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Famous lives

Isabella Cullen, daugher of the famous actors Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Edward Masen, hottest actor out there. The only thing Edward wants more than that movie role is the girl who's starring in it. The only problem is, Edward is known as a playboy in the acting world. Bella wants Edward but knows he isn't a one woman man. I suck at summeries, please read


5. 5

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( Edward's POV)

" What about this?", Bella held up a onesie that had little baby handprints on it that were the color usually used to represent the sex of our baby. We were trying to figure out how to tell her parents about the baby as well as it's sex. We were going to do the same for my parents even though they knew Bella was pregnant.

" I like it, put I think we should get T-shirts that say like, Grandpa, grandma, Aunt and Uncle. The font can be the color used to represt our baby's sex.", I kissed her temple and put my hand on her stomach. We got the T-shirts and headed to her parents house. Bella just walked right in and Esme practically pounced on her.

" Oh! My baby, what did the doctor say yesterday? Are you alright?", she panicked.

" Mom I'm fine, can you please just round everyone up into the living room and I'll explain what's going on.", she smiled. When we got into the living room we handed each person the correct bag. The t-shirts had what they were to the baby, and the sonagram phota and the font was in the sex of the baby's color.

" Alright, open them.", Bella smiled. Alice knew about the baby so it wasn't a shock to her when her shirt said Aunt Alice. Esme, Carlisle and Emmett's faces were funny. They looked so shocked.

" I'm pregant, and it's a boy...", Bella smiled at me and held my hand tightly. Esme squeeled and hugged Bella. Carlisle looked proud and shocked at the same. "

" Wait, when did you get a baby inside you?", Emmett asked.

" Really?", Alice hit him upside the head.

" Let's not talk about how or when Edward put the baby inside her. I'm Bella's father, I don't need to hear that.", Carlisle chuckled.

The months passed by fast, I mean really fast. The baby's room was painted light blue, with red trimming. We put his name above his white crib. The bedding in the crib was catapillers. The room was decorated by professionals. His pajama's were in two dresser drawers, his onsies in in another two and his everyday clothes were in another two. Of course his closet was filled with toys and clothes too. There was a light red rocking chair in the corner of the room. The carpet was a blue that matched the walls. When Alice turned eighteen we would put her down as his god mother. When she got married, her usband would be his godfather.

Bella and I were sitting on the couch watching tv when I felt her wince. She had been doing that every twenty minutes. I loved it when the baby would kick, I loved to feel and see him move around. Of course the papparazzi had a field day when they found out Bella was pregant. There were rumors that the baby wasn't mine, that he was her ex's. Then there were rumors that she wasn't even pregnant, that she was using one of those fake pregancy bellies.

Bella winced again but this time it was only ten minutes after the last time.

" Babe, are you alright?", I asked worried.

" No, I need you to take me to the hospital.", She stood up.

" W-wat.", I stuttered.

" Edward my water just broke, our baby is going to be born soon.", she pulled me up from the couch and I ran and got her hospital bag. I was freaking out, Bella wasn't due for another five days! We rushed into the car and the hospital. They set everything up and I called our freinds and families.

Six long, painful hours later, our son was born. I actually cried when I heard him for the first time. The doctor let me help him... get out. So I was the very first person to touch our son. Then I got to cut his umbilicle cord and give him his first diaper and bath. He was amazing. He weighed eight punds three ounces, I know he was big! He was twenty one inches long. He had long little fingers and a head full of brown mohagany hair that looked like bedhead like mine. The doctors were amazed when he opened his eyes, unlike most babies his eyes were already a emeraled green like mine. His skin was lighter than Bella's but darker than mine and his cheeks were flamed with color. They were rosie red.

Bella and I had come up with his name a week after we found out she was pregant. We had chosen a.. unique name. One alot of kid's don't usually have. We decided to have Bella's father's name in there and if we had another son, it would have my father. So we decided on a name. He was our little Oren Carlisle Masen...