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Edward's father dies and tells him to never get married or have children, it always gets in the way of dreams. Edward and bella are twenty three years old and have been dating since freshman year in high school. Bella's ready to make it official that she's Edward's. Tim epasses and bella decides that he has until their anniversary to propose or she's done with their relationship. Well complications arise and Bella finds out she's pregnant with their child. Everyone know's she's about to leave Edward but Edward doesn't realize it. Even his mother knows and she's dissapointed that he won't finally propose. Edward has a lot of hard decisions to make and the wrong one could mess up his entire life.


2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

I loved Edward with all my heart, I really did. This was ridiculous though. We've been together ten years and he doesn't want to take the next step in our relationship. I mean, I want people to know that I belong to him and only him. I want to have little copper haired emerald eyed babie playing in the back yard. I wanted Edward to want to marry me!

" Bella, you've got to tell him.", Alice told me.

" Ya how 'bout this ' Hey Edward, I feel like you don't love me because we've been together ten years and you don't want to marry me.', did that sound good?", I angrily said.

" Bella, I know you. You want to be married to him more than anything and to have his children. I mean, his mom is getting pissed that he hasn't taken the next step.", Alice sighed.

" Look, I'm sorry I'm so pissy. I've been so tired lately and I'm coming down with the flu or something. I keep throwing up.", I rubbed my face. Alice put her hand on her stomach and the baby was kicking.

" Bella, are you sure it's the flu?", she raised and eyebrow.

" Ya, what else could it be?", I laughed humorlessly.

" Bella, do you think maybe... maybe your pregant.", she suggested.

" It's impossible! I'm on the pill, and Edward always wears protection.", I shook my head.

" Bella, the pill doesn't always work. Plus, remember that party? You and Edward definetly didn't use protection there.", she looked so serious. Then I realized she was right. Plus, I just realized that I was a whole two months late.

" Oh god, Edward's going to hate me! I- oh god.", I had tears streaming down my face.

" No he isn't Bella, calm down and let's go to the hospital. We'll get a test, and no matter what I'll be there for you.", She grabbed my hand and we drove to the hospital. Two hours later the doctor came in and sat down.

" Your blood test came back pefectly normal and they confirmed that you are indeed pregnant. I'd like to do a sonagram to see how for along you are if that's alright.", he asked. I had tears streaming down my face but I nodded.

" Alright, I'll be right back.", he left the room and I looked at Alice. She had a sad look on her face. The tears just kept flowing down my face. The doctor brought in a sonogram machine and started it up. He put the jell and wand on my stomach and a picture appeered.

" It looks as though you are ten weeks pregnant.", the doctor smiled at me. I looked and noticed something strange.

" Why are there two heartbeats?", Alice asked.

" Well miss swan, it seems as though you are having twins.", the doctor smiled. My mouth dropped in shock.

" Are you sure it's just twins? When my mother was pregnant with me, I wasn't supposed to be there, they didn't notice me. They only noticed my two brothers.", I just wanted to make sure.

" I'm positive that there are only two babies in there.", He chuckled.

" Alright, um thank you.", I got up and dressed then the doctor gave me a time and date for another appointment in three weeks. In the car I broke down crying. Now that I looked at myself I did notice the small little bump I had from the twins. I thanked alice and went home. Edward was there sitting on the couch and eating pizza.

" Hey babe, there's pizza on the counter if you want any.", he told me.

" I'm not hungry, I'm just going to go to bed.", I whispered loud enough for him to hear me.

" Are you all right? You seem... different.", he rasied an eyebrow.

" I'll be fine, everything will be ok.", I said, mainly to myself. He nodded and I went to bed, the rain was drowning out my sobs.