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Living as a Cullen

Carlisle and Esme Cullen are twenty seven and have twin tornadoes who just hit the terrible two's. Their best friends are the neightbor's across the street, the masen's who have two kids. This is the story of themselves and their kids growing up.


1. 1: Terrible twos

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My name is Esme Ann Cullen. I'm a 27 year old interior designer. I'm married to Carlisle Cullen, a 27 year old surgeon. Two years ago we had twins. Usually this would be twice the love and effection. Well, not with our twins Bella and Emmett. Not only do we have twin tornadoes, but they've just hit the terrible two's. Thank god our neighbors also have twins.

" Momma! Daddy! Can we go to da park!", Bella runs around the corner. I chuckle as she trips. She's a naturally clumsy little girl. Bella is the younger twin. She has fair pale skin, wavy mohagany waist length hair and chocolate brown eyes with hints of blue around them. Her brother, Emmett is a beast. He's huge, he has curly brown hair and blue eyes. The twins were born four weeks premature, but Emmett weighed nine pounds six ounces when he was born. Bella, only weighed four pounds exactly. Bella had to stay in the hospital two extra days. Together the twins are hyper, and some people even call them spawns of the devil.

" Alright, go get your clothes, and tell Emmy to get his and I'll help you get dressed.", I smoothed her hair back. She nodded then took off again, yelling for her brother. The twins run in and hand me their clothes. Emmett hands me his spider man shirt and dark demin jeans with his red and blue van shoes. Bella hands me her spider girl shirt and black skinny jeans with her blue vans.

The twins like to match eachother.

" Me and Bewwy are duperhewos.", Emmett tells me.

" Really? Well, I guess I finally have someone to save me when daddy is at work.",I laughed and helped Bella put on her shirt. Bella was a major daddy's girl, while Emmett was a mojor mommy's boy. Bella had carlisle wrapped around her finger, while I was wrapped around Emmetts.

" Mommy, where's daddy?", Bella asked.

" Daddy is being a superhero right now. He's saving people's lives at the hospital.", I told her.

" Can we go see daddy after da pawk?", She asked sweetly.

" Sure, we'll even bring him ice cream. How's that sound?", I kissed the top of her head.

" Do I's get ice cweam?", she asked.

" If you and Emmett are good, then yes. But you both have to be good.", I said seriously.

" Emmy, you's betta be gwood!", Bella warned. It was so funny, she looked like an angry little kitten.

We headed to the park and found our neighbors there. They had f a set of twinsTheir children were their twins Rosalie and Edward.

" Elizabeth! What a suprise to see you here.", We sat on a bench and talked. We looked towards the playground and saw Bella and Edward sitting on the swings talking.

" Ten bucks says they end up falling in love and getting married.", Elizabeth challenges.

" Yes, I think they'll realize it propably..... Put me down for twenty that they fall in love at age seventeen.", I challenge right back.

" Fine, I've got twenty on age fifteen.", Elizabeth bets. Emmett has already told us he was gonna grow up and marry his Rosie.


I'm sitting in my office when there's a knock on the door. I tell them they may enter and I'm attacked by the twins.

" Daddy, we broughts you ice cweam!", Bella squeals. The only thing Bella loves more than Ice cream is me and Edward Masen.

" Really? Well, I was hoping for some Ice cream today.", I kissed the top of my daughter's head as she settled in my lap. The twins had always been hyper, but I could alway's calm bella down, just as Esme could always calm down Emmett.

" I sawded Edard todays.", she stated. She had chocolate ice cream all over her face.

" Did you two have fun?", I give her a bite of my ice cream. She nodds her head eats some more of hers. I give it until age seventeen to figure out they're in love.....