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Picture perfect

Edward and Bella are amazing artists. After high school graduation they decide to hang out with their friends, while Bella decides to draw Alice and Rosalie's ' perfect man ', Edward draws Emmett and Jasper's ' Perfect Woman '. When they all head off to Dartmouth, they may or may not find their perfect partners.....


4. 4

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( Bella's POV)

Before I knew it, it was thanksgiving and Edward and I had been dating for two months. He was exactly like my dream man. Our relationship was a secret for now though. We wanted time to ourselves before we told our friends. Speaking of which, Rosalie had been dating Emmett and Alice had been dating Jasper.

" Call me when you get there love.", Edward kissed me deeply.

" I will, see you in a week.", I gave him one more kiss and got in my ferrari. I reached my parents house finally and was attacked. My parents seemed anxious for some reason. Finally I had enough.

" All right! What's going on? I'm being attacked and I'm not even in the house yet.", I yelled. Mom and dad looked at eachother and dad took a deep breath.

" Well, after you left we did something crazy.", Dad said.

" We, well Isabella you're a big sister now.", Mom smiled. My mouth dropped.

" Mom, last time I checked you weren't pregnant.", I shook my head.

" We adopted twin boys. They are five and their names are Collin and Brady. Collin has black hair and Brady has blonde.", Mom explained. My mouth wasn't working. I just went inside. Then I remembered something.

" Shit! I forgot to call Edward.", I ran to the car and grabbed my cell.

" Edward?", my dad growled.

" Edward is kinda sorta my secret boyfriend. We've been dating for two months..." I blushed and looked away.

" Noooo, I thought I had more time before you grew up.", Dad groaned and truged inside. I was attacked by hugs by two little boys.

" You're Bella, our big sister!", Brady hugged me tighter. I laughed and picked them both up.

" Yep, and you are collin and brady my new brothers.", I set them back on their feet and went into the kitchen with mom.

" So, what's Edward like?", Mom asked.

" He's amazing, do you remember when I drew Ali, Rose and I's dream guys?", I hoped she did.

" Yes, you were so excited about those and how they turned out. I want you draw a potrait of our family if you could.", Mom added slyly.

" Well, he's my exact drawing. Literally. He has bronze penny colored bed hair. Emerald green eyes and he can draw. What's even more amazing is he did the same for his dream girl, he drew a picture of me!", I squeeled.

" Well, that's a story you can tell your kids someday.", She looked like she was about to cry. I hugged her. There was a knock on the door and the twins ran to answer it.

" Bella! Some one is here for you.", They yelled together. Edward walked around the corner looking nervous.

" I have to tell you something, before I lose my guts and wait too long to say it. Bella, I'm in love with you.", He declared. I hugged him tight."

" I'm in love with you too.", I kissed him.