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One Night of Destniy

Bella's a college student. she's got no time for a social life. what happens when she meets Emmett at a frat party? what does there future hold for them when she finds out she got pregnant by him that one night of carelessness and fun? LEMONY GOODNESS!


1. Party time!

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One Night of Destiny A/N: I don't own Twilight or Emmett, bur I seriously would kill to. BPOV "Come on Bella! You have to come to the party!" yelled my best friend Alice. "This is the hottest party of the year and you have to come." My name's Isabella Swan, but I much rather prefer Bella. Isabella's too, well, formal. I'm 19 and am in my second year of college at WSU. I honestly hate it here but if it weren't for my wonderful best friend Alice Brandon, I probably would've dropped out by now. She and I have been friends for the longest. At first through out middle school, we hated each other with a passion. She was the school's rich snobby girl who didn't give a damn if she stole candy from a baby, or so I thought, and I was more on the chubby side and the school nerd. She would pick on me any time she could and I would silently resent her for it. Being the Forks Washington's chief of police, Charlie Swan's daughter and not speak my mind and stand for fair justice was a complete embarrassment for me. Everyone expected me to be just like my father. Strong and fearless. But everyone didn't know the shy and timid part of him too. So, I was like him in that way. One day after school, I heard that Alice was talking shit about me so I decided that I had enough of her. I confronted her and surprisingly, I lashed out all my pent up anger on her. I told her how much of a bitch she was and why the only reason she had "friends" was because she had a lot of money. A whole bunch of kids were crowding up anticipating a fight. Boys beginning their puberty state were all excited to see a cat fight bur everyone was disappointed when all Alice did was laugh. "Finally,'" she said smiling. "I knew you had some balls in you Bella." I was equally as surprised as everyone else. Not the fact that she called me by my first name instead of her calling me Swan, but that she was…proud of me? The days after our little confrontation, we were inseparable. We became best friends quick. That summer she encouraged me to believe that I was beautiful and she even helped me loose a lot of weight. When high school came, our friendship got even stronger if that was possible when she got pregnant at seventeen by her high school and still now sweetheart Jasper Whitlock. She told me that he was the one and that she knew when she heard his hot southern accent. I asked her how she knew and she jokingly told me that she saw it in the future. They now have a beautiful two year old sin, Bobby Brandon Whitlock that I am the very proud godmother of. Right out of high school the both of them got married and Alice, Jasper, Booby, and I moved down to Seattle. Alice and Jasper bought a very pricey apartment (Alice being the snob she is said she refuses to live in student housing) close to campus and I moved into the school dorms. Jasper insisted on me moving in with them, but, as soon as Bobby falls asleep, they fuck like monkeys and I didn't want to hear their howling late at night. I always liked to focus on my school work so I never really had time to do to the awesome parties that the frat guys had. Which is why Alice is in my room (I don't even know how she got in) on a Saturday morning when I could be sleeping in, bombarding me to got to a beginning of the year frat party. "No. I want top sleep I said with my voice filled with sleep. "No! You have to come and maybe you'll find a hot guy that can give you a descent fuck, unlike your last guy Jacob. Didn't you say he was a one minute man? But then again you always said that he had a huge-" I cut her off by blowing my morning breath in her face. That was always my way to get rid pf her if she came into my room this early and bother me. "Ill! You FUCKING BITCH!" she shrieked. I thought I got her to go away when I smiled to myself and pulled the covers over my head but I was shocked when she pulled me out of my top bunk and dragged me to my small but comfortable bathroom. For a four foot nine woman, she was one of the strongest people I knew. Mentally and physically. "You are coming to this party. Even if I have to drag you to it my damn self." "But-" "Now or else you're going to regret not listening to me. It's now one in the afternoon and the party starts at nine. Take a quick shower and then I want you to come out so we can get you ready. Don't make me wait." "But we have like seven hours! Why-" I had no choice but to listen to what she was saying because she gave me her special death glare that she sometimes used on Bobby when he wasn't listening to her. Sometimes I hated it when she treated me like her child than her best friend. I'm not complaining though because she made an awesome mom. I spent as little time in the bathroom as possible because I didn't want another lecture from mommy dearest. I didn't even bother to wrap a towel around myself because first of all I liked to let myself air-dry and because of all the confidence lessons from Alice all those years ago, I'm very comfortable with my body. The one thing I loved about loosing my weight was the fact that it left a little fat in all the right places. I was glad to say that I had a body that could kill. When I came out, I saw that my vanity was filled with all types of cosmetics and there were two dresses on the foot of my bed. One was a royal blue color with a twisted bandeau top and rhinestones on the straps. I went over to the bed and picked it up. I was truly hoping that this dress wasn't mine but it was almost as if she heard my thoughts and yelled to me that it was mine. I quickly turned around and starred wide-eyed at the napkin that she expected me to wear. This dress was screaming "a lot will be shown if I bend over!" It was too short for my liking. My guess would be that it would be short on a little person too! I turned it over and looked at the back that was just as bad. The straps formed an X at the back which therefore exposed more skin. If my dad was here, him being the chief of police and all, he'd make me bring a tazer to this party or better yet bring a gun. I looked over at Alice's dress and saw how beautiful and elegant it was. It was appropriate for her because she was a mom but also age appropriate for a nineteen year old and very sexy. It was a backless, warm yellow color that went just above the knee with a yellow silk band wrapped around the waist. The top of the dress was sleeveless that covered her cleavage but showed enough to male some boys drool. If it weren't for the three karat ring on her left hand she'd get a lot of action tonight. "Why couldn't your get me a dress like yours? Why do I have to wear this hooker dress?" "Well, first of all I'm a mom and married. I would've gladly wore that dress that I got you don't want any men all over me. And second, you have a killer body and you should show it off. You hide too much behind your tomboyish clothes." Before I had any time to protest she took one of my towels and ran to the bathroom and sticking her tongue out at me before closing the door. As I heard the water going I went to my armoire and took out my best underwear. A black Victoria's Secret bra and underwear set. I contemplated wearing something else for almost a whole hour but when I heard the water cut off, I quickly put the hooker dress on. Alice came out with my True Blood towel on and dug into her bag for what I assumed was underwear and then she put her own dress on. "Now for our hair." Alice pulled me over to my vanity with her super strength and sat me down to get me beautified. Ever since high school, Alice loved playing Bella Barbie. It got on my nerves but whenever I knew that I was in trouble somehow, I'd always let her do it to get me out of the loop. A couple of hours later, after she finished putting the finishing touched, she turned me around in my chair and it was like I was seeing a completely different person. My mahogany brown hair was sleek and straight and my make-up was flawless. She had no need to put on any foundation because me skin was flawless. She applied some bubblegum pink lip gloss on my plumb lips and on my eyes, some blue eye-liner and blue mascara that brought out my brown eyes. "Move!" she yelled knocking me out of my trance. "My turn now." I watched her as she did her hair and make-up for the next hour. Her hair was in her usual spikes pointing in every direction and she added little make-up which brought out her natural beauty. She looked more beautiful to me in my opinion. "Okay now for shoes!" she yelled clapping her hands and jumping up and down. I swear that if shoes were alive, she'd leave Jasper and marry those instead. She went into her Louis Vuitton duffel bag and got out two boxes of Louboutin shoes! "Alice! How can you afford those?" I yelled. "Um…aren't you forgetting? I'm one of Washington's top stylists to the stars. I can kinda afford anything. Besides, you're my best friend you deserve the best." She gave me another one of her trademark glares before I could say anything. She came over and sat on my bed and took her heels out first. It was a beautiful peep toe, leopard print design with the trade mark red at the bottom. My mouth was hanging popped open at how high they were which made me nervous about the height of mine. After she put them on she looked over at me urging me to put them on. I took a deep breath and opened the box and nearly fainted with relief. They weren't that high and were just my style. They were a shiny black leather four inch peep toe with ankle straps and of course the trade mark red bottom. I sent a silent prayer to God for the fact that I got a pedicure just a couple of days ago. I popped them on, put on the only jewelry that I owned which was a necklace that had a diamond heart as the center piece that my deceased mom gave me a couple days before she died and grabbed mine and Alice's clutch bag. "You ready to go?" Alice asked excitedly. "Do I have a choice?" I asked smiling. She shook her head no and we were out the door. A/N: what do u think? Please R and R to get me motivated. I'm pretty sure next chapter is gonna have an EmPOV in there somewhere! Ha! I rhymed.