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Edward's father dies and tells him to never get married or have children, it always gets in the way of dreams. Edward and bella are twenty three years old and have been dating since freshman year in high school. Bella's ready to make it official that she's Edward's. Tim epasses and bella decides that he has until their anniversary to propose or she's done with their relationship. Well complications arise and Bella finds out she's pregnant with their child. Everyone know's she's about to leave Edward but Edward doesn't realize it. Even his mother knows and she's dissapointed that he won't finally propose. Edward has a lot of hard decisions to make and the wrong one could mess up his entire life.


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( Edward's POV)

I met the love of my life when I was a freshman in highschool. Her name was Isabella Cullen. She was the only daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. She had two brother's, Emmett and Jasper. They were triplets. Bella had waist length mohagany hair and chocolate brown eyes. Emmett had dark brown hair that was in curls and blue eyes. Jasper had honey blonde hair and blue eyes. After they were born Mrs. Cullen found out she couldn't have any more children. Jasper and Emmett took up a lot of the space in the womb and Bella didn't grow as much as them. Actually, the doctor's didn't know she was even in there until Esme went into labor. Emmett and Jasper were normal sized but bella was only three pounds six ounces. The doctor's were worried she wouldn't make it.

Bella grew and fell in love with me. She also loved kids, ever since sophmore year she knew she wanted to be a a teacher for little kids. Bella was the smartest woman I had ever known. At the beginning of Junior year my dad, Edward Masen Sr, fell ill. He had cancer in his lungs and they couldn't do anything to stop it from spreading and killing him. It was the hardest time of my life. Bella was always there for me, I cried on her shoulder and she put up with me being a jerk to everyone including her. She knew I was just venting my emotions through anger. Then came the day my family was waiting for, the day my father would die.

Dad called me into the room, and sent everyone else away. It was then, I made a promise one I could possibly come to regret.

" Edward, I love you more than anything. I had to give up some of my dreams though, I don't want you to give up ANY dreams.I need you to promise me something Edward.", He looked into my eyes.

" I'll promise you anything.", I felt the tears come from my eyes.

" Promise me, you'll never get married or have children. They keep you from your dreams.", he said seriously. My heart dropped. I immediately thought of Bella. I had always planned on marrying her. I even had a ring already. This was my dad's dying wish but I went with what my heart told me.

" I promise dad.", I whispered.

I never told anyone about the promise, not even Bella. When Bella and I would sleep together I made sure I always had prtection even if she was on the pill.

Senior year was hard, especially when Jasper announced he was going to propose to his girlfriend, Alice Brandon. Emmett had gotten his girlfriend, Rosalie Hale, pregnant at seventeen and they got marrried. They were incrediblt happy though. So now all my frieinds were married ar getting married and it hurt to know I would never get married or have children.

College passed by easily. I knew something was wrong with Bella as she kept getting pissed off easily. Sometimes she would just...snap and yell at me.. Bella had gotten her dream job, she was a kindergarten teacher. All the students loved her and called her Miss Cullen. Sometimes though, I think that name got to her. I know she prefered being called Bella. Maybe that was it.

" So, you and Bella have been together what, nine years soon to be ten.", My friend, Rielly Biers mentioned.

" Ya.", I nodded.

" Planning anything special?", he looked at me.

" I'm planning on taking her to dinner and then go home and.. you know... with her. Just like every other year.", I told him as I blushed.

" Dude, why haven't you proposed? I mean, I'm proposing to my girlfriend and we've only been together only a year. ", he admitted.

" If I tell you something, do you promise not to tell anyone?", I asked seriously.

" Ya dude, just tell me?", he smiled.

" When my father dad died he made me promise that I would never get married or have children. It was his dying wish, and I promised. I won't be asking Bella to marry me and I will not be having children with her. I love her so much, but I just can't.", I admittied. His mouth dropped and looked at me shocked.

" This could ruin your relationship, you know that right? Bella loves kids, and I know for a fact that she wants kids. She told Bree. As much as I love my father, if he asked me to do that. I would tell him to go to hell. Even if it was his dying wish.", his words caused my chest to ache.

" My dad ment alot to me. I couldn't let him down by not promising him that.", I sighed sadly. Emmett walked into the bar with a big smile on his face. His daughter had turned eleven a month ago. He also had a five year old son and another baby on the way. Him and Rosalie planned to have one more child after this one. Jasper and Alice had a six year old son and a two year old daughter.

" Hey guys, oh god. Eddie I must warn you. Bella is PMSing, don't piss her off or you'll be sleeping on the couch.", Emmett chuckled.

" How would you know?", I questioned.

" Bella didn't tell you? We had lunch this morning with mom and dad and Jasper. Just us as a parents and their bio kids. Bella was all pissy and mom and dad could barely take her bitchyness. So, how you and my little sis doin?", Emmet took a drink of his coke.

" We're good, everthings perfect.", I smiled. Rielly snorted and I glared at him. Emmett thankfully didn't notice.

" Rosie just found out the baby is a boy.", Emmett had an eye creasing grin.

" Wow, nice a boy.", I smiled and chuckled.

" Ya, I actually cried, but I always cry when it comes to my children. They soften me up. I tell you, there is nothing better than knowing you and the woman you love created a life together. It's amazing. I get to look at my children everyday and realize that they were worth everything Rosie and I went through as teenagers.", he sighed happily. What was with all this talk about marrige and children today?