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Picture perfect

Edward and Bella are amazing artists. After high school graduation they decide to hang out with their friends, while Bella decides to draw Alice and Rosalie's ' perfect man ', Edward draws Emmett and Jasper's ' Perfect Woman '. When they all head off to Dartmouth, they may or may not find their perfect partners.....


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( Bella's POV)

Hi! I'm Isabella Cullen, but I prefer being called Bella. I am the eighteen year old daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. After I was born, Mom found out she couldn't have any more children. So I'm an only child. I'll be heading off to Dartmouth with my best friends, Alice and Rosalie, in the fall. I'm going to major in English lit, with a minor in art. What most people don't know about me is that I'm an amazing drawer. Well, at least that's what Rose and Ali say. We all live in Pheonix, Arizona. So I guess that brings us to today. Graduation. A mile stone in all teenagers life. It's hard to think that I'd been in school for twelve years and I never have to see those teachers again.

" Bella! Let's go, you're going to be late!", my mom called up the stairs. She was an interior designer while my father was a brain surgeon. I rushed down the stairs and into the car. As soon as we got to the school I was attacked by Alice and Rose.

" I can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday we were little five year olds fighting over who's turn it was to use the markers!", Alice sobbed.

" I know! Know we're off to College together in the fall and then we'll get jobs and get married then have families of our own!", Rose exclaimed.

" But we'll alway's be best friends, we may not see eachother as much, but we'll always be friends.", I agreed. When we got to Dartmouth we had an off campus apartment with four bedrooms.

Too soon our names were being called to collect our diplomas. We were finally highschool graduates. I know it's cheesy, but I cried, we had so many memories here. I had my first kiss here. I even cashed in my v-card here. In tenth grade, I remember Rose had ust got her drivers licence and she crashed her car into a pole not five minutes after getting it. In sixth grade, Alice filled the teacher's lotion with purple food dye because she got a ' B ' on her science presentation.

We went to my house after the ceremony, I grabbed my sketch pad and we all sat on my big bed.

" I have an idea! All girl's want a man of their dreams right? I'll draw them, and you'll right their personalities on the paper and we'll hide them in the apartment when we get to New Hampshire.", I suggested. We all ageed and I started on Rose's man first.

" I want him to have curly brown hair. Not long because it would knot up too much. His eyes should be blue and childlike. Dimples too! His smile has to be huge, because he's the fun guy of his group of friends. Then his personality I want him to be carefree, and fun. Of course he has to love cars, oh and I love muscles. Maybe a baseball or a football player in highschool and college.", she nodded to herself. I handed the drawing to her and she gasped at the accurateness I was able to draw. Next up was alice.

" Well, wavy blonde hair, and sincere eyes that are of course blue a little bit lighter than mine. He's serious about his future but still likes to hang out with his friends. He has a scar somewhere on his face and his face is soft. He looks mature. Hm, he loves history, and is sensative to people's emotions. He loves baseball and would take me shopping whenever I wanted.", she sighed to herself. I chuckeld and handed her the drawing. She squeeled in excitement. Now it was my turn.

" His hair is wild, and untameable. It's a strange color, not like blue or anything but naturally strange. His eyes are green, like emeralds. He can draw like me and loves his family. He used to play football, but now he just wants to focus on his schoolwork. He has muscles but not he's not meaty. He can read people well, and always pays attenion to the girl he loves. He doesn't claim to be perfect, and knows he isn't. That makes him considerate.", I looked at my drawing. He was my dream man, the one who probalbly doesn't even exist.