Bells."

I wanted him to know that I was really sorry. "I really have missed you. I am sorry that I didn't return your calls. You have always been there for me no matter how badly I have treated you and I have never told you that I truly appreciate you."

He smiled "Bells, I will always love you even though I know you don't feel the same way. I love all of you even when you're drunk and rambling on." I gasped, Alice's letter. Is this what she meant? Do I have feelings for Jacob? I am so confused.

I have to get my head clear and try to sober up. "Hey Jake, will you get me some water?"

He got up "Sure, I'll be right back." He passed Jaspers and his brother Piper, I think. Jake asked them "Will you keep an eye on her? I'm going to go get her some water. She's a little tipsy."

Tipsy, the ground was ah spinning. Jasper said "Sure."


Bella was leaning over holding on to the ground. Peter pulled out a cigarette. Bella looked up. "Hey, can I bum one of those? I left mine inside." Did she say she left hers inside? Since when does she smoke?

Peter bent down and gave her one. She put it in her month and then took it back out. "I forgot my lighter, can I use yours?"

His body was tense "I will light it for you." I snickered at this. There was no way in hell that he was going to give that to her.

After chasing the flame around, she finally got it lit. "Thanks Piper."

Peter sighed "It's Peter."

Bella giggled "That's what I said."

Peter whispered under his breath "Huh, crazy and retarded."

I went to tell him that she was just drunk, when Jacob came back with her water. She threw the cigarette on the ground and gulped it down. "I have to pee." Jacob helped her up and back inside.

We went back over to the table and Emily was gathering her birthday stuff. Sam stood up "Ok guys, it's time to go." They all started in with the, it's still early, do we have to go and we can get home by ourselves.

Sam was torn between letting them stay and be kids for once; to if they stay there will only be trouble. "Jake."

He answered Sam "Yes."

In Sam's authority voice "If they stay, they are your responsibility. You will have to watch over them, especially Seth. If anything happens I am holding you responsible and it will be your ass. Do you understand?"

Jacob replied "Sure, no problem."

Emily hugged Bella good bye. Over his shoulder as they walked away "Remember Jake, it's your ass."

Sam and Emily no more made it out the door when Quill said "I think it's time we introduce the vamps to the circle of trust." I am not sure what this circle thing is. But, they were all excited about it even Bella. Embry told us to grab all the booze we could carry.

We followed them out of the bar to the woods in the back. Emmett came bouncing up to us "Do you guys get a deliverance feel to this?"

Peter handled this one "Why Emmett do you have personal experience with it?"

Emmett stomped off like a little kid "NO."

The Wolves stopped. They were taking seats on logs, rocks and the ground forming a circle except Bella. Jacob had leaned her up against a bolder, I think that was to stable her.

Emmett sat down by Seth "Hey man, are you guys going to scarf ice some chickens or something?"

Seth laughed "No man, this is a healing ceremony."

Emmett shook his head "That's cool; I've never seen one before."

Bella raised her arms as high as she could. "Great sprits we come to you tonight and we have invited guest. Do you take a vowel of silence?"

The pack let out a WHOOP! and took a shot.

All eyes were on us. So we Whooped and took a shot. Bella continued "We ask that you watch out for the pack and over their families to keep them safe." WHOOP! took a shot. "The Swan family." WHOOP! took a shot. "The Cullen family." WHOOP! took a shot. "Piper."WHOOP! took a shot. All except Peter he was mesmerized by Bella. I don't think he even realized that she called him Piper again.

She lowered her arms to her side and looked over at Quill. "Light that bitch up." Healing ceremony my ass. They're going to get stoned. Since when does Bella smoke weed?

I'm not sure that we got as much effect as they did from token but, we gave it our damnest try. Emmett went to the middle of the circle. Mimicking Bella, he raised his arms to the sky. "Oh great puppies in the sky, we invite you to a game of Truth or Dare, Cullen style. If you're with me say perky titts."

We all yelled "PERKY TITTS!" and took a shot.

He began to explain the rules. "The first rule is to try not to do anything that would injure, wound or kill Bella. The second rules is, nobody can go to jail under any circumstances. The last time that this happened; Carlisle threatened my family jewels. The last rule, if you fail to complete your mission of dare, the person that gave it to you gets to decide your punishment. Who wants to go first?"

Bella was sitting on a log by Jared. Her eyes were glazed over and she was bouncing up and down. "Oh, Oh, Oh, pick me." She was stoned out of her mind.

Emmett pointed to Bella "Ok Belly who do you pick?"

She pointed back to Emmett. "I pick you. Truth or Dare?"

Emmett laughed, "Do you even have to ask, dare."

She thought about it. "I dare you to go to a gay bar, sing to the gay guys and collect five guys' phone numbers. But, the phone numbers don't count unless you slow dance with them or they spank you."

Emmett shook his head no. "I'm not doing that. It goes against every rule of being a dude."

Peter chanted "Emmett the pussy. Emmett the pussy." Emmett surrendered "Fine, but remember Bella, that pay backs are a bitch."

We were dividing up getting ready to go watch Emmett complete his dare. Emmett's jeep was full of Wolves. He was going over the rules of the road so to speak. "There will be no peeing on, in or around my jeep. There will be no hurling. If you even think about sniffing my butt, I will smack your nose." The pack was laughing at this.

To watch this was fascinating. If someone told me that we would be getting drunk, stoned and really having a good time with the wolves, I would have told them they were nuts. Emmett pulled up beside me "Bro, you ridden with us?"

I looked over to Peter's truck. Seth was lifting Bella into the front seat and buckling her in. Peter was letting his dog run around. "I'll ride with them, we will see you there."

He waved his hand around" These guys are hungry; we are going to get them some puppy chow." I think it is more like a severe case of the munchies.


I was letting Chichi do his business. I was trying to be playful with Bella in the bar and she just blew me off. Repaid me by not remembering what my name was. I don't have that much experience with humans, except dinner time of course.

I was so lost in my thoughts of Bella that I didn't realize Chichi had wondered off to the park across the street until he yelped. There were about fifteen guys gathered around their motorcycles. The fat one had Chichi by the neck. I started to growl. My venom was coming fast and hard. They fucked with the wrong dog.

Jasper was at my side. "Peter don't do anything stupid, there are witnesses."

I was taking long strides to get to him. "Then I suggest Major that you help me get him back. If they hurt him, I promise nothing." I was in soldier mode right now. Defend, kill and survive. They always don't happen in that order either.

The one holding Chichi spoke "Is this your flea bag?"

I just shook my head yes. He laughed "He bit me!"

I was trying so hard right now not to kill all of them where they stood. Jasper was trying to calm me and it was not working. "I don't believe that, he knows better than to put shit in this mouth."

They didn't seem to like that much. Two of them came walking up to me and Jasper. "Do you know who your fucken with boy?" He rolled up his sleeve, showed me his tattoo and slapped his bicep. "Southside Black Knights!"

So I rolled up my sleeve, showed him no tattoo and slapped my bicep. "Northside Big Cocks. Let's get it on."

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