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Bella Cullen has been bullied by the Masens and Hales since she was eight. Her dad get's a incredible job offer in Florida, so they move. Follow Bella as she moves back to Forks, the town that crashed her confidence.


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( Bella's POV)

My name is Isabella Marie Cullen. I'm the daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. I've been bullied since I was eight. My bullies were Rosalie and Jasper Hale, and Emmett and Edward Masen. I'm thirteen and I have a one year old sister, Alice.

My birthday is september 13. I have brown eyes and mohagany hair. Mom and Dad say my singing voice is really good. I'm too scared to sing around other people though. I'm also good at drawing and playing the piano. And I'm really smart which is one of the reasons I get made fun of. My dad is a brain surgeon and my mom is an interior designer. I'm going to be a writer when I grow up. I love reading stories and making little movies in my head about them.

" Bella, your father and I need to speak to you.", Mom called into my room. She was holding Ali on her hip. I ran downstairs and sat on the couch.

" Am I in trouble?", I whispered.

" No, but we need to talk to you about something. It's going to be a big change for all of us.", Dad said seriously.

" Is mom having another baby?", I raised a brow. They both chuckled.

" No, Bella, how would you feel about moving to Florida? I've got an amazing job offer and we'd leave in two weeks.", Dad said.

" Yes! I want to go, I get bullied here. Florida will be good for me.", I smiled brightly. With that settled I ran upstairs and started packing. I would be going to school for a week and a half, and then I'd stay home and pack the rest of my stuff. School on moday was horrible.

" Hey Clumsy Cullen! Did mommy and daddy finally give you away yet?", Rosalie Hale picked on me. I blushed and tried to walk away but she pulled on my ponytale and held me back.

" Please stop!", I begged. She slapped me in the face.

" Blushing Bella doesn;s speak when I'm in her presence. Is that understood?", she punched me in the gut. That's when I fell and Edward, Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper started kicking me. I had tears streaming down my face.

" Looks like she's crying Cullen now.", Emmett snickered. I sniffled. Edward picked me up by my hair and stood me on my feet.

" Please, just leave me alone.", I cried. I'd been slapped by Rosalie, but this time she punched me. I fell to the ground holding my eye and crying.

" Get outa here Bruised Bella.", she sneered and I ran inside. Not before a teacher saw me though. I saw the Masens and Hales walk in and watch me.

" Isabella Cullen! Stop this instant. What happened to your eye?", My music teacher moved my hand and saw the black eye forming. Then she saw the scratch that was bleeding on the side of my face.

" I-I fell. You know me! Clumsy Cullen.", I tried to turn around and into the class room but she stopped me.

" Let's go to the nurse. That scratch may need stitches and I'll definetly be sending you home.", She walked with me towards the nurses office and went to get the principle, Mr. Greene. I started getting dizzy though. I was standing and I felt myself fall, but for some reason I couldn't stop myself and I blacked out.

( Edawrd's POV)

Haha, we beat up Smella- Bella. We were in the hallway when all the students heard an ambulance outside of the school. We saw Mr and Mrs. Cullen get out of a car. They ran into the school, next thing we know there's a stretcher carrying Bella out of the school and the paramedics are yelling.

" Collapsed lung and brain swelling. She also needs stitches on her face. Mr. Cullen, did Isabella come to school with these bruises.", the man asked. Her father shook his head and had tears in his eyes.

" My baby!", Mrs. Cullen yelled." Who would do that to her? She's only thirteen."

" She'll be alright, we need to get down to the hospital and they will prep her for surgery.", Mr. Cullen wiped the tears from his eyes and led his wife to the car. At lunch all of us were pale and silent.

" Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper in my office now.", The principle said strictly. We sat down in the chairs near his desk looking at the ground.

" Your parents have been called, when they get here I have an interesting video to show them.", He stated. We all gulped. My mom and dad came in followed by Mr. and Mrs. Hale.

" Hello, I need to show you a series of videos that I have recently looked over. All including your children.", he siad and turned the computer screen towards us. The first video was from the beginning of the year, it showed us pushing Bella into her locker and knocking her books down. We watched video after video before he stopped.

" This one, is the one I'm most concerned about. I'll tell you what happened to the little girl in the videos after this one is over.", He plaed the one from today. My parents were crying and looked ashamed.

" The little girl was so scared she claimed she tripped. In the nurses office she collapsed. She is now in the hospital undergoing surgery for a collapsed lung and swelling in the brain. She's getting stiches on her face and she has bruises all over her body. Not to mention the emotional scars. Your children are suspended until the end of the year. I expect them to go down the the hospital with a written apology from each of them as well as a verbal one. That is if this young girl isn't in a coma which could be likely. Her name is Isabella Cullen. Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's daughter.", The principle looked close to tears. He hated when children got hurt on his watch. "Lucky for the Cullens they are moving to Florida in two weeks. Did you four know that she is the top student in this school? Her IQ is higher than an eighth graders. May I ask, why did you do this to her?", He growled.

" She never fought back.", I answered for the group.

" Really? I see her begging and crying for you to stop in this video. I'll see you next year and by then you better be shaped up, or your expelled.", he dismissed us. We walked into class and grabbed all our stuff. All the students were watching. There was a boy there crying.

" Jacob what's wrong?", the teacher asked alarmed.

" My best friend Bella is in the hospital. My dad says she might not make it.", He sobbed. I felt bad, like really bad.

OUr parents drove us to the hospital. They were giving us the silent treatment.

" Excuse me, we're here to see Isabella Cullen. We know her parents.", My father told the nurse.

" Miss Cullen is in the ICU. Her parents will have to give concent for you to go up there.", the nurse disapeered for about ten minutes then came back. She ushered us into the waiting room where her parents were. They were crying and their other baby was sleeping. The doctor came in.

" Dr. and Mrs. Cullen. Your daughter hit her head on something hard, I assume concrete. She has a severe concussion so I advise you to wake her up every two hours and make sure she's doing ok. We were able to fix her lung and we noticed she had a broken rib that had splintered into the lung causing it to collapse. Her bruises odly look like shoe prints and the cut on her face only has ten stitches. We put her in a medically induced coma which we will bring her out of in a few hours. I don't want her lifting anything heavy, no walking up stairs, no sports, basically let her sit around watch tv and eat whatever she wants. She's going to be on a perscription painkiller that will knock her out alot. I hear you're moving to Florida? I advise you to not let her pack her own stuff. With the force of the blow to her head I wouldn't be suprised if she has minor to major amnesia. So don't be suprised if she can't remeber what happened. But we need to know what happened just in case there was something we missed and could check up on. I'll leave you to yourselves now. I'm very sorry doctor Cullen. And this hospital will miss you.", The docotor shook his hand and left the room.

" Elizabeth, Edward? Lillian, Alex?", Bella's parents asked together.

" We are so sorry.", My dad looked so ashamed/

" I know Bella's clumsy, but I don't think she's that clumsy.", Dr. Cullen pinched the bridge of his nose.

" Tell them.", Our parents ordered.

" We know waht happened to Clu- Bella.", Jasper stated. Everyone looked at me to explain.

" It was us, we beat Bella up.", I whispered. Dr Cullen's face went from devastated, to shocked to angry in a matter of seconds.

" My baby girl is lying in a hospital because of you! Did you play soccer with her head and body? Do you realize how close she was to dying today? My daughter is laying in a room in a medically induced COMA!", He yelled. We all flinched.

" We're sorr-", Japser started but was cut off.

" Don't say your sorry. I won't believe you. I don't know whether we are going to press charges. I'm leaving it up to my daughter. Who I need to go see. Goodbye.", The Cullen's walked out and left. The eight of us went to My house and our parents sat us down arond the table.

" You do realize that if Bella decides to press charges, you are going to Juvie. They have photographic and video proof that it was you who harmed her. Even a great lawyer wouldn't be able to argue this.", Mr. Hale said. He would know about lawyers cause he is one. Juvie? I was to young to go to any type of prison.

" I'll be suprised if she doesn't press charges. May I ask, why you even started to Bully her? I know why you continued, but not why you started.

" My grades were falling and Bella had the best of them. I thought maybe if I threatened her a bit, her grades would slip.", Rose spoke up.

" Then we all just started doing it. There was no reason for the rest of us, well at least me.", Emmett whispered.

" Jasper? Edward? Anything to add?", My mom asked.

" No ma'am.", we said at the same time. A half hour of lecturing later there was a knock on the door. Dad opened it and let Dr. Cullen in. He was alone.

" Esme didn't want to leave Bella. I just came to tell you, your lucky my daughter decided not to press charges. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to the hospital to be with my daughter.", he left just like that.

" You are so lucky. If you EVER and I mean EVER, do anything related to bullying to another student or child, you get the point, I will send you off to Juvie myself.", Mr Hale growled. Rosalie and Jasper left and we were sent to our rooms. Well, I've definetly learned from this experience.