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Hunters moon



1. Equinox.

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The hunter smiled back at me as i hastily tried to excape his clutches,i kept looking back,not forward. He resembled Jacob so much,his eyes was thirsty with blood,there was apart of him-and for that time being I was thinking in my head what that part could of possibly been,urged for my body and my flowing blood through my veins. By now,I seemed unbalanced,however i stood at a stand-still,the vampiriac Jacob gazed to me,his newborn eyes reflected into my chocolate brown. As they do. He was fascinated by my appearance,i was the same old ness and he was so different. Jacob seemed so profound,and was quite beautiful now,more graceful and was more robust than any normal vampire,obviously Jacob wasn't normal,he was utterly extrordinary... Even though in my mind I was listing the number of things that mades him immensely appealing,there was apart of me that terrified his unbelivable lust for me.I don't know if it was my blood or my body he wanted,however apart of me wanted his body too,the touch of his warm lips meeting mine and the large arms that used to reel me in.

I then woke up myself,what a dream that was,when i woke from that dream the celing in my room had transformed to an ultra red colour,i then discovered it wasn't the celing that was ultra-red it was my vision,I also had a burn through my chest and then out of nowhere my dear parents(seeming agitated) came to my side.

''As suspected,them Red eyes'' Dad exclaimed. Obviously i was confused and didn't realise at that moment i had just woken up from my painful transformation into a vampire.The dream probably was giving me a few hints about the immortal being i have become...for Jacob isn't the monster...I am!

It seemed all Impossible to think one bite could change everything-absolutely everything.