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Edward's father dies and tells him to never get married or have children, it always gets in the way of dreams. Edward and bella are twenty three years old and have been dating since freshman year in high school. Bella's ready to make it official that she's Edward's. Tim epasses and bella decides that he has until their anniversary to propose or she's done with their relationship. Well complications arise and Bella finds out she's pregnant with their child. Everyone know's she's about to leave Edward but Edward doesn't realize it. Even his mother knows and she's dissapointed that he won't finally propose. Edward has a lot of hard decisions to make and the wrong one could mess up his entire life.


3. 3

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( Edward's POV)

" It was so wierd, I mean she was like, reassuring herself. Her cheeks had tear stains on them.", I said, I was really worried about Bella.

" Alice hasn't said anything and she's my sister. I would know if something is terribly wrong.", Emmett said. Emmett was super close to Alice.

" New topic, what would you do if say, Bella ended up pregnant with your twins? What would you say and do?", Jasper asked.

" I don't know. I know you could beat my ass for not knowing since she's your sister but,still. I'd try to convince her to maybe not go through with the pregnancy or at least give them up for adoption. I don't want to be a dad, and I never will.", I siad. Although it was an absoulute lie. I would love to see Bella pregnant with my children, the only thing that would keep me from being happy is that stupid promise.

We continued onto lighter topics. At seven o'clock Emmett and Jasper left saying something about dinner with their parents. I went home and fell asleep on the couch. The next day, Emmett, Jasper, Rielly and I went to the video store to rent some movies. Both Jazz an Em seemed pissed off today. That's when I caught Emmett on the phone.

" I know Rosie, she's freaking out. I'm positive she's prepairing for worst case senerio which I have a good feeling tha tthat's what'll happen. I mean, she only found out what three four days ago? I know rose. It's not like it's one either, there's two and that's gonna make it a hell of a lot more complicated. I just, I can't protect her and I feel horrible.", he sighed sadly.

" Emmett? Who are you talking about?" I asked. His face paled and he looked pissed again. He said goodbye to Rose and we went to the register. We watched movies. That's when Bella walked into the house. Rose and Alice were trailing her. She didn't even say hello. What was going on? She came back out and grabbed her cell phone that she left on the table. All the girls suddenly emerged, everyone left so it was only me and Bella left in the house. She came and sat next to me when I looked her in the eyes she had unshed tears in them.

" Bella? What's wrong? You've been acting wierd, I'm freaking out.", I begged her to tell me. She took a deep breath and pulled something out of her purse, she then handed it to me and put my hand on her stomach. I looked at the picture, it was black and white and a little fuzzy. But you could see two little shapes there. I looked at Bella who's tears were now falling.

" Y-you're pregnant?", I stuttered.

" Ya, and I was going to give you until our anniversary to propose or I just couldn't be with you anymore. I take taht back now, I love you and it shouldn't bother me that you don't want to get married. Plus, I'm pregnant with twins Edward. Your twins, our twins.", She sobbed. I pulled my hand away from her stomach and looked at the picture.

" That's why Jasper asked waht I would do if you were pregnant with twins?", I asked weakly. She nodded.

" Did he tell you what I said?", I countered.

" No, he said that he wouldn't be able to say it without coming back to punch you in the face.", she whispered.

" Bella, I - I can't be a father.... C-can't you give them up for adoption, or just terminate the pregnancy?", I practically begged. I had to keep the promise to my father.

" No, I'm keeping my babies. Whether you love them and want them or not is up to you.", her voice cracked. I felt so bad because I did love the babies, I loved them as much as I loved Bella but that damn promise kept making me feel guilty.

" Bella, I love you and the twins, but I can't. I made a promise and I can't go back on it. I'm sorry.", I whispered. I could feel the tears fall down my face.

" What promise?", she asked angrily.

" Promise not to overreact?", I hoped she would say yes.

" No, now tell me.", she demanded.

' Ok, well, the day my father died I made him a promise. I promised that I would never get married or have children. I would follow any of my dreams.", I looked away. She was silent for a long time.

" Did you even think about me? Edward I love you, but now you need to make a decision. Either choose me and our children or your stupid promise that is going to tear us apart. I'm eleven weeks pregnant, make your decision by the time the twins are born. Just to let you know, twins usually come early.", she got up and went to the bedroom. Half an hour later she emerged with two duffle bags I assume were her clothes. I sat there as she left and just cried. I called my mom and begged her to come over in which she did.

" Edward? What's wrong?", she rushed over to me.

" I'm so stupid! I messed everything up!", I cried.

" What happend?", she wiped away my tears. I suddenly felt like a kid again.

" B-bella is pregnant with our twins, and I made a stupid idiotic promise to dad that I don't know if I can keep anymore because Bella is making me choose!", I sobbed. I knew mom would be pissed when she found out what the promise was.

" It can't be that bad! What's the promise?"

" I promised I would follow any of my dreams...and not get married or have children.....", I wisperd the last part.

" If you are the cause of me not seeing my grandchildren, I have no idea what I will do. All I can say, is follow your heart. You've been in love with bella since highschool. She's been there when you needed her. I know she was waiting for you to propose, she talked to me about it. She felt like you didn't love her like you use to because you were older now.", mom stood up and grabbed her car keys." Make the right decision Edward. The wrong one could ruin you life and make it full of regrets.", with that she walked out. God, what was I going to do?"