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Renesmee's Eternal Dawn

Renesmee's Eternal Dawn is Renesmee's POV of Breaking Dawn starting from the womb until the end of Breaking Dawn.


5. Three Days Of Change

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My father had kept me with him most of that first day. He told me all about my mother, how they had met and how they fell in love. How my mother was as stubborn as he as some times. He also told me how much work it was for her to fight for me. He told me everything honestly. He told me how he had once left my mother and how he wasn't comfortable with Jacob at times, but thought of him as someone he could trust and call family.

He sang to me a lot. He sang what he called "Bella's Lullaby" but he also sang a new one. He said he called it "Renesmee's Song". He played it for me over and over, as many times as I wanted. At first it was beautiful, then a little haunted, but then the hauntedness and beautifulness blended together but then it was over. It was not yet finished but by the time it was done, I though it was going to be beautiful.

Momma never did wake up. I asked my father about why she never moved like I remembered but all he said was that she was sleeping in a way. She looked like she was sleeping but the more time I spent in the same room with my parents-the more my mother's beautiful scent faded. It was like she was being dosed with a new perfume that was permanent while her old scent was being thrown out the window.

Grandpa Charlie called a lot also. Grandmother talked with him, so did Grandfather, but he always demanded my mother. Once even Father talked to him, which I though calmed Grandpa Charlie down for he didn't call as often. Father said it was instincts. Grandpa Charlie could tell something was wrong with Mother.

After Father and Aunt Rosalie got back from hunting, the house was placed on lockdown in a way. No one strayed too far from the house, not even the wolves. I haven't met them yet just I though it would be soon. I didn't want to meet Leah, but something seemed like it would be unavoidable plus I knew my family would keep me safe.

At six am. I was measured by Grandfather, by noon I was measured again. Now, it was almost six pm and I was not being taken downstairs to spend time with my other family members. Father stayed upstairs with my mother and Grandfather went to check on Mother. Jacob and Aunt Rosalie fought over who was holding me first and who's turn it was to feed me.

"Hey, guys!" a familiar voice said as he came through the front door. "So the little monster's finally here. She looks like Edward." Seth said as he looked me in the face. He leaned over the arm of the sofa his face close to Aunt Rosalie's.

"She's not a monster, she's a perfect angel." replied my aunt as she looked down at me with an adoring smile.

"She's a Nessie." Jacob replied from the other end of the new sofa Grandmother had installed earlier this morning.

"What do you mean?" asked Grandfather coming down the stairs with a tape measure and scale.

"I was thinking about it while she was with Edward." Explained Jacob. "Bella and Edward would want to keep her hidden because its obvious how quickly she is growing and other's would wonder why they have a child looks exactly like them in under a month's time. It's also pretty obvious how she is one of a kind. How many physical relations do vampires and humans share? It's not normal. And, well, she is sort of a mystical creacher

that makes her a monster, so I thought Nessie. Its shorter then Renesmee but like her name, Nessie fits her in it's way."

"Bella would never let her daughter be named after a monster." said Aunt Rose with an eye roll. "I'm done talking about this but don't come crying to anyone when Bella tears you limb from limb."

"Rose." Grandmother snapped.

Once again, I was measured in my aunt's arms just to find I had grown longer in the last six hours. I thought it was a waste of time, but I wouldn't let them know about it. They were going to do it regardless it seemed.

I was fed, washed, and fitted into new clothing for the old one was too small. My hair was brushed out by my Aunt Rosalie, and then there was pictures took. My aunts made a photo booth out of Aunt Alice's room by spreading a pink blanket over the bed and setting up huge bright lights that looked like umbrellas. Uncle Jasper took the photos while my aunts dolled me up for the camera.

Aunt Alice said they were trying to put together a decent baby book so we could always look back on the crazy days of my birth, they also wanted to make it for Momma; so she wouldn't miss anything. Even Grandmother was part of the fun, while Uncle Emmett, Grandfather, and my father was researching. Jacob had went home for the night. All the wolves owed it to themselves and with Jacob's imprint on me-I was as safe as I could be. The wolves couldn't hurt me anymore because it was against their biggest law.

When it hit nine o'clock, they were still talking pictures but I was getting tired. And I'm pretty sure my family took advantage while I was sleeping but I didn't wake until I was fully rested which four am.

Jacob was not yet back but Grandmother said she had gotten calls from him, constantly checking on me. They said he was supposed to be back around noon at the latest but I was getting anxious. Grandfather gave me my cup but when I took a drink, I made a face and spit the nasty stuff out. Everyone laughed, even when I touched Aunt Rosalie's face remembering how bad tasting the stuff was.

"Come on, Nessie. I just want to know how well you could handle human food. Please, try, honey." but no matter how sweetly he talked me I had not patience for it. I refused to drink it. And when Jacob returned within five minute and took me into his arms, I bit him.

He looked at me with large eyes, then flipped out. I was in Grandfather's arms faster than light, but I felt scared. Was Jacob okay? Was I wrong to bite Jacob? I remember Father telling me not to bite but he only told me not to bite Momma, not Jacob.

Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett tried to control Jacob's movement's and panic attack and when they did, Jacob looked around.

"Hay, isn't this supposed to sting?" asked Jacob his voice slightly rising.

"Yeah," Aunt Rosalie said with a smirk trying not to laugh, "You think it's a little late to tell you that she's not venomous?"

"How are your sure?" asked Grandfather.

"Renesmee bit Bella while she was holding her. Bella bled but that was it. The bite looked like a small human bite but only not jagged. Her teeth are as strong as a vampire's."

"Oh." said Jacob as he hunched his shoulders and then reached for me.

The day outside was lightening up and so I was asked if I wanted to go outside. I thought it would be exciting until I remembered Leah's mean voice speaking to Momma. I didn't want to see Leah, because I knew she didn't like me at all and I knew she wouldn't like Jacob spending so much time with us.

I placed my hand on Aunt Rosalie's cheek and showed her what was on my mind. She sighed.

"What she saying?" asked Jacob as he came closer to me.

"She's scared."

"Of what?" Jacob said his voice going up in a laugh.

"The dog you know as, Leah. She remembers that, you know. Most likely the way Bella reacted was Nessie's reaction and not Bella's. Nessie's scared to death of her."

Jacob's face was set in a glimpse, looking like he was thinking of what Leah could have possibly said to make the that scared. I reached for him and was instantly in his arms with my little hand pressed against his cheek.

I showed him every little word Leah had said to us and I showed him how I felt. We didn't go outside but watched all the boys play a video game. Uncle Emmett got mad when Jacob beet him at the game but they went at it again and again. I smiled a lot at them when the playfully fought but I also frowned a lot, too. I thought Uncle Emmett's language was a lost cause.

Uncle Jasper took more pictures of me under Aunt Alice's command and soon Grandmother, Aunt Alice and Emmett went off into the woods. I asked where they were going but no one wanted to tell me, they said it was a surprise for Momma. Grandfather, Aunt Rosalie, and my uncles went up the stairs to do more useless research, and so that left the wolves, Jacob, and I.

Jacob had rewrapped me in a blanket, the way Grandmother and Aunt Rosalie showed him, and walked over to the window wall. Leah and Seth was out there, so was to other wolves. Jacob told me that their names were Quil and Embry, they were there to talk with him.

Jacob nodded at them then quietly took me up the stairs. Daddy was waiting for us at the door and he looked relieved to have me back in the room with him and Momma. He sang the song again and told me more about my human grandmother and grandfather. He told me how my grandpa didn't like how Momma went back to my father but Grandpa Charlie was happy that they got married.

After an hour, there was a nock at the door that I had been expecting. Aunt Alice had gotten me all kinds of baby clothes and had then delivered to the house form Seattle. Aunt Rosalie had gotten the door and the human unloaded all the boxes into the house with the help of my uncles, good thing it wasn't sunny out today.

Momma looked even more different than before. Her skin was completely healed with not even a scar but was the same color as my father's and though her heart beat, there wasn't even a hint of flush anywhere on her body. And I'm sure if I touched her, her skin would be colder as ever.

When will Momma wake up? I asked through my thoughts.

"When Mama feels better, honey."

She's sick?

"Honey, Mama's changing into what Daddy is, a vampire."

Is the other's vampires, too?


Am I a vampire, Daddy?

"You are the most special, you are both human and vampire." he smiled and I returned it.

When do you think Momma will wake up, Daddy?

"I don't know, honey. Maybe in a day or two."

Later that day, I finally let Jacob take me outside. I met Leah, which she was nice but I could tell she was uncomfortable around me. I also met Embry and Quil which were pretty funny. They wrestled with each other and took bets. But when they wouldn't leave Jacob alone, I was given to Seth in a hurry and Jake joined the fun.

Grandmother, Uncle Emmett, and Aunt Alice was coming through the clearing and the rest of my vampire family-aside from my father-came down the stairs to start carrying boxes back into the forest. I asked Jacob what was back there but Jacob said it was a surprise.

"Nessie, wanna see something cool?" Jacob asked and began to walk over where a lot of birds sat. Of course they all flew away but when we held really still, they came back and got even closer to us. I admired them but when Aunt Rosalie came closer to us, they flew away and even as Aunt Rose stool as still-they wouldn't dare come any closer.

"Aww, come on Rosalie, You knew this was going to happen someday!" Jacob laughed and Aunt Rose took me into her arms.

"What? That birds are attracted to your stench? I knew it already, dog. Get a life." Aunt Rosalie had to watch what she said around me, Grandmother didn't like it when they talked in bad language.

When it was getting dark all the vampires and Jake went inside, while Leah and Seth went home with the others. Jacob told them to go home tonight and come back in the morning. Grandfather tried to get me to drink more baby formula but I still refused. My nose scrunched at the smell. I was measured for the last time that day and while Aunt Alice rearranged all the flowers in the house, Uncle Jasper and Grandfather played a serious game of chess.

The game lasted for ten human minutes which was longer in vampire minutes. I watched every move and every expression with great interests. I was fed my cup in the middle of the game then Jacob took me all the way to the top floor of the house and went to the vary last room in the hallway. Jacob pulled back the blankets on Mother's bed and laid me in the middle and together, we fell asleep cuddling against each other.