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Living as a Cullen

Carlisle and Esme Cullen are twenty seven and have twin tornadoes who just hit the terrible two's. Their best friends are the neightbor's across the street, the masen's who have two kids. This is the story of themselves and their kids growing up.


5. 5: She blows up

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Bella's POV

I'm eighteen, I'm in senior year and my parents won't listen long enough to me to tell them about my plans. Ever since I was four I wanted to be like my dad. I wanted to be a doctor, but a pediatric surgeon. The only thing is, my parents won't even help me decide which schools to apply to. They also don't know I'm dating Edward Masen, and I have been for two years. Alice is four and always has their attention. She comes home talking about her boyfriend, Jasper Whitlock and all the attention is on her. I walk into my house with Edward and Alice runs into me, luckily Edward catches me.

" Bella! Let's play a game!", she squeeled. I sighed. All I wanted to do is go upstairs and make out with my boyfriend. He sighs too cause that means he's not gettin' any if I have to play with her.

" Alright, let's play hide and seek. Edward and I will hide, and you seek us. Count to fiftty alright.", she nodds her head, closes her eyes and starts counting. We get to my bedroom and I lock the door behind us before attacking his lips. We make our way over to the bed and start a make out session.


I walk into the kitchen and find Bella's purse and Alice sitting on the stool crying.

" Ali, sweety what's wrong?", I aske worridly

" Bella and Edward said they would play hide and seek with me, but Bella was mean and hid in her room with Edward and locked the door so I couldn't get in.", she cried. Bella? Edward? Bella's room? HELL NO! They weren't even dating. I picked alice up and went to bella's room.

" I love you Bella.", I heard a breathless Edward say.

" I love you too.", her breath was also labored. I unlocked the door and just stared at them. Edward's hand was halfway up her shirt, and his lips were on her neck while her hand was trying to unbutton his pants.

" D-Dad, it's not what it loo-", I cut her off.

" What the hell Bella? When did you and edward even start dating? Edward I think it's time for you to go home.", I growled. Esme heard my yelling and ran upstairs. Emmett passed and I swear I heard him say, ' This wouldn't have happened if you listen to her once in awhile.'.

Edward had left and we were having a family meeting in the living room. Right before I started talking there was a knock on the door. Bella got up and answered it, two seconds later she ran to Emmett.

" Emmett! I got a letter!", she jumped up and down. I knew just from the envelope what it was.

" OPEN IT!", He was all excited too.

" Dear Miss Cullen, we are pleased to inform you, you have been accepted into the pre medical and medical program here at dartmouth university. Please contact us as soon as possible for further information!", Emmett pulled bella into a hug.

" I can't believe it! I'm so proud of you.", he hugged her tighter. I didn't know what to do. She never talked to us about college, or even what she wanted to study.

" Why didn't you talk to us about college?", my wife asked quietly.

" I tried, you were always too busy.", Bella had tears in her eyes. Bella never cried anymore, she hadn't cried since she was thirteen.

" What about Edward? What's going on with him?", I demanded.

" We've been dating for the past two years. Again, you would never listen.", she shot back.

" Don't blame this all on us Isabella.", I growled.

" Why not! I could never talk to you since you found out Alice was going to be born! You want me to talk? Fine! I want to be a doctor because I wanted to be like my dad. Last year I had a pregnancy scare! Hmmm, I've got acceptances from harvard, yale, dartmouth, princton and UW. I've smoked weed at almost every party I've gone too. That weekend I said I was going with Rose and Angela to seattle for a concert, I was with Edward at a hotel.Oh, and two nights ago, Edward proposed. I said yes, he didn't ask you because he knew talking to you would do nothing seeing as you don't even care about me anymore.", her face was streamed with tears. Esme was crying too.

" Bella...", was all Esme could say. Edward must have heard the yelling because he ran inside.

" Bella! Are you alright? Why are you crying? Emmett, what happened?", Edward was wiping the tears off her cheek. Alice was on my lap holding onto my shirt.

" Let's get out of here, I don't want to deal with this anymore.", She took Edward's hand and pulled him out of the house.

" Did you know, Bella is valedictorian?", Emmett asked quietly. My head snapped up.

" S-she is?", I asked astounded.

" Ya, she thought if she got really great grades, you would pay more attention to her. She also tried talking to you about colleges, I was there when she tried. She also tried telling you when she thought she was pregnant. She even came to the hospital when dad was working, she was trying to get caught, just so she could talk to you.", Emmett admitted.

" Is there something your not telling us.", I asked and Emmett looked guilty.

" Last year, when Bella came home with all the scratches and bruises, it's not because she fell down on the sidewalk. She was mugged when her and Edward went to the movies. She begged him not to tell you or his parents.", he looked away and I saw he was crying.

" Oh my...", esme sobbed. I looked at the clock, it was 5 pm.

" Daddy, you promised to get me ice cream.", Alice pointed out. I nodded and we stood up. I just started remebering things from Bella's childhood.


" Daddy, when I grows up, I wanna be a superhero, like you.", a little four year old Bella laughed.

" Really? Well, why?", I asked.

" Cause, you love me, and you never forget abouts me. And cause you gets to help peoples gets betters.", she blushed.

End Flashback:

" Um dad, can we talk?", A seventeen year old Bella asked cautiously.

" Su-"- I was cut off by alice.

" Dadda! Dadda! Pawk! Pway!", She giggled.

" You want to go to the park to play?", I kissed her cheek. She nodded.

" Dad, I really really nee-", I cut bella off.

" We will talk later I'm gonna take alice to the park.

End flashback


" Daddy, am I you favorite little girl?", Bella who was seven asked.

" Yes,", I laughed.

" You aren't going to forget about me are you?", she furrowed her brows.

" No! why would you say something like that?", I asked incredously.

" Well, my friend Angela says that you might want another baby and if you have another baby you're going to forget all about me.", Bella had tears in her eyes.

" You are my little pop princess, I could never forget about you. I promise.", looks like I broke that promise.

End flashbcack