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Living as a Cullen

Carlisle and Esme Cullen are twenty seven and have twin tornadoes who just hit the terrible two's. Their best friends are the neightbor's across the street, the masen's who have two kids. This is the story of themselves and their kids growing up.


6. 6: Trying to Understand

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Bella's POV

I was laying with Edward in his bed. It's been two days since the big blowup and I haven't gone home yet.

" You know, we're eighteen.", Edward randomly said. I laughed.

" Ya, I know. Why?", I asked curiously.

" We both have cars, and we both got jobs so we've both got money. Why don't we pack up a suitcase and head to vegas. We'll elope, and no one can tell us what to do.", He suggested.

" How long would we be gone?", I ran my hand up his abs.

" A week probably.", He answered.

" Are you being absolutly serious?", I raised a brow. He nodded and kissed me deeply and passionetly.

" Let's do it.", I whispered." But, let's tell your parents. Not mine, they'd try and stop us.", I kissed his neck.

" Alright, I'll tell my mom, you run across the street and pack a bag. Wait! What if we invite Em, he can come up with an excuse as to where we're going.", He suggested. I thought about it and agreed.

I ran into my house and up to Emmett's room. He was sitting on his bed looking at the ceiling.

" Emmett, I need to tell you something.", I sat down with him.

" Bells! Thank god your home. What is it?"

" Edward and I are heading to Vegas tonight, we're gonna be there a week and we're gonna get married. We want you to come with us. Edward is telling his parents what's going on, but I' m not telling mom and dad. They wouldn't care anyways.", I admitted.


I walked up the stairs and and stopped outside of Emmett's room when I thought I heard Bella's voice.

" Edward and I are heading to Vegas tonight. We're gonna be there a week and we're gonna get married. Ww want you to come with us. Edward is telling his parents what's going on, but I' m not telling mom and dad. They wouldn't care anyways.", Bella said quickly.

" Who's all going?", Em asked.

" Me, Edward, maybe rose and if you agree you. We just need a cover story to tell mom and dad.", Bella had this all figured out.

" Don't you think dad might want to walk you down the aisle?", he questioned.

" Dad? Em, he's probably out playing with Alice right now. He probably hasn't even thought about me since I left two days ago Jesus, he probably wouldn't even have talked to me if he hadn't walked in on me and Edward. So why would he want to walk me down the aisle?", Her words hurt, but I'm sure I hurt her worse.

" Bella, Alice is a kid. She doesn't understand that you want to spend time with our parents too.", Emmett reasoned.

" Look, I am going to Vegas with Edward. If you're going to go, pack a bag and I'll meet you downstairs in ten minutes. If not, I'll see you in a week.", Before Bella could catch me I hid, when she went to her room I walked into Emmett's.

" Dad?", he asked.

" Emmett, you have to go with her.", I told him.

" You do know you screwed this up right? You promised you wouldn't forget her. I mean, you didn't even tell us you were trying for a baby. We were thirteen. We're thirteen years older than our sister. You didn't even ask us what we thought of adding a member to the family. Last year, Bella was so scared when she had that scare. All she thought about was how to tell you, and you blew her off.", Emmett got up and grabbed a duffle bag. He started putting clothes into it.

" Emmett, I know I messed up. But I can't take it back.", I sighed and ran a hand over my face.

" That's your problem. I mean, you were all happy you were getting a daddy's girl, that you didn't think about the one you already had. It broke Bella's heart. She had no one to talk to anymore. I'm her brother, yeah I can help take care of her, but there comes a time when she wants you and I can't help with that. Bella's probably downstairs, I gotta get going. Don't want to miss my own family's wedding.", He brushed past me and ran down the stairs. I walked into my bedroom.

" Esme, Bella and Edward are going to vegas.", I stated simply. She drops her book and turns in my direction.

" What! Why?"

" They are going to get married, they told edward's parents and invited Em and Rose.", I felt a tear fall down my face.

" Well, why the hell aren't we on a plane to our daughters wedding?", she asked astoundedly.

" Alice is sleeping and..", I trailed off.

" Us always focusing on Alice is what got us here in the first place. Go wake her up, help her pack her bag and I'll pack ours. You call Emmett and find out where the wedding is and to stall it so we can be there.", She demanded and pushed me towards Alice's room. When I got in there she looked so peacefull sleeping.

" Alice you need to wake up. We're going to take a trip.", I said, shaking her awake.

" No daddy!", she pushed my hand away.

"Yes, wake up now. We're going to Las Vegas. We're going to go see your sister get married.", I picked her up and set her on her feet. We packed and got everything sorted with Emmett. Two hours later we were all on a plane.

We got to the chapel just in time. Emmett was outside talking to Bella.

" Bella, I can't walk you down the aisle. That's dad's job.", he pointed to me. Bella turned around and her mouth dropped.

" Edward and I are getting married. You aren't going to stop us.", she said with finality.

" I know, I wish youd wait a year or two. But I trust Edward. I trust him to always take care of you.", I pulled her arm through mine and we walked down the aisle. Once the i do's were done we all went to a resturaunt. Edward hadn't stopped smiling since he saw Bella. I hoped that was the way it always was.