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A Complicated Affair

Isabella's path in life was set from birth. She was groomed to be a politician's wife - more accurately, she was groomed to be the wife of Jacob Black. As time passed, her marriage begins to implode. Secrets and realizations about Jacob come to light, and Isabella begins to realize that her life no longer belongs to her. As she struggles to find peace and happiness, and a way out of the life that was designed for her, she begins to find herself, and discover lust and maybe even real love.

I've read dozens and dozens of fan-fic, but this is my FIRST foray into writing it! :) This story is AH, adult, E/B. Hope it's not too awful!

1. Prologue

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"Four days.... I honestly don't know if I'm going to survive!" Jessica Stanley flopped dramatically into the plastic chair in the Forks cafeteria. Her backpack fell to the linoleum floor with a barely audible thud in the noisy room. She let her head drop to the shoulder of Mike Newton, her boyfriend.

Mike dragged an arm around Jessica's shoulder. "Tough day, Jess?" he laughed.

"Graduation cannot come quickly enough," she replied.

Across the table, Isabella Swan drummed her fingers on the table, silently disagreeing with her friend. Four years ago, when entering the high school for the first time, Isabella thought the days of high school would drag on slowly like a cruel joke. At the time, she was as dramatic as Jessica, thinking that she couldn't possibly survive the 700 days of high school, couldn't envision a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Now, years later, she was one of the few - perhaps the only - seniors who longed for more time.

For Isabella, it wasn't that she was ill-prepared for her future, uncertain of her next steps. Nor was it that she would miss her peers and teachers and the education offered at Forks High School. Her wish for more time stemmed from her desire to remain a kid for just a bit longer, to have no concerns bigger than what to wear to the prom or who would win the homecoming game.

The movement of Isabella's fingers caught Jessica's eyes. Her head perked up and her eyes glittered. "Bet you can wait for graduation, either, eh, Izzy?" she grinned.

Isabella bit back the urge to snap at the nickname that Jessica had bestowed upon her sophomore year. Instead, her eyes followed Jessica's gaze to the sparkling solitaire diamond resting on the third finger of her left hand. Isabella felt her stomach tighten, and she forced a tight smile. Afraid to say anything, she dropped her hands beneath the table and rested them on her laugh, giving a slight nod.

"Jesus, graduation on Friday night, Izzy's wedding on Saturday!" Angela Weber added, excitedly. "I can't believe you're getting married in five more days, Izz!"

"How can you even focus on finals?" Lauren Mallory inquired.

Isabella felt like her stomach had fallen out onto the floor. Her heart quickened, and she felt like she was going to be sick. Struggling to keep her reaction from showing to her friends, she swallowed and stood, grabbing her backpacks. "It's not without difficulty," she managed. With what she hoped came off as a half-hearted wave, she hurried from the cafeteria as quickly as she could manage. She stumbled out the door, and gasped in a deep breath of fresh air. Bolting around the back of the building, she sank down against the brick wall, carefully holding herself a few inches from the rain-drenched ground. She buried her head into her heads, and concentrated on breathing the fresh air in until she felt her heart rate slow.

As Isabella's wedding approached, her panic attacks were becoming more frequent, a fact that she was finding more and more difficult to hide from her friends and family. Running her fingers through her long, mahogany hair, she couldn't help but wonder why she felt this way.

She loved Jacob Black. Their marriage had been a foregone conclusion as long as she remembered, even though Jacob was six years older than her. Her parents had never allowed her pretend differently - she was not permitted to formally date until thirteen, but then her parents continued to discourage relationships, talking about how it was important that she wait for Jacob, her true love.

Jacob had received the same message from his father, as well, but as he was older than her, he had dated frequently before she was permitted to go out with him. A nineteen year old man and a thirteen year old girl were not generally accepted. So while Isabella was young, he dated other girls.

At first, this arrangement didn't bother Isabella. She had been trained to believe that her future was indisputably linked to Jacob's her whole life. At sixteen, though, Isabella rebelled against the idea. She was a beautiful sixteen year old - delicate and graceful-looking (despite having a tendency toward clumsiness), pale, smooth skin like porcelain, her hair waist-length and slightly wavy. Her male classmates had long-since started noticing her looks, and her likeable personality, and she was regularly asked out. Because of Jacob, she always declined. However, at sixteen, a typical bout of teenage rebellion hit, and Isabella decided that if Jacob could date other girls, she should be able to date other boys. And so, she found herself accepting Mike Newton's invitation to dinner and a movie.

Her parents had been livid. They had threatened to ground her, to send Mike way when he arrived to pick her up. Rebellion surging through her veins like ice-water, Isabella had merely stalked past her parents and out the door, meeting Mike as he pulled curbside at her house, and encouraging him to drive away quickly.

Isabella had felt sick that night, like she was doing something wrong in dating someone other than Jacob. Halfway through the movie, she excused herself to the bathroom. She hurried into the restroom, and splashed cold water on her face, trying to convince herself that she wasn't doing anything bad, that if Jacob could date her and other girls, she could certainly date other boys too.

As she exited the bathroom, she felt herself pressed up against the wall. She startled when she realized her arms were being gripped by Jacob, his fingers pressing into her skin. Without a word, his lips descended on her's in a kiss so rough, she was sure her lips were bruised. It was a kiss different from chaste ones he'd given her in the course of two years, and was unlike anything she'd experienced.

He'd steadied her when he finished the kiss, and then brusquely ordered her to tell her date that she was leaving. Isabella didn't argue, and automatically went into the make an excuse to Mike about needed to go and calling her mother to pick her up. Luckily he was engrossed in the movie, and accepted her refusal to have him wait outside with her, insisting that she would be poor company.

From the evening on, Isabella had dated no one but Jacob, and Jacob told her he would not see anyone else either. Billy, Jacob's father, and Isabella's parents were delighted. On Isabella's seventeenth birthday, it was announced by the families that Isabella would wed Jacob after she turned eighteen and graduated. Isabella felt blind-sided as Jacob pushed an engagement ring on her finger, proclaimed them engaged, and allowed his stepmother, Sue, and Isabella's mother, Renee, to be swept in wedding preparations.

For the past year, Isabella had felt like she was living in a life that didn't belong to her anymore. She knew that Jacob was her destiny, and she was his - that much had been engrained in her since birth. But she still couldn't fight the clawing panic that gripped her each morning when she awoke and realized she was one day closer to being Mrs. Black. She couldn't escape the nausea that built in her each time she was fitted for the wedding gown.

Being with Jacob helped to abate some of the worries. He'd been her confidant since childhood and just being with him felt natural. But lately, Jacob's political side overshadowed all aspects of his life. As Isabella had been groomed for Jacob, Jacob had been groomed for politics since birth. Billy had strong political goals for his only son. At only twenty-four, Jacob had graduated early from Harvard Law, and was vying for a state representative position in the elections only a month after his twenty-fifth birthday. Billed in the newspapers as a "young and upcoming political dynamic," Jacob, Billy, and the Swans were confident that he would win. From there, Jacob hoped to secure a Senatorial position. Both Billy and Charlie, Isabella's father, assured Jacob that beginning a family would make him an evening more appealing candidate.

As the wedding approached, Isabella felt like Jacob was more concerned with his political career than his future with her. Any conversations they had about the future were centered on his political aspirations - after the wedding, she would move to Jacob's Seattle apartment. They would remain there for no more than three years, and then find a home in Olympia so Jacob could pursue a bid for a Senate seat. Sue and Renee helped Bella to select a more conservative wardrobe, fitting for a politician's wife.

The loud bang of the cafeteria door around the corner being slammed open, followed by the loud chatter of the students exiting the building broke Isabella from her thoughts. Her breathing had slowed, although the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach remained. She pushed herself to her feet, and ran her fingers through her hair.

In five days, she would be one step further into her destiny. She would become Isabella Black. Time wouldn't stop or slow, and she was just going to need to deal with it. Her path was set, her life arranged. She just needed to accept it.