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Living as a Cullen

Carlisle and Esme Cullen are twenty seven and have twin tornadoes who just hit the terrible two's. Their best friends are the neightbor's across the street, the masen's who have two kids. This is the story of themselves and their kids growing up.


4. 4: Teen it up

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Esme's POV

Finally! Carlisle and I had been trying for another baby for three years and finally I'm pregnant! We're gonna tell the kids on their birthday. I was three and a half months along, the kids were turning 13.


I know it was wrong but I had to eavesdrop on Bella and Edward.

" Bella, I know we're best friends but maybe we should kiss. I mean, so we have experience in that field, so we don't seem like idiots when we have a girlfriend or boyfriend.", Edward suggested.

" I guess you're right, I don't want to be an idiot. Alright on a count of three, let's just kiss eachother. 1... 2... 3...", all of the sudden there are two ' ow's!" through the door.

" I think we did that wrong, want to try again?", Edward asked.

" Ya, you tilt your head this way, I'll tilt mine this way. Remeber, the girl goes in ten percent the boy goes in ninety percent, I saw that on a movie. So..1...2..3", this time there was no ow, or even a thud.

" Wow, I can see why all the teenagers like kissing.", Edward mused. Bella laughed and I ran down the stairs to tell Elizabeth before the party. We are both squeeling as the kids come down the stairs.

It was now time to blow out the candles and open presents. Emmett shoved Bella's face in her cake. Bella threw ice cream into Emmett's hair. Both kids were laughing and eating the food off themselves. After all the presents were opened Carlisle and I decided it was time to tell them about the baby. We stood up.

" Kids, we have one more present.", I announced. Bella and Emmett looked up at us.

" Your mother and I are going to be having another baby in six months.", Carlisle was beaming. The smile fell off the kids' faces.

" What?", Bella asked.

" You're gonna be a big sister!", I announced still smiling

" I... I left.... I'll be back.", She grabbed her cake and headed outside. Emmett looked like he was in shock.

" Wow, um.... Congradulations I guess.", Emmett sighed. ", I'm gonna go and see if Bella... I'm gonna go see bells.", He got up and walked towards where Bella was.

Two months later...

We're in the doctor's office waiting to get called in to see if the baby is a boy or girl. Emmett has warmed up to the idea of a baby, but Bella barely talks anymore. I always find her in her room looking at Carlisle's old medical books.

" Mrs. Cullen.", The nurse called. Carlisle and I got up and made our way back into the room. I pulled my shirt up and the sonagram technition came in. She squirted the jelly substance on my stomach and put the wand to my stomach.

" Well, here's the head, the hands, the feet and the spine. That right there, is your little girl.", The nurse smiled at us. She printed out photos. Carlisle was exstatic because he was getting another daddy's girl. We got into the house and Rose and Edward were there on the couch with Emmett and Bella.

" Bella, we should go shopping! I need a knew purse for school.", Rose said excitedly. We called the kids into the kitchen and got them fed. We were all sitting at the dining room table when carlisle stood up.

" Kids, as you know, we went to the doctor to find out the sex of the baby. As it seems, you are getting a little baby sister.", He put his hands on my stomach and smiled. Rose and Edward's parents called them home. Bella didn't say anything she just walked up the stairs and shut her door. The look on Emmett's face said he knew why.

" Tell us Em.", I demanded.

" She tried asking you if she could go out on a date with Tyler Crowley this morning, but you were too busy getting ready for your doctor's appointment to listen to her. Then you come home, and announce it's a girl and dad gets all glowy and shit. Bella knows her time as daddy's girl is just about up. Plus, you were too busy to actually talk to Bella this morning.", He sighed, got up and walked up the stairs.


" Alice Mary Cullen.", Carlisle was holding our knew daughter in his arms. His face was lit up with a huge grin. Emmett and Bella had already been by. Bella said she was too scared to hold the baby but I knew the real reason. She thought she was losing her dad..