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Famous lives

Isabella Cullen, daugher of the famous actors Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Edward Masen, hottest actor out there. The only thing Edward wants more than that movie role is the girl who's starring in it. The only problem is, Edward is known as a playboy in the acting world. Bella wants Edward but knows he isn't a one woman man. I suck at summeries, please read


3. 3

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( Bella's POV)

Edward and I had been exclusive for over a year now. We moved in together at a new house we bought. Mom cried when I moved out. On the upside, my parents adored Edward.

" Babe! Have you seen my dress shirt? We're going to be late for the award show!", Edward yelled. I shook my head and laughed.

" It's in the closet, you didn't want it to get wrinkled remember.", I walked into our room.

" You look gorgous.", he kissed my forehead. I was wearing a midnight blue strapless dress that ended mid thigh.

" Thank you, you look very nice too.", I smiled. I helped him with his tie and we headed out to the limo. Of course our pictures were taken and we met up with our families.

At the end of the awars Edward had one two I won two, we just wanted to get home and 'celebrate'. When we got to the house Edward led me to the back deck.

" What are we doing out here? I thought we were going to celebrate?", I kissed his neck. He sighed and chuckled a little. He took a deep breath and got down on one knee.

" I love you Bella. It all started with me being one of your biggest fans. Right now, I want to start the biggest adventure of our lives, Will you marry me?", He pulled out the ring and held it up. I muttered a yes as tears streamed down my face. He put the ring on my finger and kissed it. He picked me up and swung me around and pulled me in for a passionet heated kiss. Which led to celebrating right there on the deck and in the bedroom... and the shower...

My family was exstatic. Of course our engagement was major news. It was in all the magazignes and celebrity news shows and the internet. I was sitting with my sister on the couch at my house. I was drifting off to sleep.

" Why are you always so tired?", she asked. I just shrugged.

" You know, you threw up last night at dinner.", she mentioned.

" So? It's probably just the flu.", I closed my eyes again.

" You should have Edward take you to the doctor.", She suggested.

" Doctors mean needles and papparazzi. I'll be fine by friday.", I sighed.

" Alright, you better hope it doesn't slip in front of dad that your sick.", she grinned evilly.

" I know where he's hiding your birthday present. You wouldn't.", I threatened. She took out her cellphone and dialed dad's number.

" Hi dad! Um, first hide my birthday present casue bella is gonna ruin it for telling you this. Well, she's sick and she's refusing to go to the doctor. All right daddy I will. Bye, love you too.", she hung up. She picked me up off the couch and dragged me to the car.

" Wehre are we going?", I complained.

" To the hospital, you are moody lately geez.", Alice snorted.

" Ya ya, I don't need a doctor.", I said.

" Too Bad.", she tuck out her tongue. An hour, a vial of blood and a urine test later I finally got the results that sent me into a panic. How was I going to tell Edward? What about my family? My movie role as Kara? Oh geez!

I sat on the couch in shock until I heard the front door open.

" Bella! I'm home!", He took off his shoes and walked over to me.

" Bella! What's wrong baby?", he asked I flinched.

" Baby.", was all I said.

" Sweetheart what's going on?", he asked more alarmed now.

" Edward, I'm having a baby.".