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Edward's father dies and tells him to never get married or have children, it always gets in the way of dreams. Edward and bella are twenty three years old and have been dating since freshman year in high school. Bella's ready to make it official that she's Edward's. Tim epasses and bella decides that he has until their anniversary to propose or she's done with their relationship. Well complications arise and Bella finds out she's pregnant with their child. Everyone know's she's about to leave Edward but Edward doesn't realize it. Even his mother knows and she's dissapointed that he won't finally propose. Edward has a lot of hard decisions to make and the wrong one could mess up his entire life.


4. 4

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( Edward's POV)

Bella would be eighteen weeks pregnant right now. I haven't made my decision yet, but I know I'm leaning toward the best one. Today I would see Emmett and Jasper for the first time since the whole pregnancy reveal. I sat down across from rielly and Emmett and Jasper walked in. They sat down and Emmett was smiling.

" What's with you?", Rielly asked him.

" I just came from Bella's doctor's appointment.", he said and Jasper smiled with him.

" Well? What did they say?", Rielly asked.

" Well, first they told Bella that they want her on bed rest when she's on her ninth month, the doctors want her to carry the twins to term. Then they did the sonogram. Bella found out they will be identicle twins and they are boys.", Jasper announced.

" Wow, does she have names picked out already?", I asked Emmett. He glared but nodded.

" Yeah, hut why she would chose those names is a mystery to me. Well their middle names aren't so bad.", Emmett chuckled. I raised my eyebrows and asked what the names were.

" Well, baby a's name is Oriyon Emmett Cullen and baby b's name is Maddox Jasper Cullen. Otherwise known as Ryan and Maddy." Jasper smiled in pride. I felt really bad.

" Cullen?", I asked about the last name.

" Unless you man up by the time they are born, their last name will be cullen.