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Bella's heart is torn to pieces when her family dies, will someone help put the pieces back together? Or will she be broken forever?

Rated T for content. Cannon Couples. Alternate Universe! All Cullens are Vampires!

1. Prologue

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Bella Pov

I'm soo happy! Seriously my life couldn't be more perfect.

We are moving into a new house today. By we I mean me, my dad Charlie, my mum Renee and my little bareley 4 year old sister Anna.

Anna Charlie Swan is beautiful in more ways than one. She has my mother's sparkling blue eyes and light brown hair. Her cheeks, pouty lips and small nose are from my father.

Anyway back to the point I am so excited because I finally get to have my own bathroom. At Granma's Swan house there was only one bathroom for the four of us. Can you imagine?There are three bathrooms in the new house. One for mom and dad, one for Anna, and one for me. We are still keeping my Granma's house through for when me and Anna grow up and also because it's the only thing we have left from our grandmother.

"Bella, Bella!" my little sister said happyly from beside me. We were in the hallway of our new home, and I was bringing boxes from my truck to my new room. "Want to see my room?"

"I can't right now, sissy." I told her. "I've got to finish unpacking by tonight. Go ask Daddy."

"Okay." she said with a cute little pout, but then she turned around and ran outside as I followed her.

"Daddy! Daddy!" she shouted. "Want to see my room?"

"Sure, kiddo." he said happyly. "Can you handle these, Bella?" he pointed to the boxes.

"Sure, Dad." I responded. I took one of the boxes out of my truck.

"Here, let me handle this." my mother said as she took the box out of my hands. "You go and get more boxes while I check the heating to make sure it's working."

"Okay, mum." I said as I headed to my truck to get another box. I had to climb into the trunk to get it.

I checked to see if there was anything breakable in it, there was nothing. I threw it to the ground and just as I was about to jump, I heard a loud noise, which caused me to fall out of the trunk onto the ground with my head in the box.

Lucky there was a pillow on top.

I raised my head to see where the noise was coming from and screamed.

"Mom, Dad, Anna." I shouted as I picked myself off the cold concrete.

The last thing I remembered were hands and voices pulling me back as I ran towards the wall of flames.