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Complicated Truth

Edward and Bella are seventeen years old, they're starting their senior year in highschool. The only difference between them and other highschoolers is that they have a baby. The students and people of Forks think the baby is the younger sibling of Bella. Only a few people know that the baby is actually Edward and Bella's. Sorry I suck at summaries....


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( Edward's POV)

Hi, I'm Edward Anthony Masen. I have bronze hair and green eyes. My gpa is a 4.0, I'm the star quarterback on the football team and I'm in lobe with the girl's track captain, Isabella Marie Cullen or Bella as she prefered. I'm seventeen and last year was a bit hard. Last year Bella gave me some.....shocking news. She was pregnant with my baby. She didn't want to be treated badly though, we had absolutly no idea what to do. Originally we were going to give the baby up for adoption, but when we found out the gender of our baby and saw it on the screen we couldn't just give it away. So her parents, Carlisle and Esme Cullen, sent her to Pheonix, Arizona to live with her aunt while she was pregnant and I would visit three times a month. Her parents didn't want her or I to be jujed badly just because we were kids having a baby. So now, to the people of Forks, Washington, she's Bella's little sister. Yep, we had a baby girl, my little princess.

Only a few people know about her being our daughter. I told my best friend Emmett McCartey and my other best friend Jasper Whitlock. Bella told her best friends, Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale. We were all only children. When we told them about Bella being pregnant they were shocked because we were always so carefull. Bella's father threatened to castrate me with a rusty spoon if I hurt her or my little girl. He's a doctor so all the more reason to be scared. Esme just comforted us when we needed it. My parents didn't take it well. They thought I was throwing away my whole future and they tried to convince me to tell bella to get rid of the baby.

Our baby girl was born in the summer before senior year. Her birthday is June 4th. She was born at nine fifty one pm. She weighed Seven pounds three ounces and was twenty one inches long. She head a headfull of mohagany hair and her eyes were a suprinsing Emerald green like mine. She looked like an exact mixture of Bella and I. We spent hours and days arguing over her name. Nothing seemed to fit, except when we saw her for the first time. As soon as we saw her we knew what her name would be. She was our little Sophia Avery Masen, but everyone knew her as Sophia Cullen. Now, it was hard for Bella to go back to school. Sophia was only a little over two months old. Bella was extremely scared something would happen. So that brings us to our fist day back in school of parents. We both have our cell phones on in case something were to happen. Now we only have to make it through the day.

After school I was waiting by the car for Bella when my teamates walk up to me.

" I heard you weren't palying sports this year Masen! What's up with that? You were the best quarterback in the state of washington.", Mike newton( his jersey number is 00 ) bumped my fist.

" I just got more important things this year.", I simply stated.

" So a few of us are going to the diner to kick off the start of the year. You in? You could bring Bella.", Newton suggested.. He'd always had a crush on my girl. Everyone did. She was the hottest girl in school.

" I can't, I've got things to do today.", I smiled small. I was going to Bella's house today after school and we were gonna spend the whole day with Sophie.

" Dude, you haven't been around for like the past two months. C'mon some of the La Push kids will be there. ", Newton tried to convince me.

" Look, maybe some other time alright...", I looked away from him. I sorta wanted to go, but I couldn't tell Bella that.

" Ok, if you decide you want to come, we're gonna be there at five pm. If you get some free time meet us up there.", we said goodbye and Bella came walking up. I really wanted to play football and I really wanted to go out with the guys but I didn't want Bella to be stuck all alone with the baby.

It was four o'clock and I was at Bella's holding our sleeping baby girl. She was so small, and beautiful. It was hard to believe Bella and I created her.

" Bella? Um, I was thinking maybe I could go out with the guys tonight. I haven't really seen them all summer...", I said.

" Go ahead, I don't want to hold you back Edward. And I think you should do football. You love it, I don't want you to give it up because of me and Sophia.", she smiled at me. I handed her the baby and kissed her cheek. I pulled up to the diner at five and saw my friends there I walked in and took an empty seat.

" Masen! You made it!", Newton shouted. I saw Emmett and Jasper weren't here.

" Where's Emmett and Jasper?", I asked curiously.

" They are spending time with their family.", he shrugged. Looking around the table I saw that Tyler Crowley, Eric Yorkie and Ben Cheney were here with us. We talked about everything and then they brought up a topic I didn't want to talk about.

" So, Edward, where was Bella last year? I mean, one day she's here the next she's not. What happened?", Mike raised a brow.

" She decided to try going to school in pheonix. Some special program thing.", I wasn't lying either. Bella went to a special school where teen moms went until their babies were born.

" She always looks so tired at school.", He mentioned. I didn't spend nights with Bella so she was there for all the waking up in the middle of the night.

" Ya, so I'm going to ask coach for a spot on the team.", I sneakily changed the subject.

I got to Bella's house around seven pm and just went right inside. She was with Esme and sophia on the couch. I listened to their converstion, ya I know it's rude.

" Bella, you love track. I'll watch sophie while your at practice and I'll bring her to the meets. You'd lose your captian position.", Esme sighed sadly.

" Mom, I can't. It's hard enough being away from her seven hours a day. With practices and games it'll just take more time away. I have bigger responsabilities than sports. Though I really hope Edward plays football this year, it's senior year he should be having fun not stuck here with me and Sophie.", Bella wiped a peice of hair out of sophies sleeping face.

" It's your senior year too Bella.", Esme hugged Bella and I decided to make my entrance.

" Hey guys!", I said enthusiastically. I forgot that sophia was sleeping, yep I woke her up. Bella calmed her down at once and handed her to me. I hugged her close.

" Hello Edward.", Esme said politoly.

" Hello Esme.", I smiled at her.

" Bellsy boo, Jazzy and I are gonna head out.", Emmett whispered. Bella nodded and they left.

" I thought they were spending time with their family? That's what mike said.", I asked confused.

" No, they got here like ten minutes after you left. We took Sophia down to the store so I could get groceries for mom.", She sighed.

" So, I'm gonna talk to coach tomorrow. About me being on the football team.", I menitoned.

" That's great, my favorite player number seventeen.", she smiled at me.

" I'm thinking about changing it to sixty four though.", I said.

" WHY?", She asked shocked. My number had been seventeen since little leauge.

" Soph was born on the fourth of June. June is the sixth month and she was born n the fourth day. So sixty four.", I admitted, Bella smiled again and kissed my cheek.

" Somethings wrong...", I stated her. Bella looked conflicted.

" I don't want to hide her anymore.", Bella whispered so low I could barely hear it.

" What do you mean?", I asked confused.

" I'm sick of people thinking Sophie is my sister. She's my daughter, and it pisses me off that I can't even put a picture of her in my locker. I know we said we weren't going to tell anyone until after senior year but I want people to know she's my daughter.", Bella had tears in her eyes.

" Bella... Do you really want to be known as the pregnant girl? We live in Forks, a small town where you can sneeze and in five minutes the whole town knows about it. You will be the target for verbal abuse. You'll get called names, and what about me? I'm a quarterback Bella.... I'll be known as the guy who doesn't know how to use protection. It's not just you that the truth will effect. We'll lose friends.".

" I'm telling everyone. You can just come over after school and visit her and no one will know you're her father. But I'm not going to sit around and have people talk about her like she's my sister. I'm her mother.... I get people in school asking me why I'm so tired all the time. What am I supposed to say. 'I was up last night with my baby sister because my parents think it's my responsability to take care of her?' No Edward. The truth comes out tomorrow. I'll say I cheated on you, that Sophie isn't your daughter. But tomorrow this little cherade is over. Mom knows, Dad knows, hell Emmett, Jazz, Ali and Rose know the truth is coming out. So tomorrow morning I'll be driving myself and you can tell me what you want to do. Goodbye Edward.", She took soph and walked upstairs with her. I left in my volvo back home. I looked around my room and saw how it looked like a normal seventeen year old boy's bedroom. I didn't want that to change. I wanted to have fun my senior year.. God, this was so complicated.