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Complicated Truth

Edward and Bella are seventeen years old, they're starting their senior year in highschool. The only difference between them and other highschoolers is that they have a baby. The students and people of Forks think the baby is the younger sibling of Bella. Only a few people know that the baby is actually Edward and Bella's. Sorry I suck at summaries....


2. 2

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( Edward's POV)

I was sitting in my car in the school parking lot waiting for bella to arrive. Emmett pounded on the window and scared the crap out of me. I saw Bella's car pulling into the parking spot across from mine.

" So, what do you want to do?", she asked.

" I want to be a normal senior. Not a teenage father senior.", I stated.

" It's a little bit late for that Edward. Your already a teenage father, but I understand what you mean. I'll be a teenage mom and you'll be my boyfriend that I cheated on and you forgave me. Let's go to class.", I took her books and we walked into our first period class. Bella sat behind me with Angela Webber.

" Wow Bella, whens the last time you slept? You look seriously tired.", Angela seemed very concerned.

" I haven't slept a full night in about three or four months. My daughter wakes up every night around two am and then again an hour later and when I was pregnant with her she would always kick me awake.", Bella sighed.

" Wait, you're a mom?", angela seemed shocked.

" Ya, Sophia's my daughter. ", She replied.

" So that would mean Edward is her father?", she questioned.

" No, I got drunk and slept with another guy. I don't know who her father is. But luckily Edward forgave me.", She smiled slightly. I couldn't do this anymore though. Sophie was my daughter too. I wanted that to be known. I turned around in my seat and smiled aat Bella.

" You don't have to lie. I'm stupid and selfish for wanting you to keep her a secret. Angela, I'm sophia's father. I didn't want anyone to know so Bella said she'd tell people she cheated on me. That's not the truth. I just forgot to use protection.", I sighed. I looked around and EVERYONE and I mean everyone was staring at us. Even the teacher. The bad part, all the school's main gossipers were in this class.