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Renesmee's Eternal Dawn

Renesmee's Eternal Dawn is Renesmee's POV of Breaking Dawn starting from the womb until the end of Breaking Dawn.


6. Reunited

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I awoken to rain outside the window wall. It was pretty and got my mood up. Jacob was softly snoring in my ear and still had his arms cradling me, so it was easy to lay my hand on his cheek. I didn't show him anything, just rested it there and his eyes slowly opened. He looked down on me and smiled.

"Good morning, Nessie." he smiled and stretching.

"Good, she's up," said my Aunt Alice coming into the room with a big box. "Bella has a few hours left, that means she is going to see Renesmee today."

"Are you sure that is a good idea?" Jacob asked with a hard voice. He sat up on the bed with me against his chest, he was softly shaking, I placed my hand on his cheek and wondered why. He didn't answer.

"Why wouldn't it? She is Bella's daughter, plus, Renesmee doesn't even smell like a human." said Aunt Alice while looking through the box.

"She smells enough like a human." snapped Jacob and I quickly had my hand on his cheek not showing him anything.

"Jacob, I might not see Nessie clearly but I can now see her enough though the image is a little water stained, but I can still see. I see Bella meeting Renesmee, not eating her." I was taken out of Jacob's arms and laid on the bed.

Aunt Alice took of my clothes and placed a silky white dress on me. It was pretty, was all I thought about it, then I thought about other things. My hair was combed out and styled in the usual curls, thanks to Aunt Rosalie, but I had to wear white socks on my feet. I thought of them as uncomfortable and constantly tried to kick them off, but when I did manage to kick on off it was put right back on.

When I was being brought downstairs we passed Momma's room and daddy was there in the doorway waiting for me. I thought I was going to be able to go in, but he kissed my head and told me not to worry, Momma will be awake soon.

Soon turned out to be around three o'clock. I spent all day waiting. Sometimes watching a game that even Uncle Emmett wasn't into, sometimes being talked into drinking formula which didn't happen. Grandfather read out of his medical book and I found it interesting until there were new sounds upstairs.

I was passed quickly to Aunt Rose and everyone but Jacob, Aunt Rose, and I went upstairs to see what has happened. The rain had stopped but the sky was still cloudy. Seth and Leah were outside looking up into the windows above us, trying to see what was happening. I could easily here all the voices upstairs and I constantly demanded for my mother.

When was she coming to get me? When will she come down the stairs? When will I see her? Of course I was never answered for they were listening to what was going on. And when there were movement outside the window I was turned around so I couldn't see.

Jacob gasped lightly and Aunt Rosalie looked in awe. I wanted to see, but naturally they wouldn't let me. I knew that was my mother finally awakened just outside of the window. The sun was peaking out of the clouds but my mood was now sad.

Aunt Rosalie drifted to the piano and started to play what I know was 'Bella's Lullaby'. It was lovely and asked her to play it a few more times. Jacob tried to get me to fall asleep but the piano stopped and my eyes snapped open. I was handed to Grandmother for she was closest to us and Jacob went outside.

I squirmed and demanded I saw Momma but when I heard Jacob talking.

"I gotta say it, Bells. You're a freak show." Jacob's voice was joking but I could tell he was nervous.

My father growled as their voices got closet together. "Watch yourself, mongrel." I wondered why Daddy was being mean.

"No, he's right." a new voice said and my heart sped up and my patience shortened. "The eyes really something, aren't they?" From what I could tell now, and what I can remember, my mother was exactly the same person she was three days ago. It's just her body and voice that has changed. everything else had stayed the same.

"Super creepy. But it's no at bad as I thought it would be." Jacob said.

"Gee-thanks for the amazing complement!" Momma's voice raised and I thought of it as funny.

"You know what I mean. you still look like you-sort of…" I tuned off his words and thought about how close I was to my mother who was awake and joking just outside the window. I couldn't see her, of course, but she was just so close to taking me into her arms and smiling at me with an 'I told you I would come back to you'.

I patted Grandmother's cheeks with both hands trying to get her attention. I though of the voice outside and imagined it talking to me. Grandmother smiled and nodded and I started to move around again.

"Anyway, I guess I'll get used to the eyes soon enough." Jacob finally finished.

"You will?" Momma asked a little shocked.

"Thanks, I didn't know if you would be able to keep it from her, promise or not. Usually, you just give her everything she wants." What had Jacob meant? It didn't match up to what Mother had said which was even more confusing.

"Maybe. I'm hoping she'll get irritated and rip your head off." Daddy didn't sound like himself, maybe Jacob was thinking something he shouldn't have around Momma. Or maybe something happened while they were away.

"What's going on?" demanded my mother. "Are you keeping secrets from me?" Momma sounded disgusted but clueless at the same time.

"I'll explain later," replied Jacob. "First, let's get this show on the road."

For a second, I though they were finally coming inside where Momma could finally hold me more than a few seconds. But unfortunately, that wasn't what they were talking about.

"Come on, Bells. Do your worst." What was Jacob talking about? I asked Grandmother but she didn't have an answer.

"Huh. I can see what everyone's been going on about. You stink, Jacob." My mother laughed but I was still confused. Jacob wanted my mother to smell him? I knew he smelt good but what was the point?

"Okay, so I passed right? Now are you going to tell me what the big secret is?" asked my mother loosing her patience.

"It's nothing to worry about this second…"

Uncle Emmett chuckled and Aunt Rosalie shot him a killer glair. My mother was just outside the glass, but I couldn't see her. The sun was sending glares of light making it impossible to see. I could just see the outline of her hair, but it wasn't enough, I wanted to see all of her.

"Renesmee," Momma's whisper made me want her more. She didn't forget me, she knew who I was and the way she said my name, that she had given me, made me feel like all she had been waiting for was me.


"Come and see," murmured my father.

All my thoughts were circling around one person. The few shows I had seen on the TV made me think about parents. Human parents seemed terrible but I knew my momma was way different. She was a vampire and I loved her more than anything put together. More than Aunt Rosalie, more than the lullaby my father plays for me, even more than Jacob.

"You'll help me?" asked my mother with worry in her voice.


"Of course I will." said my father with a small smile in his voice.

"And Emmett and Jasper-just in case?"

"We'll take care of you, Bella. Don't worry, we'll be ready. None of us would risk Renesmee. I think you'll be surprised at how entirely she's already wrapped us all around her little fingers. She'll be perfectly safe, no matter what."

They started to head for the side door and Aunt Rosalie took me into her arms as the others started to line up in front of me. I wanted to make them move out of the way but I had no way to tell them…

"Are you sure, bloodsucker?" asked Jacob in an odd voice, much like the voice he used to use when I was inside my mother. "I don't like this. Maybe she should wait-"

No! I screamed in my mind.

"You had your test, Jacob." Spitted my father.


"But nothing. Bella needs to see our daughter. Get out of her way." Daddy almost growled.

Jacob stood there for a moment then stormed into the house. He was coming toward me and as I held out my hands for him, Aunt Rose held my hands back. I was confused on why Jacob was getting so mad. Why did he want Momma to stay away from me?

"Shall we?" those two words got my absolute attention as I watched both of my parents step into the room at the same time. My father was shirtless and my mother was sporting the shirt he had on for a day or so. Her long dark hair hung by her waist and her eyes were the brightest color of scarlet. Her skin was white and clean, her teeth straight and milky white. She was beautiful.

Jacob blocked my view and I had to lean around him to see. She looked at me and as we looked into each other's eyes they locked. Nothing could tear them away at the moment. "I was just out two days?" she asked as I stretched for her expecting her to come and take me into her arms like any other person usually had done.

When she didn't come to me I twisted around to Aunt Rosalie and placed my hand on her neck. I showed her the vary few memories I had of my mother then compared them to my mother in front of me.

She patted my hand and replied, "Yes, that's her."

My eyes were once again glued to my mother's trying to get her to take me into her arms and I could tell she wanted to. It was only right when she took the smallest step toward me, testing what the others would think.

Just then the entire image of my family changed. Aunt Rose backed up against the front door while Jacob moved forward to block me. As did all the others. Momma had hands clutching at her but she was completely in control.

"Oh, give her some credit." said Aunt Alice from her same spot she has been in for the past ten minutes. "She wasn't going to do anything. You'd want a closer look, too."

"I'm okay," said my mother as she looked down to the floor and back up at me. She then patted my father's hand and said, "Keep close, though, just in case."

I leaned even further out of Aunt Rose's arms reaching for my mother who has only ever held me in her arms once for only a few seconds.

"Jazz, Em, let us through. Bella's got this."

They all got into a huge discussion about what Momma had done on the hunt they just got back from. I willed Momma to come to me. To take me into her arms before they changed their mind.

"Edward," Momma murmured her gaze still on me. Her voice made me struggle even more and I was surprised Aunt Rose still had a hold on me.

I lost my mother's attention for a minute before I had gotten it back. She had to correct something then argue with my Uncle Emmett about hitting my father. "I would never," she almost growled.

I reached for her with everything I had and clenched the air. My fist clamped into fist over and over begging for my mother's closeness. Momma started to reach for me as well. She leaned around Uncle Jasper and murmured again. "Edward, please?"

"Jazz, this isn't anything you've seen before." Said my Aunt Alice. "Trust me."

Uncle Jasper soon moved out of the way but instead of fully trusting my mother like I did, he went behind her and placed his hand over her shoulder. Then slowly, oh so slowly, they began to talk little steps toward me. The steps were too little though, I got to the point where I couldn't wait any longer.

Something built in the back of my throat, and my father's eyes locked on me. I opened my mouth and let it out. A high, ringing wail sounded in my ears and it got my family to surround me, all of my family member except one. They were all patting and soothing but all I wanted was my mother.

"What's the matter? Is she hurt? What happened?" Jacob through the questions Aunt Rose like she had dropped me. Jacob held his hands out for me and I reached for him while Aunt Rosalie quickly passed me over to his warm arms.

"No, she's fine." she replied not so sure.

I quickly touched Jacob's cheek and quickly turned around in his arms to reach for my mother who stood shocked and staring wide eyed at the image.

"See? She just wants Bella." Aunt Rose went on.

"She wants me?" my mother's voice was strained and confused.

Yes! I screamed in my mind.

"She's been waiting for you for almost three days," my father whispered in Momma's ear slightly guiding her forward. She was so close. I reached further out of Jacob's arms just so I could try to touch her, make sure she wasn't a dream.

"Jake-I'm fine." Momma told him. My mother looked scared to have me in Jacob's arms but then I whimpered and reached once again my fist grasping the empty air.

Finally, Momma took that last step and, placed her hands just under my arms, pulling me toward her. Jacob's hands stayed on my waist but I was happy enough being cradled to my mother's chest. She was cold to the touch but I was glad I was way passed used to it. Her hand ran through my curls and rested on my back. I hugged her for a moment then pulled back to touch her face.

Momma gasped with shock but didn't pull away, she let me continue to show her what I had to tell her. When my memory ended, I pulled my hand away and smiled up at her. Everyone was quiet and at first I though I had done something wrong. But then Momma started to talk.

"What… was…that?" she chocked.

"What did you see?" asked Aunt Rose as she leaned around Jacob's huge frame. "What did she show you?" Everyone was looking with curious glances, wondering the same thing.

"She showed me that?" Momma asked looking around for answers.

"I told you it was hard to explain, but effective as means of communications go." Daddy answered.

"What was it?" asked Jacob his hands still on my waist.

"Um, me. I think. But I looked terrible." Mother said blinking rapidly.

"It was the only memory she had of you. She's letting you know that she's made the connection. That she knows who you are."

"But how did she do that?" Momma asked.

As they talked and the shock wore off of Momma's face, I ran my fingers through her hair gently pulling on a lock seeing is I would again get her attention. Her hair was soft and a deep brown with a few strands of dark red. It was beautiful.

"I remember you, too." Mother said in return. She leaned her head down and gently pressed her cool lips to my head in a small kiss. My mother smelt like sunlight and the pink flowers Aunt Alice was always decelerating the house in.

"She's fine," said my Aunt Alice.

"Haven't we experienced enough for one day?" asked Jacob. "Okay, Bella's doing great, but lets not push it."

I scolded him with a glance but my Momma was awake now, she was in charge.

"What's your problem Jacob?" she asked slightly pulling me away from Jake's hold. It was pointless really because he just got closer.

"Just because I understand, it doesn't mean I wont throw you out, Jacob. Bella's doing extraordinarily well. Don't ruin the moment for her." Daddy's voice was disapproving and I didn't know why Jacob was acting this way. Momma wasn't dangerous-she was calm and loving. Why dose he want me away from the only thing I've been waiting for?

"I'll help toss you, dog." hissed Aunt Rose. "I owe you a good kick in the gut."

I clung to my mother as I looked Jacob in the eye. Stop, I wanted to shout. Were okay. It's Momma. She would never hurt me. You know that.

"No!" Momma gasped, and I was then taken from her arms.