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Second Chance at First Love

This is the story of BellaDee and her quest to find the one true love of her life. She finds one but its the wrong one, when you miss the first chance with the one does life give you a second chance?


1. Chapter One

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I don't remember the clothes that I wore yesterday but I remember the date and time when I first met him. I had seen him around here many times but we never met. He was this hot actor who happened to still live here. He was handsome and never likely to look my way so I never gave being with him a thought until our two worlds collided….literally.

My name is BellaDee Cullen and living here in this small town of Forks, there never seemed to be much to do even now that I had a boyfriend. My boyfriend, or at least that is what I called Edward but he barely acted like a boyfriend. We sat together every day at lunch and hung out after school but that was about it. I heard all my girl friends talk about their boyfriends-the kissing, the making out and then later the sex. Edward and I never moved forward, he kissed me once but said that it was just too hard so he stopped. So that night when a bunch of my friends decided to gather at a bar on the edge of town that was known for never carding minors I eagerly joined in. I was so bored and Edward was nowhere to be found but in the parking lot I hesitated. Standing there next to my truck, I was about to turn around and head back home when a body collided into mine-it changed my life forever, it was him.

Despite the pain in my arm from the collision all my mind could register is that he was standing here. Robert Masen was a well known actor and so handsome that he took my breath away. Trying not to show how much being near him affected me and act like a total fool I just smiled him. When he asked if I was okay, I rubbed my arm and nodded that I was fine. He was even better looking this close and he had a friendly amused look on his face as we talked. He seemed pleased that I knew his name but then he called me by name. He knows my name! The shock of it made me shuffle nervously back and forth till I stumbled forward almost falling over but Rob didn't let me. He moved forward quickly taking hold of me and didn't laugh. Dying of embarrassment I could not speak but with his hands still holding me steady I gazed up to look at his face. What I say there was not what I expected. He was looking at me warmly with a hint of amusement in those beautiful blue eyes of his.

The few minutes we talked with him still holding me made time stop, I could have stood there forever and still would have been disappointed when he let go of me. He seemed to be watching to make sure that I did not fall again and I fumbled finding words. All I knew is that I did not want him to walk away from me. What if we never saw each other again? But I could not find the courage to ask for his phone number or to give him mine. We talked until I heard someone call out his name. After turning to call out to his friend, Rob turned back to me with that smile of his telling me goodbye. Watching him walk away I was filled with the strongest longing to chase after him but my stupid feet rendered me motionless. Slowly coming to my senses I heard my name from across the parking lot from my friend Jessica. She had seen Rob and me together.

Suddenly I was the center of a thousand questions as Jessica rushed over to me. All her questions centered on Rob. Did I know him? What did he say to me? As she continued on I just laughed not answering walking across the parking lot. Then she floored me with one….do you think that he likes you? I stopped and turned to her with wide eyes, "Jessica, he ran into me by accident, and then apologized. There that was it….all that happened. End of story." I ignored the rest of her mumbling until she asked me, "what about Edward?"

"Jessica, Christ…..we bumped into each other. It's not like we hooked up or anything. Stop it, damn. Let's just have some fun." I managed to get away from Jessica and join the rest of our friends. I just want to blow off some steam and have fun. I gladly took a beer and as I began to take a drink I noticed Rob across the room. I almost choked; I thought that he had left. Wiping beer off my chin from my coughing spell I see Rob grinning at me. I can't help but laugh and nod to him. As the night goes on, the more I drink the happier I feel. I am not worried about Edward and all that but I do find myself glancing across the room at Rob more and more often. Each time our eyes meet my heart races. It makes me forget anyone else is in the room but him and me. I am disappointed when the bartender tells us last call. My friends all leave like they came in a big group so I leave as I arrived….alone. I walk out in the parking lot inhaling deeply letting the fresh air in me, after the bar it feels like heaven. My head is a rush and I know that I probably should not be driving so I stand next to my truck fumbling for my cell phone to call my sister to come pick me up but before I can find it, I hear voices. I look up to see Rob walking out with a few of his friends. I don't know what to say but as I stare at him my stupid phone suddenly pops out of my pocket and lands a few feet away. In the dark I can't see it and swear out loud. I drop to my knees and fumble in the dark looking for it. Then I bump into something hard, looking up I see it's him. He has my phone in his hand. As I reach for it and our hands meet we both jump a bit and before I can think I lean forward to kiss him softly. I gasp at the rush; kissing Rob is nothing like kissing Edward. This kiss is full of warmth and makes me dizzy.

Suddenly I am being pulled up and pushed back hard against my truck. As he kisses me, I quickly tuck my phone back into my pocket. Then I bring my hands to his hair pulling him to me never wanting him to leave. The feel of his lips, so hot and wet against mine makes me moan softly. Something in me feels suddenly alive, a warmth rushes up my spine and I feel weak. I cling to him and if he was not holding me up I know I would have fallen in front of him again. Our kisses grow more and more intense while I continue to pull his hair moaning against his lips. I feel his hands beginning to explore me over my clothes and its making me tingle like mad. There is a heat growing in me that I cannot explain, it's like being alive for the first time. His hands grope my breasts making my nipples stand up hard and firm. I close my eyes letting myself get lost in the feelings he is creating. I stop kissing him for a moment while his hands linger there. I hear his soft whisper, "Bella, is this too much?"

Opening my eyes I take my hands from his hair to slide down his back pulling him close to me, it's on the tip of my tongue to tell him that I have never done any of this before but I can't speak. I just bring my hands over his pushing them harder against my breasts. I kiss him hard then feel him continuing, his touch is making me wild. On their own my hands find their way down to his ass and pull him hard towards me. Then our bodies collide again, this time it makes us both groan loudly and then it's on. There is no stopping this now, I don't want this to stop and we may have just met this night, this might make me a whore or tramp but I want this man, right now on this night. Feeling him pressed again me like this, I need him. I can tell he is feeling it too so I finally find my voice, "Rob, maybe we should take this someplace."

His response is to pull me with him to his car; I don't worry about my truck as he takes us to his place. On the way, a million things try to come into my mind and stop me but I refuse to listen to them. I lean back against the soft leather seat and just stare at him. He laughs when he sees the look in my eyes and I feel a hand come onto my knee. He brings it up slowly then grinds it between my legs lighting a fire. I have only been touched there once or twice by myself, his touch awakens an aching feeling that I have never known. I squirm in the seat moaning and find myself pressing back against his hand spreading my legs wide. I don't have any idea how long the drive was but it was sweet torture. A warm wetness swept over me making me want this more and more.

I feel the car stop and then Rob lunges at me. Those hot kisses grow more and more intense, this time I feel him pushing his tongue into my mouth. I don't fight him but try to follow his lead and move my tongue against his. But I gasp in shock as I feel his hand creep under my shirt. If he notices that I am not sure of this or that I don't know what I am doing, he does not let on but continue to move his hand higher and higher till he is running his fingers over the edges of my bra. My breasts feel like they are aching for his touch and as if he senses my need his fingers slide under my bra caressing my nipples softly. My whole body wants and needs more, making me whisper his name full of longing.

The drunken feeling I had is being replaced by a haze of lust, my whole body is trained on Rob and what his nearness, his kisses and his touch is doing to me. I want him and I need him, I don't know him but I don't care. I have never had this feeling before but I will not stop this between us. I run my hands through his hair and whisper into his ear, "Don't stop Rob, touch me….explore me."

In response to my words I feel his hands move from my breasts to the top of my jeans. He expertly pops opens the button and as I hear the zipper come down I nearly bite his lips as we kiss. My whole body is shaking and then his hand moves into my jeans over my panties. I close my eyes and almost whimper with the power of the rush he is giving me then I feel him move under the edge of my panties feeling how wet I am and making me wetter as he pushes his fingers deep inside me. I don't think but let my body react, my hips thrust forward against his touch wanting more. Again the thought of telling him that I have not done this comes to me but as he moves his fingers deeper and harder into me, I can't do anything but moan louder and louder. My whole body begins to shudder as my first true orgasm takes hold of me. I want to scream but instead I kiss him hard and pull at his hair while I try to breathe through it. Then he stops and takes his hands from me.

I breathe in hard and just as I lean back in the seat to button my jeans the car door opens. Rob reaches for me pulling me out and I don't bother fixing my jeans but take his hand letting him pull me inside his house. As soon as the door is shut, he comes at me kissing me banging my body into the door hard. He pulls up my shirt and we stop kissing only long enough for me to let him pull it up my arms and off. He throws it down but doesn't let my arms fall back down. Pinning me against the door he kisses me while our bodies grind harder and harder. I can feel him pressed hard and ready against me, it makes me shake with need for him. There is nothing in this world but him, me and our passion. As he takes off my bra, I pull at his shirt. My bra falls to the floor with my shirt as he pulls his off too. This time when we kiss our bare chests rub making me close my eyes again, this feeling is getting stronger and stronger. I can feel myself growing so wet that its beginning to run down my thigh. I can't wait much longer, "Rob, where is your bedroom?"

Walking behind him, I know that I have one last chance to change my mind and tell him that I'm a virgin but I can't speak. I want him too much, and I'm afraid that will scare him away. I need him so much right now that as I walk my body is pulsating with that need. In his room, he turns to look at me pulling off the rest of his clothes. The sight of him completely naked in front of me floors me. I just stand there staring making him laugh at me but I don't hear him. All I can focus on is him, the lines of that strong body and then gazing lower and lower. He is the first man I have ever seen like this and its making me bite my lip hard. My eyes are fixed on that male part of him; I am fumbling in my mind with this longing. His cock is bigger than I imagined and standing straight up as if reaching for me. I am motionless as I stare at it.

Rob says nothing but reaches for me kissing me harder and harder then I feel his hands pushing down my jeans; my panties come off with them. The reality of what we are going to do hits me and I stumble trying to push them off completely. Again Rob stops me from falling but then moves us back suddenly letting me go. I gasp as I fall back hard onto his bed, his hands pull off my jeans finally freeing me to him completely. Knowing that nothing is in the way now makes me spread my legs and beckon to him. I need him now…