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My best friend's baby

Edward Masen is getting married to Tanya Denali, the girl his best friend, Bella Cullen, hates. One drunken night three months before his wedding will cause many problems. The one person he wants at his wedding doesn't come, and he ends up seeing her awhile later.


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( Edward's POV age 17 )

" Hey Bells!", I called across the school parking lot. Isabella Cullen was my best friend.

" What's up Edward?", she smiled brightly. Bella always smiled around me.

" So, I got a date tonight and I sorta need help on where to take her.", I silently prayed that she would help me. I swear I saw her face fall a little.

" Oh, well um... You can head up to port angeles and take her to La Bella Italia. Or that new chinese place they got up there. I can't really think of anything else. Then maybe take her to a movie.", She suggested and shrugged. I nodded and we headed inside. Of course Bella being clumsy Bella she runs into someone.

" I am so sorry.. are you alright?", the kid asks her. He's about three inches taller than me, has reddish brown indian skin and black hair. Of course he has muscles too.

" Um, yeah... I'm Bella, Bella Cullen.", she held her hand out.

" I'm Jacob Black, the new kid.", he smiled his ultra white smile and shook her hand.

" Nice to meet you Jacob, but I have to get to class. I'll see you around.", She blushed.

" You can call me Jake, and yeah I'll see you around.", he waved then walked in the other direction. We got to class and took our usual seats.

" So, you're birthday is in three days.", I casually mention.

" Yep."

" The big one eight. You fianally become a legal adult.", I smiled.

" Yep, and if you think about getting me a present or throwing me a party I will castrate you will a wooden spoon.", she glared at me. Bella hated celebrating her birthday. Bella's family consisted of her mom, her dad and her two year old sister Alice.

" Fine.", I pouted.

( Edward's POV age 21)

I've been with Tanya for four years. She's amazing. Except for the fact that she hate's bella. Bella doesn't come around like she used to. She isn't fond with Tanya either. Senior year Tanya had found a picture of Bella at age ten when she had braces and glasses and she put it up all overthe school. I forgave Tanya but Bella never did. Bella is pre-med right now. My major is music with a minor in biology. Tanya's major is dancing... she wants to be an exotic dancer. She's minoring in fashion too.

" Eddie, I think we should go out on a date...", Tanya hopped into my lap.

" Hmm... Ok, where do you want to go?", I smiled and kissed her cheek.

" La Bella Italia?", she suggested. I nodded and we got ready. When we got there we were seated almost immediatly. Halfway into our mean Tanya had to use the restoom so I listened to conversations around me.

" Jake, I don't know. I'm really busy.", My second favorite voice in the world said, Bella.

" C'mon! It's your twnety first brithday! You need to get drunk!", Jacob Exclaimed.

" I don't want to do it without him there.. we always used to do stuff together before she came into the picture.", Bella sighed sadly.

" Bells, when's the last time you got laaid?", Jacob asked. Did I really want to hear this?

" A month ago... maybe longer I forget.", she told honestly.

" WHAT! I'm gay and I've gotten more than you! Look I know you're in love with him but he's in love with someone else. You need to move on. And what about medical school? The only people that know your in your second year of med school are your family and I. You didn't even tell Edward. That's big. You start your residency in two years and you've only told the people who are very close to yo. You didn't tell your best friend.", Jake said.

" You're my best friend Jake. Edward isn't around enough for that title anymore.", that sentance broke my heart. Tanya had just come back and we began to eat. Bella was right, I wasn't around anymore. I even forgot her birthday, the last time I even talked to bella was like a montha and a half ago. Great, my best friend probably hates me now..


Today is the day of Bella's 21st brithday party. I'm gonna suprise her by being there. Tanya thankfully had things to do, so I was aloud to get drunk with Bella and hang out with her. Jacob knew I was going to be there but Bella didn't. So, that bings us to know. I'm sitting at the bar while we wait for Bella to arrive with Jacob. From what Jake told me.. she looks different. She looks like something guys beat their meat to in a playboy magazigne. And looking at her know as she jsut walked through the door.. HE's right. Her hair goes to he middle of her back, she's not wearing heavy makeup. And my clusmy Bella is wearing a VERY short dress and HIGH heels!

Bella and I get drunk and hang out the rest of the party. It feels right being with my best friend. What I didn't count on was what the alchohol would do to me. I remebered none of the night before except for Bella and I... doing certain things that involve waking up naked next to her...

" Shit!", I yelled. It woke Bella and she sat up fast.

" Oh god...", she whispered. I jumped out of the bed and put my clothes on.

" This never happened! Tanya will not find out alright? It was a stupid giant mistake, I- Bye Bella...", I ran out of the room. When I got to my apartment Tanya was asleep in our bed. I felt so guilty. I had cheated on her. And we were engaged! Our wedding was in three months! I layed down and went back to sleep.

( Bella's POV day of the wedding!!)

Edward invited me to his wedding, I wanted to go.. all right that's a lie. I should want to go to my best friends wedding.. but I can't when I'm in love with him. I can't watch as he promises to always be with her. I hate Tanya, and he... loves her. I don't see how we're going to be able to be friends after this. On top of that I'm sick, I throw up almost every morning. So I set up a doctor's appointment. Lucky for me, there was an apointment available the day of the wedding.. So I didn't have to watch the man I love marry rhe wrong girl. So here I am, sitting in the doctor's office waiting for my name to be called. My cell phone rings but I don't answer it. Finally I get called into the room and the doctor comes in.

" Miss Cullen.. It says here that you vomit almost every morning, if you don't mind I'd like to take a blood test and a urine test.", I nodded and the doctor's got to work. I peed in the cup and now I was waiting for the results. Looking at the time I noticed that they were probably saying 'I do', at the moment. I waited in the room about twenty minutes until I got the shocking results.

" Miss Cullen, Congratulations, you are twelve weeks pregnant. If you don't mind I'd like to do a sonagram to make sure everything is good with the baby.", The doctor requested. I just nodded, not trusting my voice. When I saw my baby for the first time, I felt tears going down my face. I was pregnant with Edward's baby. The man who got married today.

I grabbed the sonogram photos and put on my dress and headed to the reception. I walked over to my parents table and they looked at me curiously.

"Where were you?", my dad asked. Alice had fallen asleep on his lap.

" The doctor, I need to tell you guys something.", I felt tears build in my eyes again. I handed the photo to mom and she gasped.

" Bella are you....", she trailed off. I nodded. My dad took the photo and his eyes got huge.

" I'm twelve weeks pregnant.", I told them. I saw Edward then, but refused to look him in the eye.

" What are you going to do?", Dad asked.

" I'm keeping the baby, it's not his or her fault that this happened.", I put the pictures back into my purse.

" Who's the father?", Mom questioned.

" Well, let's just say, I definetly won't be telling him. So it doesn't matter.", I growled.

" Yes it does Bella. The doctor needs to know himself and his family's medical history in order to make sure there are no possibilities of disease or sicknesses. So I'll ask again, who's the father?", mom said strictly.

" The groom is the father of my child. We got drunk on my birthday and ended up sleeping together.", I looked away from them. They both gasped and looked at him.

" Wow, um... Bells maybe you should telll him. I think he may want to know he's going to be a father.", My dad suggested.

" No, first, I hate Tanya. I'm not letting my child anywhere near her. Second, Edward would think the baby is a mistake. I won't put my child through that.", I growled.

" Alright Bella, but just think it over. What are you going to do about med school and your residency?", Mom questioned.

" I'll finish med school and my residency. I only have 2 years of med school left then my residency, then everything will go back to the way it was. Except I'll have a child.", I shrugged. My parents nodded. The party flowed easily, but I didn't once talk to Edward. I ignored him the best I could.

( Edward's POV 6 months later! The baby is gonna be here soon!)

I was in Forks with Tanya, we were going to visit my family. It was June 29th. We were gonna stay here for the rest of summer. We headed into my parents house and saw a note on the fridge.

' Edward, if you get here and we're not home we're at the Cullen's. Please Join us, Love Mom and Dad '

" Looks like we're heading to the Cullen's house. That's where my parents are.", I sighed and we got back into the car. We headed to the Cullen's and got there in five minutes. I helped Tanya out of the car and knocked on the door. Esme opened it and invited us in. The house was different, there was stuff for a baby. I hadn't heard Esme had a baby. I walked into the living room and saw my mom holding a tiny little baby.

" Wow, Carlisle he looks so much like you!", she noticed. I walked over and looked at the baby and he did indeed look like Carlisle.

" Congratulations, I hadn't even heard Esme was pregnant.", I congratualated. His eyes got wide and he laughed.

" Little Oriyon is only two days old. Esme is not his mother.", he laughed and shook his head. I raise my eyebrows in confusion.

" Who are his parents then?", I am soooo confused.

" He's our grandson, and Alice is too young to have a child.", he hinted. Bella had a baby!? Wow....

" B-bella? So, she was pregnant at the wedding?", I asked.

" She found out that day, that's why she didn't come to the cerimony. She was at the reception though. She was twelve weeks.", Esme confirmed. Twelve weeks? That's three months, three months before the wedding I slept with Bella....

" Is he mine?", I blurted out. Everyone went quiet. I heard a gasp and saw Bella on the stairs...

" Um, I need to give Oriyon his bottle. The doctor told me to keep him on a schedule.", she pushed past me and took the baby into her arms. Now that I look at him closer, he had a little bit of bronze tints to his hair. He was very tiny, when he opened his eyes you could seethey were blue, but not the normal newborn blue.

" Edward, what do you mean, ' Is he mine?;", Tanya growled. Bella had returned and was feeding him his bottle on the couch.

" Bella and I sorta.... we- we had relations three months before the wedding. It was an accident, I swear! I was drunk as was she and I can barely remember it!", I tried to excuse.

" What! Why with her! Why couldn't you get drunk and sleep with some stranger! Not that homewrecker!", Tanya yelled, making Oriyon cry. Bella calmed him down and continued feeding him.

" Tanya calm down, let's talk about this rationally! If I remember correctly you cheated on me once too! So there's really no reason to be mad about this.", I pointed out.

" I didn't get pregnant!", She growled. I flinched.

" Look, it doesn't matter who my son's father is! The only thing I'm going to tell him about his father is that he went on a trip and isn't coming back.", Bella spoke up. My mouth dropped.

" N-no! If he's my son, I want to be in his life!", I shouted.

" Of course, stick up for something to deal with her! You always have!", Tanya laughed humorlessly.

" She was my best friend! You treated her like crap, of course I'm going to stick up for her! Jeez sometimes I wonder why I married you in the first place!", Oh god, I hadn't ment to say that. Even though that's what I felt. Tanya was always out partying and coming home drunk and disheveled at all hours of the night. I seemed like she didn't even love me.