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Picture perfect

Edward and Bella are amazing artists. After high school graduation they decide to hang out with their friends, while Bella decides to draw Alice and Rosalie's ' perfect man ', Edward draws Emmett and Jasper's ' Perfect Woman '. When they all head off to Dartmouth, they may or may not find their perfect partners.....


2. 2

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( Edward's POV)

Hi, my name is Edward Masen Jr. I hate being called Eddie. I'm the eighteen year old son of Edward Sr and Elizabeth Masen. I have a ten year old brother Jacob. I'll be going to darmouth with my best buds Emmett and Jasper, in the fall. I'm majoring in Music and a minor in Art. I have a talent that was passed down to me, Drawing. I've won many awards and gotten many scholarship opprotunities for my art. I live in Chicago, Illinois. Today I'm graduating, most people find it exciting but it's just graduation. You still have to go to College so what's the point?

" Edward, let's go. The Uley's are saving our seats!", Dad called. He was a famous lawyer while my mom was a stay at home mom. We got to the school twenty minutes early but saw Em and Jazz were already there.

" Dude! We get college chicks now!", Emmett fist pumped.

" Except it's still illigal for us to drink Emmett.", Jasper sighed and shook his head.

" Look, let's just get through this boring ceremony and go back to my place. I've got some new video games and a new action movie.", I said. We all got in line and waited for our names to be called. We were going to live together in an off campus apartment and we were going to make it a bachelor pad! Our names were called and we were officially high school graduates. We went back to my place and into the living room. We decided to mess around and I'd draw our dream girls. Then write their personalities of the paper. Emmett went first.

" Well, long blonde hair. Her eyes a deep blue almost purpleish. She loves cars oh and she's bad ass. She doesn't take shit from nobody. She's got a body like a model. She's loyal to her friends. She used to be a cheerleader or still is. Hmm..... That's all.", he smiled as if he was proud of himself. He saw the person I drew and I thought he would... pleasure... himself with it. Jasper's turn next.

" I want her to have short black hair. Her eyes blue but just a little darker than mine. She loves her friends like sisters. She hates to have scars on her body anywhere. She's always excited to where usually I am the only one who can calm her down. She used to cheerlead but gave it up when goes to college.", Japser noddd when I gave him his picture. He smiled to himself . Finally it was my turn.

" She has wavy brown mohagany hair, and her eyes are brown. But not normal brown, like chocolate brown and they have depth to them. She blushes at almost everything. She's clumsy so I can always be there to catch her. She loves books and art. She's the most mature of her group of friends.", I looked at my dream girl and sighed knowing she probably isn't anywhere out there.