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Renesmee's Eternal Dawn

Renesmee's Eternal Dawn is Renesmee's POV of Breaking Dawn starting from the womb until the end of Breaking Dawn.


4. Renesmee

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All was still and quiet, not a single movement or a whisper could be heard throughout the house. No one was around us, at least not in the same room and they were being too quiet for me to detect where they were. It is just me and my momma. She wasn't awake yet and we haven't been sleeping for vary long, but I was go thirsty that it woke us up.

Momma got up and took a few huge drinks until it was all gone. The pain has faded a little, enough for me to bare it at least. My father must have heard us, for he was now next to us.

"Bella, love, I thought you were sleeping. I'm sorry, I wouldn't have left." My father's voice was soothing but hard.

"Don't worry. I just got so thirsty-it woke me up. It's good that Carlisle is bringing me more. This kid is going to need it when he gets out of me." Momma's voice was soft but dry. She was so excited at the thought of me being out, but I wondered what it would be like a lot. What would they look like? What would I look like? But most important… Will I be safe with Momma? I didn't worry over it too much because I knew my family would keep us safe.

"True. That's a good point." agreed my father weather to my thought's or to Momma.

"I wonder if he would want anything else." wondered my mother.

"I suppose we'll find out." That was Jacob and today's voices flooded my mind.

"Finally," My Aunt Alice cheered. I hadn't even heard her come in. My mother started to lightly shake and her heart beat sped up.

"Hey, Bells. How ya doing?" Jacob's voice was light and caring. He's been told what Leah had done, that must be the reason my father was gone so Momma or I wouldn't here it.

"I'm fine." The emotion was back in her voice only stronger now that Jacob was here.

"Big day today, huh? Lots of new stuff." He was speaking calmly and slowly like he felt really bad.

"You don't have to do that, Jacob." said my mother trying to be strong.

"I don't know what your talking about."

"I'm so, s-" Momma stopped then mumbled, "Jake." in a weird way.

"You can talk when your not being stupid."

"Fine." said my mother. "I wont say it." Jacob must have stopped whatever he had done to Momma because she then blurted out, "Sorry!" which sounded like she was playing along.

"Thank you," my father whispered so softly that I could hardly understand.

"So how was your day?" Momma asked trying to be casual.

"Great. Went for a drive. Hung out in the park." He was trying to make Momma feel better.

"Sounds nice." Momma sighed.

"Sure, sure."

"Rose?" Momma asked as the walls around me begins to tighten.

"Again?" Aunt Rosalie chuckled.

"I think I drunk two gallons in the last hour." she explained as she tried to get up. Aunt Rose came to talk us into her arms but Momma had a new idea. "Can I walk? My legs are so stiff."

"Are you sure?" he asked his voice concerned and serious.

"Rose'll catch me if I trip over my feet. Which could happen pretty easily, since I can't see them." She laughed softly. She stood up with some help and walked a few steps. It felt off at first but then started to feel nice. "That feels good. Ugh, but I'm huge." She sighed. Momma patted the wall around me saying, "One more day." Then something strange started to happen.

"All rightly then. Whoops- oh no!" She almost yelled and the walls began to close on me. And when that happen something loud echoed all around me hurting my head. Something popped in my head and all of a sudden I couldn't breath.

My body was on fire and Momma screamed causing my head to feel like it was going to bursts. I was frightened and I couldn't think. I just acted. My feet stretched completely out and my arms flung away from my body hitting my mother's soft skin.

Snapping and tearing of skin sounded all around me but the voices were louder.


"Alice-get Carlisle on the phone!"

"What's happening, Edward?"

"He's suffocating!"

"The placenta must have detached!"

Everyone was screaming at each other and I remember thinking it was odd considering they could all hear each other loudly if the were whispering a human whisper. But finally, what I have been waiting for, for a few seconds, my Momma's voice was back.

"Get him OUT! He can't BREATH! Do it NOW!" she screamed at the same volume but her voice was full of pain.

"The morphine-"

"NO! NOW!"

I was slowly fading but I forced myself to concentrate on the words my father, Aunt Rosalie, and Jacob were all yelling to each other.

"Let the morphing spread." My father hisses.

"There's no time. He's dieing!" Replied my Aunt.

"No, Rose."

Loud grunts passed but I couldn't concentrate. I was fading fast… Momma was still so silent.

"Alice, get her out of here!" shouted my father. "Take her to Jasper and keep her there! Jacob, I need you!"

"CPR?" he replied.


My mind was growing bland and it felt like my head was nodding side to side ever so slowly making my head feel lighter and lighter until my head felt like it was going in a slow circle over and over again.

"Get her breathing! I've got to get him out before-" My food pressed on something and with a loud painful snap, momma's body fell on me. "He spine!" my father choked in horror.

The talking stopped and the loudest sound of all could be heard right next to my head. It was painful and I thought I could here ringing. My head was on fire and with the blood surrounding me, and with me to tired to drink, my hole body was being burned alive.

Something cold had me by my head pulling softly but firmly. I was being pulled from the tight little pouch for which I have lived. Cool air rushes into my lungs and my eyes open. The light made me think for a second that I was blind. And for a second, I was, but then I could see his face.

"Renesmee." He whispered and I would know his voice from anywhere. The man with the light red hair was my father, my daddy for which I finally am meeting but under harsh conditions.

I smiled at him and his lips pulled up in a small smile. I could here faint footsteps from the floor above us. But only one sound got my attention. "Let me…Give her to me."

I am quickly placed into the arms of my soft, warm, loving mother. Her eyes and hair was dark but her skin was almost as light as my father's. She studied me with her warm eyes and a warm, but broken, smile. She looked so astonished it made me more than happy.

"Renesmee, so… beautiful." she whispered in a broken voice. This was my momma who had fought for me since the moment she realized she was pregnant. She loved me first, she protected me first. And I loved her. My lips parted pulling back over my teeth, and as momma watched-she smiled in returned.

Right then the burning of my insides took over and as I laid my head down over her heart-my teeth found her soft skin and the faint heartbeat underneath. My teeth broke the surface and my mother's blood flooded into my mouth.

I was snatched out of my mother's arms and soon found my father tapping on my lips saying, "No, Renesmee," in a soft voice.

Momma? I thought and realized that it was my first direct thought I had sent to him. All the others were of me thinking about voices but this one was directed at him.

Daddy clutched me to his chest while Jacob continued to work on my mother. My father looked around but didn't know what to do.

"What are you waiting for?" Jacob asked quickly but loudly.

"Take the baby," my father said getting closer. My face was again blinded by the bright light above my mother.

"Throw it out the window!" Jacob shouted in reply.

"Give her to me," Her voice was clearer then when I heard it while in mother, there for it was more beautiful. I couldn't see her because I was still against my father's chest and my back was to her. "I've got it under control. Give me the baby, Edward. I'll take care of her until Bella…"

By then my father passed me over and Aunt Rosalie was walking quickly out of the room. We were down the stairs in a moment, the darkness of the room a relief on my eyes. I was wrapped in a blanket and had already been sucking from my cup as Aunt Rosalie put it.

She cooed to me quietly singing and talking and telling me how much I looked like my parents. There was a small lamp on and the light made it look like she was suntanned by the sun but I knew better.

I could here Jacob and Daddy upstairs with my mother and my other relatives a floor above them. But then Jacob's footsteps were running down the stairs which made me look up. He was coming toward me and I though he was coming to mess with Aunt Rosalie, but when he looked up and into my eyes his face was raged but then it became shocked and then loving.

I smiled at him and he came over. Aunt Rosalie acted and Aunt Alice was in front of us in the same second. There was more yelling but my father was there just as Uncle Jasper became involved.

"This is enough! Jacob has imprinted and we will have to deal with it and get along for Bella's sake. Renesmee was just born and already you are going at each other's throats. Alice, Rosalie, can you clean Bella up and find something more suitable for when I have Renesmee. After, Rosalie and I will hunt near the house."

I was handed off to Jacob while Aunt Rosalie tipped him on how to feed me the rest of my bottle. I drank and fell into a light sleep but was awoken a few hours later by the door opening and what sounded like Grandmother worrying.

"Edward?" She asked with a worried voice. She was stressed and scared.

"He's upstairs with the others. They are working on Bella and stuff like that. It took a few hours for Edward to get Bella ready to be bathed and stuff."

Grandmother had rushed over to me just as she realized I was already here. She smiled at me and my father appeared at the bottom of the steps. "Esme, that's Renesmee." he said and Grandmother brought her hands to her moth and laughed in awe. "Would you mind giving her, her first bath? Jasper is probably uncomfortable with her covered in blood."

Grandmother took me into her arms and rushed me into the kitchen. "Emmett get me a towel, please. Jasper, I'm sure Alice has an out fit."

She lied me on the counter and gently washed my skin with warm water and soap. She hummed quietly and named things off like my momma had. She leaned down to kiss my forehead and my hand touched her cheek. At the time I was thinking of Momma and if she was okay, but she seemed shocked. She stood up straight, and looked to her left into another room. Her skin and the room looked a light blue from the first rays of down. It wasn't vary bright at all like the sky was cloudy.

She looked back down at me quickly and smiled, "She's gifted." she whispered.

Uncle Jasper returned with the towel and the short-sleeved outfit. It was white and had no pants, it was light threaded and didn't support any kind of warmth. I was placed in a fresh blanket and was then taken back into the living room where Grandmother continued to hold me.

Jacob sat next to us and the both talked about how the night took off. Jacob had imprinted on me and I asked him with my 'gift' what that meant but he told mw in a weird voice that it meant that we would be best friends forever. I smiled at that and studied the room around me. It was lighter than the blue but the color was shifting to a light gray. The smell in the room was a mix between the forest, sunlight, flowers, and a woody scent. There was even a strong scent of my mother's scent that I couldn't even begin to describe.

I had been passed around between family members until I landed back in Jacob's protective arms. I loved all of my family members and what I saw on each and everyone of their faces convinced me that they loved me to and would forever protect me.

"You are absolutely right, Renesmee." Said my father as him and Aunt Rose came in through the back door. He took me from Jacob's arms and said, "Let's go check on Momma." he walked with me up the stairs at a human pace cradling me in his arms and murmuring to me how Momma was going to be alright and that I was going to be safe and sound forever.