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The Dead Rose

What if there was a different world to the one we were used to, one where being in love was frowned upon, one where everyone were forced under the authority of a dictator. Well this is what Isabella and her twin sister face when the fall in love with supernatural creatures. Will the love they share be strong enough to overthrow the dictator or will they die while fighting for love and acceptance? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!
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Im already busy with the second chapter it should be up in a few hours. I dont own anything that was created by Stephanie Meyer, I do however own the new characters in this story, i spent alot of time on them so please dont kidnap them

1. Chapter One - Let the Education Begin

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I was sitting on the roof of our house, it looked the same like all the other buildings in our small town. My sister was already in bed, her dark brown her was fanned out on her pillow and she was talking in her sleep. It was moments like these that no one saw that my sister and I missed the world we were born into, before our country was thrown into the hands of a vile dictator because it was stuck in so much debt that the King sold his soul to the devil, so to speak. Dad worked at the local law enforcement, he used to love being called “Chief Swan” but now, he despised it. It only made him remember what has happened to our country. Who would have thought that the small country of Liechtenstein would be in the clutches of such an evil man? We had so many laws that it was terrifying. Just as our country started to adapt to the modern world, we were thrown back into the ways of the Victorian ages. Woman were only allowed to wear dresses, they weren’t allowed to cut their hair, they were only allowed to wear minimal make up, woman weren’t allowed to work. After school they would spend two semesters at the School of Home Arts, which was just a pretty name for a housewife school. Isabella sighed as she thought about what has happened to her home. She had dreams of becoming a teacher and her sister wanted to become a lawyer, well that went all down the drain the day Aro Volturi took their country into his vile clutches. Their family had a secret though; one that would flip Aro’s top if he knew about their place in this country. Dad said that it’s up to mom to do the best thing and as it turned out mom died two years ago. Her grave was hidden so that the engravings that were passed down to every grave from her family would not be notice Renee Kottulinsky daughter of Maria Anna von Kottulinsky, Princess of Liechtenstein born 1975 died 2008 cause of death: Unknown Isabella decided she needed to get some sleep; she and her sister had a long day tomorrow. It was the first day of High school. She climbed back into her room as her sister turned over and mumbled in her sleep. She then pulled her boots off and her nightgown and closed the window and crawled into her warm bed. She had a peaceful sleep, the snow was falling softly outside and her sister barely stirred for the rest of the night. All too soon it was morning and Isabella and her sister got up earlier then usual as they had to ensure their uniforms were perfect. The long black dress with the short sleeves with the red collar shirt that was to be worn underneath their school dressed then there was the black cloak with the red ribbon to tie it around their neck. After they were dressed and were sure their hair was platted in the required fashion and no strands of mahogany hair were in their faces they went down stairs to fin Mona, they house keeper, already serving breakfast. They sat down without a word. It was soon time to leave so the twins trudged out of the house and into the snow, it was warmer today and the sun was shining through the clouds. Isabella loved days like these, they reminded her of her mother’s smile, she looked to her sister and smiled at her, Jacqueline was smiling at the sun. It was a bare occasion seeing Jacqueline smile, after their mothers death her sister became cold and hard. They walked the two miles to school and both of them sighed heavily. The building was already crawling with other students, dressed exactly the same. Their individuality was something Aro hated, he wanted everyone to be the same. Her sister was already halfway to the steps when Isabella came out of her thoughts and dashed to meet up with her sister. The first day of high school was something the twins had dreaded but it was part of the education they were forced to get and if it helped them get out of the cursed country then they would strive to achieve the best grades possible. It was a mutual agreement between the twin sisters. The first bell rang and the sisters went to the room marked “First Year’s induction” as they were shown to do a week before at the welcoming night for new students. They took a seat at the back and just stared into the distance, they didn’t talk much and their friends knew it was because of what happened to their mother, it was as if the twins took a vow of secrecy. If only the people knew the real reason they didn’t talk much. Jacqueline pulled out a doodle pad from her back pack and started to draw. Ever since their mother passed away she would draw and the images were never friendly. Isabella read more then what she used to since her mother’s death but her sister had her own ways of dealing with the passing of their mother. Their dad said that everyone had their own way of grieving and we should allow each other to do just that. The doors to the classroom flew open and in walked a rather short and over-weight teacher. He walked to the front of the room, where a podium was perched up, he set his glasses on the bridge of his nose and held a long list in front of him. “I am Professor Wight and you will respect me as your Professor. I am not here to entertain your tom foolery and you will abide to all the rules of this institution.” With that he pulled the list closer to his face. “I’m going to call out your name and you raise your hand if you hear your name, once I have nodded towards you, you may lower it. I don’t want to hear a sound.” He started reading the list and a few of the names he said out loud I recognized but there were only a scattered few. Finally he called our names “Isabella Marie Swan” I raised my hand and he nodded “Jacqueline Ann Swan” She raised her hand and he nodded to her in the same fashion. She then went back to drawing and I just sat back in my seat listening to the names. He finally finished with the list then handed a pack of papers to a girl in the front seat and told her to divide it in three and hand it to the head of each of the two other rows so it could be passed around. “This is a subject list where you will choose the subjects you want to have. There are a lot of options so think about it a bit, you have an hour to decide and return the forms to me.” He moved to a desk and took a seat. When the last two papers reached our desk I handed one to Jacqueline and started to read mine Subject options: Math Science Biology English Gym History Arts and Culture World Agriculture Politics Economics Accounting Life Orientation Computer Technologies French Spanish Sixteen subjects weren’t really a big selection so I ticked English, French, History, Biology, Science ,Spanish and Arts and Culture. Jacqueline was already drawing and her paper was laying face down on her desk. Only ten minutes had passed by out of the hour that this was assigned to. As I started to look around the classroom I noticed that most of the students were done there were only about ten out of the group of fifty who were still sitting with lowered heads. Professor Wight must have noticed the same and he glanced at the clock. “Most of you are done by the looks of things so if we can start at the last row with the last two seats then move forward, two students at a time so that we can assign you to your classes.” Jacqueline and I were, ironically, seated at the desk that would begin so we both grabbed our lists and moved to his desk. He took our forms then looked at us and shook his head. “Identical twins yet your subject choices are so different.” He stated the obvious, everyone knew we weren’t the same in any way except for our appearance. “Jacqueline, Math, Gym, History, World Agriculture, Politics, Economics and Accounting. Well you’ll be assigned to group A, seeing that most of your subjects fit into that curriculum but for your Politics class, depending on the amount of students who choose it along with you, you might be having it with the second year group.” Jacqueline just shrugged at his comments. She wasn’t in the mood to respond. He handed her a class schedule and a few other papers and made a copy of the subject form and handed it to her then slid the other documents into a folder. “You can sit down now Jacqueline.” She nodded then walked back to her seat as I turned my head towards the Professor. “Isabella, , French, History, Biology, Science ,Spanish and Arts and Culture. You will be assigned to group C as your subjects are all in that curriculum.” He handed me my schedule and some other papers and then did the same with my subject list and waved me off. After about an hour we were all separated into groups A-F The groups were about twenty students or less. Jacqueline and I gave each other a quick hug before we were to be escorted to our separate class divisions. Apparently each group had their own schooling division. How odd.