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Living as a Cullen

Carlisle and Esme Cullen are twenty seven and have twin tornadoes who just hit the terrible two's. Their best friends are the neightbor's across the street, the masen's who have two kids. This is the story of themselves and their kids growing up.


7. 7: Living Life

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Carlisle's POV

Bella and Edward lived in California for College after they got married. They didn't come home much, but still kept in touch. Today is Alice's 9th birthday, yep that's right it's been five years since my Oldest daughter got married and just last year my son got married. The only bad part about today is that it's Thanksgiving and Alice's birthday. Bella and Edward are coming home and we're celebrating with the Masens. Alice said she wants the day to be all about her but I think she needs to calm down a bit.

I was at the airport picking up Edward and Bella with Emmett. When we saw them Edward had his arm around Bella and he looked paranoid.

" Are you sure it was ok to be on a plane? It's not gonna make you sick or anything?", Edward was all shaky.

" Edward, I'm not invalid. I'm fine, it was just an airplane.", she chuckled. I had seen him protective of Bella but this just was ridicoulus.

" Dad! Emmy!", She ran forward and hugged us. She looked different, she had a....glow to her skin. Maybe she put on special lotion.

" Baby Bells! Bellarina! Bella boo! Eddie boy!", Emmett made a fool of himself. Edward opened the car door for Bella and she slid in while Edward put the suitcases in the trunk. We started our drive home and talked about how things were going. When we got home, again Edward opened Bella's door and got the suitcases. She tried carrying one and he freaked out.

" No! It's ok, go say hi to the family. I'll get this.", he kissed her cheek. She shook her head and mumbled something about an ' overprotective fool '.

" Bella! Oh my baby!", Esme pulled her into a tight hug. I think Bella was cold because she was wearing a sweatshirt, Edward's UCLA sweatshirt. Speaking of Edward he just walked in.

We were all at the dinner table at dinner time eating and we decided on some wine.

" Edward, Bella? Beer or wine?", Elizabeth asked.

" No thanks.", Bella declined. It was weird, ever since she was eighteen she loved drinking wine or beer.

" Um, ya-no. I'm good.", Edward smiled.

" So, how's life in California?", Edward sr. asked.

" Um it's good, right now we're packing though.", Bella smiled secretivly.

" What? Why?", Elizabeth asked.

" Because we bought a house here in forks. The apartment only had one bedroom and we needed more space. The new place we got is a four bedroom three bathroom two story house with a huge back yard.", Edward replied.

" Why do you need that much space? Are you getting a puppy or something?", Emmett asked. Bella chuckled.

" Well, we were going to wait until tomorrow to tell you but everybody is curious now. So... Bella would you like to tell them?", Edward motioned for her to continue.

" Well, in um five months, there will be a knew masen joining us.", she said. At first no one understood.

" YOU KNOCKED MY BABY SISTER UP!", Emmett yelled. Edward looked scared but nodded.

" Daddy, what does it mean to be knocked up?", Alice turned to me.

" It means, in five months your going to have a neice or nephew. Bella is going to have a baby.", Edward told her with a huge smile on his face.

" We were going to tell you tomorrow because tomorrow we find out the sex of the baby, but with Edward acting all wierd he sorta blew it.", Bella laguhed.

" I don't think we need another baby around. You should just give it back to the hospital.", Alice said. Bella had tears in her eyes.

" Alice! This is Bella and Edward's child. Your father and I are the baby's grandparents, the baby will be around as much as Bella and Edward want it to be. You better get used to it. They had to get used to you when you were a baby. They were thirteen when you were born." Esme scolded. Alice sighed sadly.

" So, do you want the baby to be a boy or girl?", Esme changed the subject.

" I just want our baby to be healthy and happy. Gender doesn't matter. Hell, our child could even have both parts and I'd still love it just the same.", Edward said excitedly.

"That's gross. If the baby is a boy, then you have boy parts inside you, and that's just wierd.", Alice stated.

" Actually, that's how the baby got made!", Emmett said and laughed. Alice didn't understand

" Emmett!", we all shouted at the same time. He muttered a sorry and continued eating.

" Daddy, how are babies made?", Ali asked and the table went silent.

" Well, when a boy and a girl love eachother, the stork drops a seed into the ground and a baby grows there. Then the mommy and daddy pick the baby when it's ripe.", Emmett said. I laughed because that's what I told him and Bella a looong time ago.


Edward and Bella were all moved in, the baby's nursery was finished, Alice had already started to get jealous because we turned Bella's old room into a nursery for the baby when it stayed over. She went in there about two months ago and trashed it, we had to redo everything. Edward was, well, freaking out. Bella was two days past her due date and they would induce labour in three days.They both wanted the baby to be born when it was ready though.

Around midnight I had just fallen asleep with esme in our bed when the phone ran. I sighed angrily and answered the phone.

" Hello?", I siad groggily.

" Carlisle! I don't know hwat to do! bella's water broke like ten minutes ago and I'm freakin out here!", Edward yelled into the phone.

" Aliright, you get Bella's hospital bag, make sure there are clothes and diapers for Bella and the baby, then get her to the hospital. I'll call her doctor to let her know your on your way and we will meet you up there.", my doctor mode kicked in. I ran and woke Alice up who wan't happy and we all got ready. I called the doctor and she was there waiting for Bella. Wow, I'm going to be a grandpa in a few hours. We got to the hospital just as everyone else was arriving. Three hours later Edward walks out of the room with a wide grin on his face.

" As you all know, IT'S A BOY!", he said excitedly." Your aloud to come to Bella's recovery room and we'll tell you all his name.", Edward led us back into a room where Bella was. She saw us all and smiled. She handed Esme the baby and Esme started crying.

" What's it's name?", Alice asked.

" Everyone, this is Landon Conner Masen.", Edward said proudly. Landon had brown curly hair like Emmett's and Bella says he has Edward's Emerald green eyes. He wieghed seven pinds four ounces and was twenty inches long. Bella looked exausted.

" Why does he have so much hair?", Alice questioned.

" It's just the way he was born, I know for a fact that Bella had a head full of hair when she was born. You were Bald.", Edward stated. Rosalie was holding Landon who was sleeping wrapped in his baby blue blanket. Landon was the most beautiful baby I had ever layed eyes on. Bella is second place to him, Bella was a very beautiful baby. Finally, we had more additions to the family.