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The Dead Rose

What if there was a different world to the one we were used to, one where being in love was frowned upon, one where everyone were forced under the authority of a dictator. Well this is what Isabella and her twin sister face when the fall in love with supernatural creatures. Will the love they share be strong enough to overthrow the dictator or will they die while fighting for love and acceptance? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!
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Im already busy with the second chapter it should be up in a few hours. I dont own anything that was created by Stephanie Meyer, I do however own the new characters in this story, i spent alot of time on them so please dont kidnap them

2. Chapter 2 - (Jacqueline's POV) - The Law

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This school was so boring, the classes were interesting, sure, but the other then that it all made me feel like some Goth reformatory. It was the second day of school and Isabella and I barely saw each other during the day, seeing that we were split into separate parts of the school grounds. To add to it all, I had a stalker almost instantaneoulsy the moment we were seated in our first class. “Hey I’m Nicholas, but you can call me Nic if it pleases you sweet cakes.” I growled at him which only encouraged him more. “So your Jacqueline, may I call you Jackie?” I hate that nick name I preferred Jac. He didn’t need to know though. I just took to ignoring him as much as possible. I was sitting in my Politics class that I had with the second year students, apparently only my stalker and I had this class out of our group. I couldn’t help but sigh dejectedly at that. I scanned the class room when I noticed that there was a rather odd looking boy in my class, he must have been in the second year class, and I would definitely remember his soft blonde curls that sat so gently against his head. I lowered my head immediately, hoping he didn’t notice me. I went back to drawing, the professor was babbling about the class rules, anyway, but somehow, Mr. Goldie Locks ended up in my drawing, I imagined him with a distinct jaw line, soft green eyes, and full luscious lips. I paid more attention to his eyes and to his lips, shadowing them to display a feeling, one that was frowned upon…….Love. It was so stupid that all women or girls were only allowed to marry into an arranged marriage and it had to be approved by that idiot Aro Volturi. It makes me so mad knowing that I am not allowed to fall in-love or to experience heart break or to have the joy of a surprised engagement. I chewed on my pencil as I attempted to clear my mind and listen to the professor’s babbles. The bell finally rang and it was recess. I waited for the Professor to leave, then I walked out towards our cafeteria. As I rounded the corner close to the cafeteria doors I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I spun around only to have the breath knocked out of me when I saw Mr. Goldie Locks standing in front of me. My picture that I drew didn’t do him any justice, though I had the basics going. “Well I knew I wouldn’t have a good day if I let the second day of school pass without meeting you, I am Eli, and you must be one of the Swan twins?” He was leaning against the wall, his golden hair just covering his eyes. “Yeah, I’m Jacqueline. So why would you want to meet me?” He ran his fingers through his hair then looked at me with the most amazing piercing blue eyes. “Why wouldn’t I want to meet the girl that makes my heart skip a few beats?” I must have been crazy or something but instinctively I took a step closer to him and whispered. “I wonder why I would cause something like that to you.” His hand stroked my cheek, I blushed at the action, and he just smiled as if he had seen the sun for the first time. He leaned in closer to me then whispered “Join me for lunch?” I nodded slightly and pulled away from him so that I could breathe. He stepped forward and took my hand in his and entwined his fingers in mine. We then walked to the cafeteria line, he got us both a salad and an apple juice, we then walked to an empty table in the corner of the cafeteria. “So what does a second year student see in a first year student?” I asked playfully as we ate. “Well for starts, your not just any first year student, you are the most beautiful student in this school and secondly, you’re just so mesmerizing.” The way he said was what shocked me the most; he stated it in such a manner that it should have been common sense to everyone. We carried on talking about any random subject that would pop up, when the bell rang we both sighed. “I’ve got Biology 1 “he smiled. “I’ve got Biology2; the classes are next to each other.” I couldn’t help but feel the small smile cross my face. He took hold of my hand once again as we walked to our classes. When we reached the classes he placed a soft kiss on my cheek then walked inside the classroom next to us. I finally started to breathe again as I turned and walked into the class with the other students. This was the most interesting second day of school I would ever have. I sat down at the desk at the back of the class; I was in no mood to be paying attention. The professor walked into the class room just as I looked up from my sketching. I was shocked to see a woman who looked so much like Eli that I completely forgot about breathing. “Well this is gonna be interesting.” I mumbled to myself. She had the same long golden hair though it was much too straight and her eyes were the exact same piercing blue, but what stunned me the most was that she looked so young. Woman weren’t allowed to work, never mind teach, Isabella would be in shock if she heard that I had a female professor. My sister has been looking into every possible way for her to be allowed to work and teach but she hit a wall of rules and laws every time she got close to something that might work. I shook my head to try and get myself to focus on the lesson but it turned out that the professor was just doing a check on what we already knew. This was going to be a long class. After about forty minutes of random questions the bell rang and I started packing my stuff away when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around to see Eli smiling like a cat that just got cream. I smiled back and put the last things in my back pack and we headed to the door. As we reached the door the professor stepped closer to Eli. “I see you made a new friend Eli.” I thought I heard him hiss at her but I wasn’t too sure. “I have, thank you for noticing.” He sounded so calm and in control. “You do know that you have to stick to the other arrangement while we are in this country.” I felt my knees buckle as she said those words; it clearly meant that he was already in negotiations of an arranged marriage. I felt Eli’s arm behind me, steadying me. “If you don’t mind dear sister we have a class to get too.” The way he said sister made it sound like he was fighting so much emotion and anger towards her. I blinked a few hundred times trying to wrap my mind around what had just happened. “Jacqueline, are you ok? You look rather faint.” I didn’t even think about how I must look. I just headed towards one of the benches that were situated all over the hall ways. As I sat down I placed my head in my hands and mumbled unintelligibly to myself. I felt his hand stroke my shoulder. How could I let myself feel something for a guy who I only met this morning? How could I go against the one law that was so strict that it would strike fear into anyone who would dare to oppose it? We sat there even after the halls were cleared. A nurse found us there about ten minutes into the period and I must have looked horrible because Eli picked me up and took me to the nurse’s station, she looked me over and all she could diagnose was nausea, dizziness and a headache. Apparently it was enough to make Eli extremely concerned. “Would it be all right if I took her home?” I heard Eli ask the nurse. “I’d prefer it, you know how the board gets if they see a student is ill.” I heard her write on two sheets of paper. “here’s one fore each of you, you’ll get the rest of the week off, if it’s a bug that can spread I’d rather nip it in the bud” Eli picked me up bridal style and carried me out of the office , I felt so nauseas and I was even to scared to open my eyes. I heard a car door open and he slid me into the passenger seat, the door slammed shut and I heard him shuffle off in the snow, probably to get our bags. I leaned back against the car seat, the nausea and the headache was making me sleepy and I must have dozed off coz I don’t remember hearing the car start or Eli returning. I just felt the car move which in turn brought on another wave of nausea; I threw my head forward, resting it on my knees as I felt Eli slow down. “You ok?” I just nodded. This was just wonderful note my sarcasm. The car stopped and I looked up to see we were at my house. No one was home, I was thankful for that. I took in a deep breathe and turned to open my door only to realize Eli had already opened it. I stepped out of the car and steadied myself against the door. “This day just better not bring more surprises; I doubt I’d be able to handle it.” He chuckled softly as we walked to the front door. I reached up to the eave of the door and pulled the key out then unlocked the door. He followed me into the house. Mom had made sure the house was bright, no matter the doom and gloom of the weather outside, things were always brighter on the inside. Eli placed our bags at the entry way and followed me to the lounge. I sat on the loveseat and then turned to him. “So seeing that I might be carrying some horrible infectious disease, what do you suggest we do for the rest of the afternoon.” His one eyebrow rose and he just smiled at me. This was going to be an interesting week.