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Famous lives

Isabella Cullen, daugher of the famous actors Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Edward Masen, hottest actor out there. The only thing Edward wants more than that movie role is the girl who's starring in it. The only problem is, Edward is known as a playboy in the acting world. Bella wants Edward but knows he isn't a one woman man. I suck at summeries, please read


2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

Mom, Dad and I were sitting in Irina's office waiting for her to bring Alice and Emmett in. I was bouncing in my seat, I couldn't wait to meet my new brother and sister. I looked at their files last night. They were born august fourth, Emmett was huge, he had alot of muscles while Alice looked like a little pixie. All they knew about us was that we were ruch and that they were getting a big sister. There was a knock on the door and Irina entered with my new siblings behind them. I smiled brightly. Their mouths dropped as they saw us.

" Your Bella Cullen!", Alice squeeled.

" Yep, and I'm also your new big sister! We are going to have so much fun together!", I hugged her, she seemed shocked. Then I hugged Emmett, he seemed a little shy. My phone started ringing and I blushed.

" Isabella Marie Cullen, I told you to turn that thing off.", Mom crossed her arms.

" It's just that- well you see I- mom Edward is supposed to call and I don't want to miss the call. We sorta have a date tomorrow night.", I blushed again.

" B-but I think your too young to date.", Dad growled. Emmett and Alice laughed.

" I'm twenty one dad. I have a date with a very sexy Edward Masen and you are going to except it.", I stood up for myself.

" Alice, Emmett, welcome to the Cullen family.", Mom hugged and kissed their cheeks.

" Um, what are we supposed to call you? Mom? Dad? Carlisle? Esme?", Emmett asked blushing a little.

" You can call us whatever you want, as long as it's appropriate.", Dad smiled at them.

" Alright.", Emmett and Alice said together. There was a knock on the office door. Irina came back in and Edward trailed her.

" What are you doing here?", I asked excitedly.

" Oh, um You dropped this last night when I accidentally ran into you.", He handed me my credit card back.

" Oh, um thanks.", I blushed.

" I'll um, call you later and I'll see you tomorrow.", he smiled at me. He left and I was left smiling.

" She wasn't even like this with Jake.", mom whispered to Alice and she giggled.

We got home and showed Alice and Emmet their rooms and around the house. They were amazed at the size.

" So, Alice I was thinking maybe we can do some sisterly bonding. Do you want to go shopping with me?", I asked alice, her eyes lit up.

" I don't have any cash but I can go with you and look around.", she sighed. I laughed.

" Dad is setting you and Emmett up a credit card right now. It'll be here by tomorrow. I unfortunetly grew up and had to get my own, so I'll get you stuff today and you'll have your own by tomorrow. Alice, you are the daughter of two of the richest people in the world, trust me you can have as much cash as you want. Oh! Mom, if the paps ask who alice is, what should I say?", I turned to my mom.

" Tell them the truth, she's your sister. Have fun girls, and Bella be home by dinner and no speeding. Do not even think about taking Alice into a bar, I know it's your clubbing night but I don't care. We are having a family dinner tonight.", Mom instructed and I agreed. Alice hadn't seen my car yet so she was shocked to say the least.

" This is your car?", she asked.

" Yep, dad's probably going to get you and Emmett cars soon. Just tell him what kind you want and you'll be good to go.", I smiled at her. We got in the car and started the drive to the mall.

" So, are you and edward masen exclusive?", Alice asked as we were getting exclusive.

" It's the first date, plus when your a hollywood star the smallest kiss makes the news.", I rolled my eyes. That' s when we were attacked papparazzi.

" Isabella! Who's this girl!", One asked.

" This is my little sister.", I smiled at her.

" Is it true your dating your future costar Edward Masen?", another asked.

" We have a date.", I replied.

" How do you feel about your ex's new girlfriend?", A woman reporter asked.

" I'm glad he's happy. It's time to move on from all my past relationships and focus on the now.", I led alice into my favorite store and told her to pick out anything she wanted. Three hours and thirty bags later we were leaving the mall and haeded home. We walked in and mom was cooking in the kitchen.

" Hi girls, how was shopping?", she asked without turning around.

" Good, we bought some stuff.", I replied and flopped down on the couch next to Emmett.

" What's up little bro?", I asked and put my arm around him. He chuckled and shook his head.

" Time to eat!", Mom called. I helped her put the food on the table. We all started eating.

" Bella just htought yuo should know, Edward Masen will be your new co-star.", Dad mentioned.

" I know, he's was made to play Finn.", I smiled around my fork.

The day passed and before I knew it I was getting ready for Edward and I's date. I was so nervous and excited. I never felt like this before, my heart was pounding in my chest.

He picked me up looking sexy as ever and we went to the fanciest resturaunt in LA. Then we went to the drive in movies, we made out in the backseat the whole time. I couldn't believe how well my life was going so far....