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Bella Cullen has been bullied by the Masens and Hales since she was eight. Her dad get's a incredible job offer in Florida, so they move. Follow Bella as she moves back to Forks, the town that crashed her confidence.


2. 2

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( Rosalie's POV) AGE 18

Here I am in a therapist's office job shadowing for school.. The door opens and a girl steps in. Dr. Volturi walks over to her. She looks so familiar.

" Ah, you must be my new patient. Your parents called and said you'd be transfering here.", Aro shook her hand." Let's start with some questions. Do you know why you're in therapy?"

" Ya, because I was almost killed due to bullying five years ago.", She sighed like she didn't care.

" Yes, now, how did the accident affect you?"

" I have to take anti-anxiety pills. How do you think it affected me? I'm eighteen god damn years old and I'm in an office talking to a shrink. I have panic attacks anytime I think of the accident. Do you know what if feels like to have to tell your six year old sister that I'm basically crazy? No you don't so why don't you just perscribe me more pills and tell me everything will be all right, just like the other five ' professionals' I've seen.", She was so angry. Aro wasn't shaken by her at all.

" Anger is good. You have anger towards the kids who hurt you. You might even have anger towards your parents for bringing it up time and time again. I know you don't want to be here, trust me. I honestly don't think you need any more therapy.", Aro says simpathetically.

" I'm not angry though. Nobody understands that. What they did, ya it hurt but I'm not nor was I ever angry. I just don't understand what I did that made them hate me.", The girl had tears in her eyes.

" Miss Cullen, you are moving back to the place it all happened. I want to continue our meetings. Once a week, then to once a month. I want to make sure you deal ok with this. It may be different, being back here. Odds are you'll see your bullies again. I have homework for you. Go to the spot they hurt you last. Go there and think, don't think too much and give yourself a panic attack, just think about the good times you had there. And miss Cullen, I'll see you next week. Same time day and place.", Aro shook her hand and I inwardly gasped. MISS CULLEN! Isabella Cullen........ Except, she was wearing a thick hoodie and jeans. It was like she didn't want to be seen.

I ran into Emmett's house( We had been dating for two years). Everyone was already there.

" Guys, I need to tell you something.", I blurted out. Everyone turned to look at me. Edward hadn't been the same since Clumsy Cullen was put in the hospital. He was quieter. I mean, he was still popular. Just, he hated bullies. Or anyone being mean in particular wich is why we don't get along that much anymore.

" What is it Rosie?", Emmett asked.

" Clumsy Cullen is back in town. Except she's like goth or something. She was in at the therapist today and she was wearing a dark hoodie and jeans. She blew up, she's in there because of five years ago. I can't believe she's still holding onto something like that.", I sneered. She had caused me so much trouble.

" Don't call her that.", Edward growled. He looked so pissed. There was basically steam coming from his ears like in those silly cartoons.

" What? Clumsy Cullen? Blushing Bella? Crying Cullen? Bruised Bella? Smella-Bella? Goth girl? Isadorka? Pissabella?", I knew he would blow up soon." Does Eddie still have that silly little crush on the dork of the school?", I baby talked. Before Dorkward could do anything Mr. and Mrs. Masen walked in.

" Japser, Rosalie you need to head home. Emmett Edward, you need to go get ready. We are meeting people for dinner and all of you will be have yourself.", Mrs. Masen said with finality. Turns out we were going with the masens to meet these people. We pulled up to a huge house, there was a swingset in the back yard as well as a pool and a basketball court. My mouth dropped as I looked in their garage. There were six cars and a motorcycle. There was a midnight blue 2012 Ferrari 599 GTX, a 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO, a grey Aston Martin DB9, A black Porshe Carrera S, a black Brabuus 800 E V12 Cabriolet, a red 2010 Porshe Panamera and a red MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K. These people had to be super rich! They owned six sports car and one of the fastest motorcycles in the world. We knocked on the door and a little girl answered. She had short black hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a pink dress with purple and blue butterflies on it.

" Hi! Mommy is in the kitchen, Daddy is in the study and Sissy is... she's in her room. But don't go in there. She's playing her music and doesn't like to be disturbed. The kitchen is over there, and the study is upstairs first floor and the very first door. The living room is right through there, the game room through there or you can go outside. Theres another garage for basketball stuff.", The little girl pointed to everything. All our mouths were dropped. I listened closely and heard the music. Then I saw who's house it was. It was the Cullens. The music stopped and I heard a door open and close. When Bella came down, she was wearing white short shorts and a blue tanktop.

" Mom, I'm gonna go swimming, Is that all right?", she asked her mom. I could see her bathing suit now that I looked closely.

" Yes, just be ready to eat in like an hour.", Mrs. Cullen said." Wait! Did you take your medication?"

" God, yes mom. I'm not going to have a panic attack in the pool. I'll be fine.", Bella stripped off her shirt and the boys jaws dropped. She had an even better body than me! I saw the back of her shoulder had a tattoo that said ' Stay Strong '. Wow, gues she isn't goth. Woah! Her belly button is peirced too!

She had been swimming for about ten minutes when Jacob Black, doesn't even knock. He just waltz right in like he owned the place.

" Hey Mamma C! Is B in the pool?", He hugs Mrs. Cullen.

" Yes she is Jake. But don't sneak up on her she could-", Jacob cut her off.

" She'll be fine! Besides, she'll probably catch me before I can sneak up on her.", he snorted. Dr. Cullen and our fathers enter the kitchen. Jacob hugs Dr. Cullen.

" Hey doc mchotty! Well, I'm gonna go scare Bells, and then I'll be back.", he waved. We heard a girly scream from outside and Alice starts giggling.

" Jacob you asshole! I swear to god you better watch your back because before this night is through I will ram a spoon up your ass!", Bella yelled. Alice starts laughing histerically while Dr. and Mrs. Cullen chuckle and shake their heads. Jacob runs in and is all wet.

" Jacob Ephraim black! You know the rules, no wet clothes in my house!", Esme yells.

" Sorry Mamma C! Bells found a spoon in the yard and started coming after me so I jumped in the pool, I found that not helpfull seeing as she was just swimming.", He laughed.

" How did a spoon get in the yard?", Carlisle laughed.

" That's my fault. I ate a pudding in the yard and lost the spoon.", Alice stated. Bella runs inside fully clothes and Jacob takes off up the stairs.

" No! Bella I'm sorry! I won't scare you again I promise! I'll carry your books for the rest of the week. Just get that spoon away from me! Sam wouldn't like it if you put a spoon up there!", Jacob yelled. The Cullens started laughing while the rest of our mouths dropped.

" It'll give sam more room!", she yelled. This one Alice didn't get. And all our mouths dropped. We heard a thud.

" Shit!", Jacob ran downstairs and into the medacine cabiinet and grabbed a bottle of pills.

" Oh no!", Alice yelled and took off upstairs. Esme's eyes got watery and the Cullens ran upstairs. We followed. We found Bella on the floor with her hands on her head rocking back and forth with her knees pulled up to her chest.

" Please stop, please stop.", she kept chanting.

" Isabella! Your home! Open your eyes and take the pill!", Jacob yelled. She did as she was supposed to and calmed down.

" Whta happened?", Carlisle sighed sadly.

" She was on top of me, and messing around I pushed her off and she started having another attack.", Jacob explained. Tears streaming down his face. Bella was taking deep breaths and was ghostly pale.

" She hasn't had an attack in four months Carlisle. Why did it happen now?", Esme whispered. I don't think I was supposed to here that.

" Maybe being back here caused it. Then we did have the hales and masens downstiars. That could have triggered it. Knowing they were close by and she was being pushed.", Carlisle whispered back. Bella stood up and shook her head.

" I'm fine alright. It was just once, I'll get better. Please don't make me go back to that stupid shrink tonight.", Bella begged. Carlisle and Esme nodded and took the bottle of pills. " I'm sorry you had to see that Ali. I promise it won't happen again.", Bella hugged her little sister. Alice was crying histerically.