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Edwards new girl

Edward and Tanya were about to take their relationship to the next step when the new human girl Isabella Swan steals his heart.


1. Edwards new girl

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(Edwards pov) Tanya we need to talk A.S.A.P meet me at the meadow love, Eddie (Tanyas pov) "so tanya you and Eddie are getting pretty serious, now when do you think he'll perpose" "Well kate im not for sure- "Beep Beep" "Hold on one sec its a text from Edward" Tanya we need to talk A.S.A.P meet me at the meadow love, Eddie "He wants me to meet him at the meadow" "well then whats keeping you here" (Bellas pov) "Hey Edward" "Hello Bella" "So Bella i was wondering if you needed a ride to Seattle this week end" "How did you know i was going to Seattle" "Mike Newton" "Oh, that explains it but i can drive myself" "I know you can drive your self but i dont think your truck can make it" "My truck can make it" "stupid Volvo owner" somehow i think he heard me because he tried to hide his laugh behind a smile. "yes or no" i just nodded he smiled but then it faded away and he was all serious. "you should really stay away from me " (Jessicas pov) "Hey Ang we need to go to Seattle to hit all the good dress stores before all the good dresses get sold" "yeah, when do we need to go because really the only free day i have is tomorrow" "well then will go tomorrow" "Bella are you going to the dance with Cullen" "No but the day of the dance were going to Seattle" "Give me all the details did you ask him or did he ask you?" "Jess slow down he asked me and i said yes plain and simple" "Oh, so do you want to come with us to Seattle any way?"" "sure i dont have any other plans" (Rosalies pov) "Edward arew you serious she's human, you just need to stick with someone like you oh wait you already have someone like you what's her name again, oh yeah its Tanya" "Rose, Im not in love with Tanya" "Well your not IN LOVE with that human either" "What if someone made you choose between someone your in love with or someone who was like you what would you choose" "I would choose someone like me" "What if that someone you were in love with was Emmett" "Thats different i all ready have Emmett and he's like me" "What ever Rose" (Tanyas pov) "Hey, Eddie i got your text what did you want to talk about" "Tanya you know i love you right" "Yes, why" "Tanya Im not in love with you i only think of you as family" "what are you saying, are you breaking up with me" "Yes" "why, what did i do wrong, i thought we were ready for the next step" "It's not your fault Tanya, I've founf the person i want to spend the rest of my life with" "The only other Veggie Vampires you know are Kate,Irina,and Camermon" "she isn't a Veggie Vampire" "Tanya, I'll see you soon i got to go, Bye "